Bastu Shaap Bastu Shaap

2 hrs 09 mins


75% with 1,079 votes

Romance, Horror,

Parambrata Chatterjee Raima Sen Abir Chatterjee Kaushik Ganguly Churni Ganguly

Indradeep Dasgupta, Kaushik Ganguly, Indraadip Dasgupta,

Total Rating 3.75

Bastushaap is a thrilling love story which revolves around five people living in the same house. The film is based on the concept of Feng Shui and Vaastu.


Was in a hope to get a chance to see a great movie as director was Kausik Ganguly, but it was not at all upto the mark, good past n present chemistry of Parambroto n Raima Sen, but a worse story line, Raima Sen was expression less in the whole movie, other than Raima, all the actors was good, Churni was really awsm with her charecter. As per the name the movie should have been worth watching. bit not at all. Kausik Sir, u need to brush up for the next one.


too good acting from Param, Abir, Raima, Churni and Kausik...its a full on entertaining slow suspense thriller with complicated human relationship...


good movie can be watched with family. the movie has a story and has a thrill .all have acted well. the movie is on infatuation relationship of people who suffers from singlehood though being in a family


Boring. Such a mundane story is not worth making a movie out of. Story is short. Director streched it with unnecessary scenes. Too Predictable. Not recomended


1 star deducted because story somewhere missed a bit practicality. acting is brilliant. Mr and Mrs Ganguly is excellent. Abir and param as usual routine performance. Raima did fat free acting.