Lonely Hearts Lonely Hearts

1 hrs 48 mins


Drama, Romance, Crime,

Jared Leto Laura Dern Scott Caan James Gandolfini John Travolta Salma Hayek Bailee Madison

Todd Robinson,

The story is based on the real life Lonely Hearts killers of the late 40s, the infamous couple who the directors grandfather played a large part in bringing to justice. It features John Travolta and James Gandolfini as Elmer C. Robinson and Charles Hildebrandt, a pair of homicide detectives who are searching for lovers who have embarked on a crime spree. The evil duo of Ray Fernandez (Jared Leto) and Martha Beck (Salma Hayek) take advantage of elderly widows, stealing as much money as they can after gaining the victims confidence, and then murdering them. Robinson becomes drawn into the case deeply in order to help him confront his feelings, as his wife has recently killed herself.