Abhimaan Abhimaan

2 hrs 02 mins


Drama, Musical, Family, Black / Dark Comedy,

Amitabh Bachchan Asrani Jaya Bachchan Durga Khote A.k. Hangal Bindu Bhola Sarosh Banerji Biren Tripathy

Pawan Kumar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Jaywant Pathare, Das Dhaimade, Rajinder Singh Bedi, Nabendu Ghosh, Mohini N. Sippy, Susheela Kamat, Biresh Chatterjee,

The story of the film Abhimaan revolves around a singer who wants to get famous in his career. He falls in love with a girl and marry her. Then the story takes a turn when a lot of differences start to arise between them leading to their separation with each other.