Bullet To The Head Bullet To The Head

1 hrs 31 mins


80% with 7 votes

Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime,

Jason Momoa Adewale Akinnuoye-agbaje Sylvester Stallone Sung Kang Sarah Shahi Christian Slater Jon Seda Weronika Rosati Brian Van Holt

Kevin King Templeton, Walter Hill, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Alexandra Milchan, Steve Mazzaro, Joel Silver, Courtney Solomon, Steve Richards, Allan Zeman, Alessandro Camon, Lloyd Ahern II, Tim Alverson,

Total Rating 4

In the film, a hitman (Sylvester Stallone) teams with a young NYPD detective (Sung Kang) in a high-stakes investigation that leads from dingy back alleys to the power corridors of New Orleans. The unlikely duo bought together by two vicious murders, take on all those who stand in their way, willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge.