Kaler Rakhal Kaler Rakhal

2 hrs 24 mins



Parambrata Chatterjee Shantilal Mukherjee Rudranil Ghosh Soumitra Chatterjee Nandana Sen Roopa Ganguly Rupa Ganguly Ushasie Chakraborty Usashi Chakraborty Chandreyee Ghosh Bimal Chakraborty Supriyo Bannerjee

Sekhar Das, Nilanjan Chatterjee,

Directed by Sekhar Das, Kaler Rakhal is about the journey of Aparna Basu (Nandana Sen) who comes to Kolkata from Germany to shoot a documentary on folk theatre.The subject of the film is Parambrata (Subal Mondal), who runs errands for political bigwigs, and that`s how Aparna comes to know about the happenings of the rural hinterland- the gross injustice, the poltical tensions and the urban-rural divide.