Finding Nemo Finding Nemo

1 hrs 40 mins


74% with 10 votes

Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Family,

Willem Dafoe Allison Janney . Stephen Root Brad Garrett Ellen Degeneres Albert Brooks Joe Ranft Alexander Gould Vicki Lewis Austin Pendleton Voice Albert Brooks Voice Ellen DeGeneres Voice Willem Dafoe Voice Vicki Lewis Voice Stephen Root Voice Brad Garrett Voice Allison Janney Voice Joe Ranft Voice Geoffrey Rush Voice Andrew Stanton Voice Bob Peterson Voice Jim Ward Voice

Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Graham Walters, Bob Peterson, Sharon Calahan, Jeremy Lasky, David Ian Salter,

Total Rating 3.7

A clown fish`s son gets trapped in a fishing net in Great Barrier Reef and is taken to Sydney. The film shows his father`s journey to rescue his son.