Chaya Manush (Bengali) Chaya Manush (Bengali)

2 hrs 29 mins


64% with 8 votes

Thriller, Crime,

Parambrata Chatterjee Paoli Dam Raima Sen Pankaj Agarwal Kaushik Ganguly

Anupam Roy, Arijit Biswas, Pankaj Agarwal, Arindam Mamdo Dey, Shrisha Ray,

Total Rating 3.2

The film is a suspense thriller that revolves around a man in the shadows. When your life is sinking he comes to you as your saviour but in turn leaves you destructed. Who is this man in shadows and what exactly does he want from the protagonists forms the story of the film.

rahil sen

one word to say..drab...tries to mix intelligence and suspense into a badly told storyline..makes you yawn through to the end.

Dalia Dawn

Its a fantastic movie. Its very different. Any the movie keeps the intensity from the beginning till the end. Its a great watch.