Fireflies In The Garden Fireflies In The Garden

2 hrs 00 mins



Willem Dafoe Emily Watson Ryan Reynolds Julia Roberts Carrie Anne Moss Chase Ellison Grady Mccardell Cayden Boyd Frank Ertl Diane Perella Carrie-anne Moss Hayden Panettiere Ioan Gruffudd Shannon Lucio George Newbern Brooklynn Proulx

Dennis Lee, Sukee Chew, Marco Weber, Vanessa Coifman, Milton Liu, Daniel Moder, Dede Allen, Robert Brakey,

Michael (Ryan Reynolds) is a successful author who uses his painful memories to write stories. He gets back home for his mother Lisas (Julia Roberts) graduation, whos the glue that keeps the family together. The joyful occasion turns into tragedy as Lisa dies in an accident. It is now up to the family to resolve past issues, lay guilt to rest and try to understand the bond they share among themselves.