Golmaal Again Golmaal Again

2 hrs 31 mins


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As usual... commercial.If you seriously have time to pass.A nd if you don't,then don't. Recently,I started disliking Parineeti very much. Ajay should stop these kinds. That "नींद चुराई किसने" was only thing I liked in thia whole fiasco.


Full paisa vasool movie... Best of the best movie. Such comedy movies should release every month. All characters in the movie acted soo well.


what is this no laughs no gags just focussed on the story rather than laughs. really disappointed with this movie wish it would have not been made. every actor has gotten old and it looks in their faces. utterly disappointed


I liked the plot they created as it was unique and role played by the characters were complimenting as well. The blend of comedy and borrow was just great.


the jokes were pretty good and the timing of the punches we're good too. but I think parineeti's role could have been more. she could have given more to the movie.


fantastic timing of comedy all characters have done justice to their role specially shreyash rocks in this movie. All in all a comedy show for all age


nice performance by every participant .one of the best comedian movie ever I had seen. movie become successful because of the best performance by every participant. contribution come to success.


My kids enjoyed it. Ajay is a versatile actor. Arshad showed his charm again and effortlessly connect with roles ppl can connect with.Family entertainer


Can watch if u have spate time...average movie...golmal 3 was much better ... second half of the movie is quite boring ...stretched beyond a point...was expecting much better from Rohit Shetty


1st half bearable 2nd half stretched. It's like forcefully made movie. Waste of money. 1st half bearable 2nd half stretched. It's like forcefully made movie. Waste of money.


A complete movie. entertainment, drama, comedy, action and emotions. music and directions are fabulous. Ajay is as always as master of acting.

shivam soni

superb comedy, all stars are very good, best acting by jhoni lever he is amazing and superb, appreciate to all stars for their acting and as well story too

bekar movie

Ajay Devgan was too bad rest of the actors are good e.g. Kunal khemu,Tushar kappor etc . Slapstic . We are looking for movie like HIRAPHERI PHIR HIRAPHARI etc.


It was too fun and we enjoyed a lot including the songs of the movie much better than dilwale or some other movies. The movie was actually awesome we all enjoyed. 😉😄😄😆


masti magic and laughter and very good movie to watch with family and friends Thanks to Rohit Shetty for making this kind of movies I have seen all Golmaal movies and found each one is superior from their earlier part every occassion Golmaal is prooving beat as against the DHOOM series


it was really a very good movie...had lot of fun watching it with whole family... a total family entertainment movie... a must watch for all the people who love comedy


laugh your heart out. rohit shetty is indeed great. he lives beyond expectations as always. great work by rohit and hia team. ajay devgn and team were great. tabu was awesome. we missed kareena.


aage ke 3 parts jesi nahi hai...😓 or story bhi thik thi... esi comedy movie me agar koi marr jata he to maza nahi aata... or wese bhi pari... ko sirf wahi 4,5 log dekh skte the.. ab ye kuch zyada hi ho gya...😂😂 tabu bhoot pret ko dekh skti thi ye jaan hi pata chal gya ki andar kuch to hai...


golmall 1part 2part 3part all part are very good but golmall again was not good pls didnot watch this movie in theatre this waste of money and time if u want to do time pass than see this movie this movie is only time pass


it is very nice app... good to see tht u r important improving and doing a good job ... enjoying the app... keep up the good work... awesome thanks...


Good movie and enjoy a lot.. The comedy was hilarious and the actors perform well.. Best acting done by joney lever and the script was good... Overall the movie was excellent and value for money


super duper hit specialy Ajay devgn charectar and tabu looking like Vijay path it's like looking lovely couple in the middle of the movie all charector doing well job


first half was good, second half was so much predictable comedy. after golmaal earlier series even for this I had some food expectations of comedy movie.. but it was way below than my expectation


The jokes and comeback of Johnny Lever... fab and paisa vasool movie..Parineeti is also awesome... Rohit Shetty does it again... Will be watching more than once..

Vikram Dhere

Entertaining movie but many times feel it is a overdose and too childish at times. Good movie for children Story is good for small children . Acting is upto the mark.


Movie was full of comedy suspense drama we as complete family enjoyed the movie and there were songs which were not of any use at the end we realised there was no linkage of previous versions


Everytime I watch this series I get mesmerized. Awesome acting, comedy, drama. A must watch for every age group. Please go and experience it.


Awesome 1st half.2nd half a bit stretched but nonetheless it’s a blockbuster. Ajay was doing his usual best. Pari love her as a ghost. Tabu is evergreen

Vishal Chopra

Nice hilarious movie. everyone did a good job including tabu. one time must watch.all the characters have done proper justice to the role given to them.


We went to watch. it was wonderful to watch with family. Nice comedy movie. thank you very much. We need such more movies every year from this star cast. thank you.

uday vir singh rana

very nice movie it had thriller, comedy , horror and all the things a movie requires. perfect mash up. and comedy is also at its best and special part added to it is horror...


The whole team has performed so well. Johny lever is superb as always. Ajay devgan still looks the same as in previous parts. Even my 4 yr kid enjoyed though there is some thrill part in the movie.


not a real comady & it ma be make a good movie that comes before the Golmaal again.the carater have a good role.thay have make some claramex mixtex

Harish Asrani

Outstanding performances from all artistes and director for giving such good masala . Amazing songs and acting from all characters.just keep it up.


Awesome movie , complete paisa wasool. full of comedy punch lines. Ajay devgan and Tushar kapoor nailed it. All the characters have well played.


Awesome movie, great comic timings, must see. All the actoRs acted very well. Good time pass for 2.5 hours. Kids will definitely enjoy. Best in Golmaal Series.


not the best Golmaal series movie but definitely watchable amongst the recent comic releases. a decent family entertainer with few funny moments which genuinely tickle. Golmaal 3 was best amongst the series though...


it was so hilarious, I just loved it...the nostalgia when comparing first part to this one, such a long journey they've come, it was great.


worst movie total boring, not even a single scene make u laugh. it seems that it is foolish comedy. total wastage of time and money. non of the actor is impersive in the movie


1.One of the best family movie. 2.It can be better . 3.But If you are planning to watch it with family Go for it. 4.Some Scences bored but some times you can stop your laughter


full on comedy movie. loved it. Rohiy shetty rocks again. Johny lever is amazing still. Waiting for next sequel. Definitely a must watch. Best movie of 2017


I am a fan of Golmaal series... This movie was very much predictable. But, I enjoyed it.. My expectations from this movie were high.. To an extent, d were met


not that much loud about comedy.. expected improvement.. however all over movie was satisfactory.. emotional things was well expressed in movie in second half.. but if main is comedy then they failed to maintain...


Comedy never before seen.Performances of all characters are brilliant.lovable and must watch with family.₹₹₹₹₹₹₹₹₹₹spend more money for this film.


Very Hilarious but at times dull. Every actor has done a fantastic job. Every actor seems to be in Leading role as well as supporting role. Overall a great family entertainer. Must watch.


climax was very boring and waste of time otherwise till entervel movie was superb paisa wasool. The best thing about movie is Nana Patekar and his dialogues.


it's too much Fun and enjoyable movie . must watch it again . we have been so happy after watching this movie and that also with Family. we enjoyed


Never expected such a flop from Rohit Shetty. There is no story in the movie and its not even a comedy script. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Just waste of time and money...


The first part of movie is good but as the story develops it turns to be a horror story and no thrills. It lacked the comedy tag it had in its previous versions.


The timing of movie and it's dialogues were superb. Although there is horror aspect in movie it has been portrayed in a very wonderful manner. The story is really superb...


Filled with Ausome horror comedy. great acting can be seen by all the Golmaal series actors together. Very funny & enjoyable movie with lots of comedy


A movie which you can enjoy by shutting down your brains and enjoy the logic less proceedings. The Gol Maal story continues to be hilarious and a good entertainer

Pradeep Bhenwal

Fun unlimited mind blowing hilarious, worth watching it. comedy Movie of the year. Full on enjoyment. Houseful even on Monday. Rocking Awsome.


AAre Bahi kashi movie hai faltu comedy, faltu Story, Total waste of time and money, kuch be dekhne jaisa nahi hai maine aaj tak itni faltu movie Nahi decki. total movie is FALTUU


passa wasool...laughter movie...make u happy..will entertain u lots. jump on seat in every few mins...all character played well. chuchaa is the best.


ok ,one time watch,,..,.,...,... some improvement in the comedy and so that we can watch it more required more good jokes, no snow hot scenes anything so only no item number so only some good acting by Kunal Khemu and Parineeti


No story, no fun. Didn't laugh on single dialogue. Rohit Shetty seems to be making this sequential in complusion. Please feel pity on audience, who have not got quality movie for quite sometime i. 2017.


One time watch and.. Prakash Raj's dance scene is the funniest one. Most of the scenes are modified version from old Golmaal movies of Rohit Shetty.


Enjoyed a lot and laugh after long time. one of best comedy movie ever of Rohit Shetty never watched horror and comedy together. Hats of you Mr Rohit Shetty.


very nice, good comedy, good acting, but very slow for sometime. very grand picturization, good direction, only sad with copying of old songs and tunes as is the present trend


great family movie. good comic sequences. music was average. performances by actors were great. story lineup is also good. we can watch with family members


A good start from Nivin in Kollywood after Neram (wasn't that his debut?). However more credits to the storyline. Tightly packed movie with a dark message at the end. Overall not the usual commercial Rowdy movie but very rich in content and worth critical acclaim.


Gud with all the characters fully fitted in there role also story was well scripted, overall enjoyed with family. Looking forward for another remake.


Movie was very interesting and amazing. Each and everything was fantastic. All actors and actrsses has done very well. Story was very impressive.


Third class pictures. picture is not as per marks.you will be bored .you can show to small children's. they will be more happy. any way theather is ok


nic movie👍seeing the movie was really a lot of fun and enjoyment. The characters were nice and interesting.The role of Pariniti Chopra was great.


I felt this time Golmaal was not as solid as its previous versions. Story felt goes up n down in the whole movie, same with the comedy punches. Just shown fight scenes which felt like watching any south movie 😬😝. Expectations were more but didn't get that laughter from movie.


The other 3 films of the series were fabulous, but this one was a bit disappointment. Not fluent, editing was not upto the mark. sone characters in the movie were totally wasted.. All in all ok & one time watch.


awesome movie with all the characters are hillarious and funny. specially jonhy lever and his comic timings a must watch movie for the whole family


everyone was outstanding but Johnny lever's character puppy bhai was mind blowing I was out of control of my laughing all the 4 parts where awesome


this was not expected from the director that Bhoot wali story . Though comedy was there but theme choosen was totally wrong based on ghosts.


Entertaining as usual, typical Rohit Shetty creation. One can always enjoy his movies, kids or adult. I have become a big fan of Rohit and wouldn't miss his creations


NYC mind boggling my favorite movie full funny movie next again golmal I am wait Nana Patekar and Johnny Lever best actor ultimate funny scenes


nice movie enjoyed a lot with my family , my father never go to theater to watch movie but this time he agreed to go and he enjoyed a lot it was very nice to see happiness on his face.


it was fun til interval. movie became serious after that - goes against the expectation of Golmaal. Golmaal series has usually been fun from begining till the end.


This movie is so funny for me. When i was saw it then i feeled that thia is the best funny movi of this year. I enjoyed so much wathing this movi.


The movie was very disappointing.. Mixture of the previous parts.. All the punchlines were from the previous Golmaals.. Expected more from Rohit Shetty..


too boring. Worse movie of the year. total waste of time and money. does not deserve even 1 star. Rohit Shetty needs to take a break from film making.


it has twist but obvious storyline..need more crisp funny dialogue...golmaal 1 was best...need masala like bol bachchan...Tabu shouldn't be in this movie .

dear user

Movie is as good as all other part. by the interval v can make out the story. its one time watch movie. im sure Rohit Shetty is capable of much better script however the locations were very beautiful.


Superb movie Loaded with lots of Gag's. Loved the work of Rohit Shetty and all the cast and crews. Ajay Devgan Worked Really good. And all 4 too


Watch this movie only if u are a golmaal series fan.. it is just logic less only comedy can be enjoyed.. Nothing much in d movie.. Cannot say this as a horror comedy..

dear user

outstanding movie very amazing and fun. happy to see ajay in this movie .liked tabu very much .. she is doing good movies Rohit Shetty should make more movies on action he is very good in it


full entertaining. comedy. pariniti's acting and role so good. nil nitin mukesh is good in villan character. tabbu's role is important as supporting.


best entertainment movie to be watched and i believe a bomb of laughter people should be watching this with their family and i believe all the parts of this movie was awesome

dear user

just does not connect with the audience. second half is simply a drag. not worth watching.the ghost concept though unique was not utilised to its potential


It was very funny and crazy movies.. I really loved it.. All character has specialty and unique act.. It was more entertaining.. I think guys u have to watch this movie once..


It's been a while we haven't seen such a lovely comedy film. It's neat and a film which you can watch with entire family. Rohit shetty has again proved his grip on comedy film.


worst movie ever. only first part of Golmaal was good. no story no comedy only funny face creation that was actually irritating. don’t waste ur money


it's amazing movie it has good story and graphics are too good it has a quite good moral and my fAv. actoors are there too so with all these things this movie is the best one


full family movie, complete entertainment, must watch, super acting, nice story, music very melodies, lyrics very meaningful, direction is perfect


awesome movie and story is different and love mixture of Horror and Comedy ,specially johnny lever and Vijay Raj acting is too good in this movie ,vijay raj establish jim in bollywood too


nice movie and plot... nice twist at the end ... best part is the movie can be watched by children as well ... songs are good ... all characters are played well


funny. expecting more fun. the kind of previous series , expectations getting higher an higher. hope to see more logical fun , punchas , more to laugh on


just too good. the story, the action the romance the secquence and the theme. all the starts perdormed very wel specialy tabu. she was extremely wonderful.


amazing. loved pari. she was wow. and loved the movie because it was horror comedy. 😘 loved the visual effects. specially the locations. just loved it


nice comedy ...keep ur brains out nd watch the movie...all actors were nice specially ajay devgn nd johny lever...tabu was gud in fresh avtar...

a shah

worst bakwas movie without any sence...over acting...cheap level comedy..better to see superstar..if you want to see without using brain then go...


repetitive comedy,no magic no logic bullshit,waste of money and time. worst movie of the year.actually expected to be like this but disaster


Better to go for it with urs family or friends for weekend just check it once ur choice aa...GOLMAL GOLMAL GOLMAL GOLMAL GOLMAL GOLMAL GOLMAL


average movie At Diwali lot was expected but was not delivered repeatedly same masala tadka was used which is now being old next part should have something new


The film Golmaal is famous for funn but this was not expected like such poor show. film is less of fun. too boring. This is not even equal to time pass also.


Very nice movie, me and my family enjoyed alot and can't stop laughing, it's a must watch movie especially if u have kids, take them along... Full paisa wasool Arshad and Ajay... Too good


The movie is amazing, but please leave logic behind. It will make you laugh all along, though the start might not be the best. There are no cars flying; yes it still is a Rohit Shetty film :p Watch it if you want to enjoy a few hours of non stop comedy. Cheers.


got it sherry is not funny anymore..Only first formal was fun rest were curses on the society. no acting..no fun.no comedy.no script. wit others it's fine but Ajay Devgan is a legend and such non sense movies does not match his level. don't watch please


what nonsense unexpected complete disaster i dont believe that this is golmaal series. i went to see expecting it to be comedy but it was all mixed up


Bakwas movie i have ever seen. Overacting ka dookan. Bollywood must try harder to hv a gud script. Movie mein kuch nahi tha. Khali dialog baji


Its untold because what is not there cannot be told. Only part most liked is the INTERMISSION. Multiplex was 30% occupied. Rest can be guessed


It was a perfect film to watch. Enjoyed watching the film. Rohit shetty has directed the film very well. At some places we laughed a lot whereas some jokes were not that much comedy. This Time emotions are also added. So I would prefer you to watch this film.

dibyapulin sahoo

not good.but quite good and stardom. fun at movie good vibes of Ajay Devgan and Parineeti Chopra. bhala achi movie apana mane bi jaaa aaantu


Third class movie seen ever zero stars not looks good that's why 1 star actually movie deserves - zero stars, please don't waste your time and money on this bakwas movie from bakwas actor Ajay devgan/devgn whatever, he don't know actiong at all God knows who made him hero and God knows well what rohit shetty saw in him


not best but good to watch on tv and not in multiplex . storyline is ok but dialogue are average. paranoti is not good as khushi . nothing innovative in character improvement .

Dharmesh Patel

It is very comedy & funny movie. All the Characters in this movie perform good their rolls and Ajay Devgan performs very funny & horror comedy scenes.


A nice movie.. sometimes mixed with mindless jokes.. But still A nice one and a one time watch. Not better than Golmaal 1.. the cast is great and actting is amazing. The storyline feels weak somehoq


Too funny as all Golmaal series. A must watch movies. All characters were funny. Parineeti was gorgeous as usual. Comic timing of all buckers were awesome. Will wait for next movie of this series.

Sadhana Prabhu

Third rate movie with no comedy.. There I could not able to find any Golmal / lapada... Shreyas was good among the lot.. All the rest are useless.. To be frank


nice movie , good to see again and again, excellent work on the movie and good place to see as rohit setty movie. everything and everyone is Awaesome 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

dear user

Weak Story line, Overacting, Humourless Comedy. It’s like poor comedy again. Rohit Shetty should use his strength somewhere else. Golmaal Again Sucks


lill slow after interval but speedy at start n end all contributed well at all stage it was perfectly alright movie yes you are selected theatre 😨


some dialogues are good, Some punches also good, all the actors and actresses did the good job. Scenic locations are very catchy. One time watch movie


superb movie grt entirement all golmaal team give a big entirement evry diagoue was superb grt performance by all golmaal team members !!!

Poulomi S

Though it comes with a little over acting but I guess the comedy timing and the Nana Patekar’s goof up was too good. The star cast stole the show and especially Parineeti.


you can enjoy this movie with family like kids and seniors. not that good but its ok kinda movie. i got bored in the theatre with my wife and my family was enjoying i mean the kids.


This is very good movie for entertainment and best comedy in this , this movie change comedy to emotional after interval , Good combination of comedy action and emotional most important factor in this finally luck speak in this movie 😀😀😀😀


osam Comedy family and friends movie suspense and comedy movie good character in such a role in Madhavan Ajay Devgan and awesome comedy Johny Lever love you Johnny Lever💥🤑 Paisa Vasool movie


after interval movie goes slow Ajay's role is fine but villain should be strong which was missing all tings r going around superstitious story

niilesh sharma

if was very entertaining and full of fun though the story was similar to the earlier one and character were also same still they all performed well.


good... movie..second half story is quiet boring... but no doubt punches are superb...you will lose ur laugh...one time watch for sure..watch...it out


bakwass movie not worth watching bogus plot script is very very boring' don't bother to watch it not worth the time n money. waste of money .


Poor script. No screenplay...Still 2nd highest grosser for the year. Ain't going for another Rohit Shetty movie.. ever! Such poor acting by all..Dint know why Tabu did such a movie.


full time pass..full paisa vasool ..keep ur brain at home... and enjoye the unlimited fun... Jonny Bhai was all time great..Khelu..harshad..Tushar..all are at there best


It was a Ok movie and not upto the mark as Rohit Setty movie.. No action - specialy car sequencies in Golmal series !!! its hard to beleive.

dear user

not much of humour, plot was not good, overacting with less of punch lines, not that kind of sensible like earlier versions, but would like to see another sequel


Awesome movie frnds. Must watch end was not that good but in comedy movie we go to laugh and it fulfilled its commitment. Parineeti was never so cute. love her


It was great fun watching this.. As all the characters are truly defining thier role and created superb fun and lots of laughing energy.. Tremendous and Hilarious fun.. Hats off. specially Kunal Khemu and Arshad done fantastic job.. Thanks to Rohit Shetty

Pranesh Archak

As compared to Golmal 1, 2, 3 & All the Best...this 4th version is quite average ..less comedy..only intro scene of ghost is funny..rest of the movie lacks comedy.


Though the punches were a bit old but all in all a good entertainer. I would not want give an all star to this as the story wasn’t one of the best.


we loved the movie it was a horror comedy movie which deserves to be given a 5 star it is a very good movie for a family to watch together..


I loved this movie this is very interesting movie and my favourite characters are pappi and gopal they both are very funny and scary in this movie and I loved the moviee!


golmal again.. awesome again.. You won't be able to stop urself laughing good to watch with family .. arshad warsi at his best and Jonny liver did it well too


The dialogues are just awesome !!! 😂nFunniest character was Shreyas talpade when he performed nana patekar sir mimicry he was too funny that time !nThe appearance of 👻 was awesome as it is a block buster movie ...it's a best movie I have seen ever


Really enjoyed the movie, a diversion from our life full of stress and uncertanities, may watch one more time. But really missed the "original" lakshman sharman joshi.


good hilarious movie. clean comedy and simple story. kids also enjoyed it a lot. nice option to go with family without worrying about c grade dialogues.


worst golmaal even worst movie. stupid stupid. i lost the will to live. so much cringe. not expected from rohit. please dont watch or you will die too.


the movie as unrealistic but funny oneliner keep it going one time seeable but gets dragged as it goes along also expected lines Ajay should get out


Vidya balan, my all time favourite has again proven her talent. Best movie. Best story. Very inspirational for those housewives, who want to do something of their own.


We love you Rohit Shetty.What a awesome Movie...Love you all. Everyone has done a wonderful acting especially Puppy Bhai,Gopal,Lucky,both Laxmans and last but not the least Madhav(Awesome man).


best comedy ever.this type movies are very hit and long time standing in mall..and this movie part 4 of golmaal series.so my opinions is this movie is very intertain all movie viewers...


only shreyas was good, story was below average , no sync at all. This is not at par with the previous versions. Need to understand for comedy also story is required


unique comedy with ups and down Ajay Devgan and Kunal khemu rocked the movie with their unique humour and Johnny Bhai also entertained like anything


Nice movie. Clean Comedy. All artist gave their best Performance. As comparison to all parts of Golmaal this movie has less comedy. Mind fresh movie.


Must see movie. Full masti with friends and family. Comedy horror movie. It is better to see than I describe anything more about this comic movie.


amazing acting by all characters !!! parineeti should have had a larger role . songs and stunts were praiseworthy. Tabu made her presence felt even though in a small role .

dear user

Hilarious Outstanding .....good story.....Ajay Devgan Tabu Arshad at its best ....have all the ingredients to be rocking comedy.....it should create record in box office


I was not at all bored...full comedy ...never thought Rohit shetty would make this part also as funnier as his earlier parts... simply amazing...loved it

ghanshyam panchal

verry nice move & family entertainment almost ajay is my favourite star and arshad varsi is very strong actor and tushar kapoor is good performance in all golmal series


awesome comedy by the team but end can be improved.. I miss Sharman Joshi in this film... all have done nice acting... Jonny lever is awesome...


jokes have been forced in the script...however the movie is entertaining... but the revenge thing was no required ... maybe it has diverted the concept of typical comedy movies


It was non sense. No story no climax it is just 3 hours kidding activity. Anyway it is good to say just visit for theater to watch movie. Not the important of which movie


total laughter. loved it. can watch any time. superb movie. full masti, action, drama, comedy and Ajay Devgan... songs are ok. full family entertainment


mahabakwass movie.. aaj k baad no rohit shetty movie ever .. jo man me ata h bana deta h .. kuch to logic ho .. par nhi entertainment k liye wahi purana spices use krega


time pass movie just making people laugh forcely without any sense mixing of lots of situation of horror n comedy all characters forced to act nothing new


worst move ... no comody i whole move you will laugh maybe 1 or 2 times ... only locations watchable otherwise 2.5 hours of torcher. ... watch if you want to punish yourself


good cinematography good entertainment..n above all my favourite Ajay devgon..he acted too good. nice story.. Rohit Shetty s direction was amazing.


enjoy one liners n situational comedy ...great fun mindless comedy, go with family , except 15 mins in 2nd half entire movie n character is good


what a movie...!! simply superb...one of the best in Golmaal.Series. a must watch for everyond..Eagerly waiting for the fifth installment. love it.




if you want to have fun with family..must watch this movieaction thriller horror comedy music star cast what else you want in a movie...a complete family entertainer...how can we forget to mention the scenic beauty and picturization . it's world class


very nice.. light.. comedy.. full of life movie.. golmaal team rocks as always ..Ajay.. Arshad.. Tushar.. superb... and Rohit Anna super cool and brilliant director.. love it love it love it


very funny movie my favorite part of the movie is that the facebook page and I have to go to the class of her life and I have to go to the class


worst film ever. senseless jokes. waste of money. not fit for any age group. Shocking Rohit shetty made Crores. I will compare it to Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan. Film critics have lost their senses to give 4 star. didn't have an option or it doesn't even deserve One Star. in fact stars should be deducted for this movie. .


The movie was ok ok types. The end was dragged long things were illogical and typical to rohit shetty movie if we are to conclude at once!!!


it is very funny ..awesome movie..rib tickling comedy..u cant stop laughing..waiting for golmaal 5 now..all the characters have played their role very wel..


Godd Story Best Cimedy Film Of The Year and suspense and emotions very nice all characters are very good specialy Ajay Devgan Performance is best


It's a Family movie. Lots of laughter and fun. Kids will enjoy. One of the best version of all golmal series. Every one has played their character well.


worst movie.Waste of money. Please don't waste your time and money. The movie didn't live up to the expectations. The past versions were far better.


no story but time pass movie for a family Ajay is good but should have given more action seens.Action part was missing in the movie plus tushar was the worst part


pathetic movie with over acting and no story. Even my 5 year old nephew didn't laugh once in the entire movie. money wasted completely. Don't waste yours


It is awesome movie best comedy perfect diwali gift ajay and every one is happy rest gang rock too with there respective roles must watch movie


Fun packed movie.. No cheap comedy.. After long i really enjoyed, the film made me laugh.. Superb acting.. All the characters were outstanding, love the dialogues.. Dont miss this one


The most unrealistic movie you will ever see, but still very interesting and entertaining you will surely enjoy it, worth a watch, must go with family


Not up to the mark nice presentation but weak content whenever you are going to watch a Golmal Franchise the expectation is like to be out of breath in laughing while watching but unfortunately that didn't happen with this Golmal


it is a good movie because it has the good acting as well as a good story and the best part of the movie is last ending SCENES of the movies


Still confused abt whether it's a comedy or tragedy. A comedy with a v.high emotional quotient. Dis yr.itself we saw another horror comedy which is termed vulgar by multiplex audience. Dis one is a clean comedy but the funny moments dat golmaal is known for r v.less. The previous golmaal is still d worst with a subplot of an old couple, n dis one is not as bad as d third one. But a funnier film was expected. It had some iconic moments like prakash raj's horrible dance on an equally funny n enjoyable soundtrack. But dese wr v.rare. N the casting of neil nitin mukesh is taken as negative for granted in every movie which is unjustifying his talent. Ajay devgan has been given much more importance dan other heroes of film dat never happened in any other golmaal previously. Final verdict, golmaal returns still stands out as d best golmaal n dis one, being a mediocre film, stays in the middle.


Please do not carry your brain to the theatre, it's a typical Rohit Shetty comedy film.

dear user

The movie has small comic instances, but calling it a comedy movie would be a over statement..................................................


comedy and story was great.. ajay was so rocking in this movie.. other carectors is also great comedians.. specialy tabbu she wad looking so beautiful..


the comedy is fresh love the Rohit Shetty work I would say definitely a better than Golmaal 1... superb work done by ajay and Tabu is awesome


good movie and all the characters in it has done great job . In this movie there is some thing to learn that good wins over evil . lovely movie.........


one time time pass, it could be better if new talent is experiment as use to old people expression n their ageging shows off. so next series introduce new talent

Sudheer Godgeri

Golmaal series was supposed to be 95% comedy and 5% action/tragedy/horror -- as in the past 3 epsiodes.nnBut, somehow, though plot seemed to be good -- tragedy, i.e. death of their childhood sibling ( though adopted like most of the lead cast) , Khushi, due to murder is just not good for the Golmaal series. We walked away laughing and feeling light thru out the other 3 films .nnWish the director/producer had been a little light on the tragedy dose in this film -- it fades the entire comical effort -- which this film is supposed to be.nnBut , you have to admit, the cast have done a great job of keeping this film watchable.


Awesome movie .. A good story with good dialogue and it never bore anytime. It can be seen with family, friends without hesitation.. Thank rohit shetty


its a very nyc movie made by rohit n team ajay n other star cast did a great work its a first horror comedy movie its a good movie n family movie n must watch movie


good refreshing, after long time a nice comedy movie. had heard from many friends to watch this but went to see with half hearted. and come back with full of enjoyment.


it's not a very good movie just like a time pass movie. may be better more. Ajay debgan was good. missed Mithun Da and Karina kapoor. any way it's a fare movie.

Amit Sharma

Entire team has work well in movies .. full on entertainment movie..


it is movie for those people who has not discovered the actually situational comedy however some of the song were good ,again Rohit sheet disoppinted the golmal fan I will never watch golmal franchise again


Good movie overall. Ajay devgan is always awesome.. Cinematography is good. Direction is also deserves to be a hit. Overall entertainer movie of this year


movie class apart just watch it guys its worth watching acting directing and ofcourse johnny lever bhai you are really the backbone of this movie... enjoyed it man


osum movie. full of entertainment. full paisa wasool . fun laugther and total entertainment after a long time. a good family time to be spemt5 with.