Maach Misti And More Maach Misti And More

2 hrs 00 mins


74% with 12 votes

Drama, Comedy, Romance,

Swastika Mukherjee Parno Mittra Parambrata Chatterjee Raima Sen Soumitra Chatterjee Pamela Singh Bhutoria Parno Mitra Mithu Chakraborty Rachita Bhattacharya Shauvik Kundagrami Neha Panda Anubrata Chatterjee

Mainak Bhaumik, Joy Ganguly, Mainak Bhoumik, Shamik Chatterjee,

Total Rating 3.7

Through the love lives of three Bengali brothers `Maach Misti And More` depicts modern day Kolkata which is a cosmopolitan city filled with passionate, honest and individualistic dreamers People fall in love, introspect, explore themselves. This dramatic comedy will touch you and you`ll be able to identify with the trials and tribulations it`s characters go through.

Partha Guhathakurta

aren`t we the parents who r proud of our siblings living in us or uk? we r but we like them to follow oiur life style & if any one of them leave a foreign job we get scared? what happened with my boy? the movie showcases of our proud moments, problems of our children with their middleclass upbringings,clash of young bengali youths dream & reality & above all a old man who should b acult indeed & whom i saw in real life & tried to follow in my life style has been creatyed effortless ly by grat SOUMITRA CHATTERJEE! Thank u moinak u depicted your time with open eyes with apt music by neel & lyrics by well known writers not lyricist. Thank u very much again.