Babar Naam Gandhiji Babar Naam Gandhiji

1 hrs 46 mins


77% with 117 votes


Parambrata Chatterjee Debdut Ghosh Koushik Sen Saayoni Ghosh

Raja Narayan Deb, Pavel,

Total Rating 3.85

Babar Naam Gandhiji is about Mahatma Gandhi and modern society through the eyes of street child. The film is based around a boy named Kencho, who has an encounter with the Father of the Nation through a currency note with Gandhiji`s photo on it. The curious boy is adopted by an NGO and is taught the ideals of Gandhiji.

Sayani Banerjee

Incredible acting, Wonderful story, treatment, music. It will make u cry and laugh at d same time. A must watch.Good films like this must be appreciated.

Cinéaste Suchandan

Such thought provoking film. Everyone must watch it and appreciate the honest effort of the Director and team. Beautifully scripted and acted.

Movie Buff

Excellent movie... Simple but spectacular.., kaushik sen is tok good in the role of a strict tamil teacher. Kecho, param, sayani all superb in their roles... A must watch for all we need to see more movies like this that address issues that the society over looks


Can't blv it is a Bengali film. Excellent concept, wonderfully designed story & script, unblvble acting by the kid & koushik Sen, thums up new director well done kecho das Mohan das karamchand gandhi


A fair attempt by the new director but the movie lacked a proper direction and a proper resolution. The storyteller seemed confused about his story. Exceptional acting by the kid!