Proloy Proloy

2 hrs 04 mins


77% with 41 votes


Saswata Chatterjee Padmanabha Dasgupta Parambrata Chatterjee Mimi Chakraborty Rudranil Ghosh Kaushik Roy Shaswata Chatterjee Paran Bandyopadhyay Koushik Roy Siddhartha Mondal

Padmanabha Dasgupta, Raj Chakraborty, Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Shrikant Mohta, Bodhaditya Banerjee,

Total Rating 3.85

The story revolves around a brave heart Barun Biswas, portrayed by Parambrata Chatterjee, who raises voice against numerous gang rapes in a village called Dukhiya. Dukhiya, where gang rapes had become a festival. These are celebrated by some political criminals. They do not even spare children and aged females. Police also will not take up any complaints against these powerful criminals. Barun Biswas with his team forms a forum named `Jagaran Mancha` and stands against all odds and forced the law to arrest the culprits. Eventually, the accused men get Barun Biswas murdered leaving the entire village in shock and pain. Later, Binod Bihari Dutta, portrayed by Paran Bondhopadhyay, coming to Dukhiya in search of the truth behind Barun`s murder. Binod comes to know about the goons (who are by now released on bail), and the way they have terrorized the village. Binod tries to motivate villagers the way Barun did.

Debrup Basu

fantastic movie... must watch,Swaswata was superb..

Sweta Kanjilal

SIMPLY AWESOME AND FANTASTIC MOVIE...Parambrata and Saswata doing superb job...

Subham Pramanik

Better than tamil copies...overdose of slangs could have been avoided...but hats off to Raj for having faith i.e. Biswas on such subject...Barun Biswas amar rahe...

Nilanjan B

Amidst of blasting dialogues - Raj Chakraborty and Padmanava Dasgupta and controversial issues being depicted, this is indeed watchable and enjoyable, specially the latter half. Courtesy goes to the character played by Saswata Bob Biswas once again. Well Cast by Param, Mimi , Paran -In a different role than being usual and Rudranil -Same as said for Paran. Saswata reminds and resembles a role played by Ranjit Mallick in Shatru -an Anjan Choudhury flick, two decades back - but of course in a much loud and brassy manner. Cheers to Raj Chakraborty delivering this perfect entertainer of 2013. Pralay Rocks ...

Aditya Pratim Maiti

First half was really good. In the second half it turned out to be a pure commercial movie. As expected from Raj Chakraborty. Commercialization of a sensitive and burning issue right now across West Bengal and India. Disappointed. Perhaps a few flaws in the story plot. Acting commendable.