Watchmen Watchmen

2 hrs 43 mins


82% with 13 votes

Drama, Action, Fantasy,

Jackie Earle Haley Carla Gugino Billy Crudup Jeffrey Dean Morgan Malin Akerman Patrick Wilson Matthew Goode Stephen Mchattie Matt Frewer Laura Mennell

Zack Snyder, Thomas Tull, Deborah Snyder, Larry Fong, William Hoy, David Hayter, Alex Tse, Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin, Herb Gains,

Total Rating 4.1

Set in America in the mid 80s, with the USA-USSR Cold War in the background, costumed superheroes are part of everyday life. When a former superhero is killed, Rorschach, a masked vigilante, takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the mystery, uncovering a plot to assasinate all superheroes. He gets together with a motley group of retired superheroes and sets to uncover a conspiracy, of which the consequences will not only annihilate them but also put the future in jeopardy.