Highway (Bengali) Highway (Bengali)

1 hrs 55 mins


63% with 12 votes

Drama, Romance,

Parambrata Chatterjee Dipankar Dey Bharat Kaul Koel Mallick Sabitri Chattopadhyay Silajit Majumder Rita Dutta Chakraborty

Anupam Roy, Sudipto Chattopadhyay, Rabi Ranjan Moitra, Nispal Singh, R Dee Deepak, Rabiranjan Maitra,

Total Rating 3.15

Highway is a film about two people who cross paths with each other on a highway. This chance encounter has a highly significant impact on their lives, leading to a romance filled with ups and downs. It follows Koel and Parambrata, who realize that even though they loved each other once, there is something missing in their lives. The film shows us their efforts to overcome this and look at each other in an all new light.

Arkajit Mandal

Worst movie, meaning less bogus movie , If you havent seen it then never, please save yourself.

Debayan Chakraborty

complete wastage of time. Never actually understood the motive of the film.. Actors did what could have been done. Screenplay and photography was horrible. Few characters went completely unexplained.. music was okay.

Kartick Dey

Acting is perfect. The film has so many things to learn about married life.

Tamal Sarkar

I feel that I am seeing a real incident. The acting was prefect. The pair of Parambrata and Kolyel is excellent.Must -- for married couples all ages.

Sabyasachi Saha

Not at all liked the movie. Wastage of money and time.