John Wick 2 John Wick 2

1 hrs 42 mins

Dubbed In Hindi

70% with 157 votes

Drama, Action, Thriller, Crime,

Willem Dafoe Michael Nyqvist Mysskin Keanu Reeves Ian Mcshane Bridget Moynahan Adrianne Palicki Alfie Allen Dean Winters Toby Leonard Moore Bridget Regan Ram Shamna Kasim

Mysskin, Basil Iwanyk, Tyler Bates, Elisabet Ronaldsdottiro, Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, Derek Kolstad, Eva Longoria, Mike Witherill, Joel J. Richard, Raj Singh, Kevin Scott Frakes, Peter Lawson, Erica Lee, Mike Upton, Jonathan Sela, Arrol Corelli, Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, G. R. Adithya,

Total Rating 3.5

John Wick tells the story of a retired hitman, who is beaten up and left for dead by a local thug. Along with him, his puppy Daisy is also attacked and killed. The puppy was the last gift his wife gave him before passing away. Enraged by the thugs behavior, he sets out to seek revenge. Those guys just made the biggest mistake of their life!


Loved the tone of the Film in Black n White.. the Dark Humor throughout the film.. Awesome n Gruesome Action.. Loved it..

Nikhil Natesan

Finally a good action movie. After ages. Fast paced movie with guns and loads of action.


Hard-hitting, brutal and gory. Just the way revenge should be. Don't bother too much about the story. This film was meant to be a stylish and action packed. That's just what it is. Definitely marks the return of Keanu Reeves to the action genre. Watch it!


A must watch for action lovers. Very real kinda action. No visual effects just beating the fuck out of the villains.


Good to watch Keanu Reeves back in action, but movie is not so good...