English Vinglish English Vinglish

2 hrs 16 mins


72% with 222 votes

Drama, Comedy, Social,

Amitabh Bachchan Rajeev Ravindranathan Sridevi Kapoor Sujatha Kumar Sulabha Deshpande Sridevi Priya Anand Mehdi Nebbou Navika Kotia Neelu Sodhi

Sunil Lulla, Amit Trivedi, R. Balki, Gauri Shinde, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Hemanti Sarkar, Jitendra Bagga, Laxman Utekar, R. Damani, Anita Anand,

Total Rating 3.6

Money, Fame and the Knowledge of English. In India, these 3 factors play a huge role in how society judges an individual. English Vinglish is the story of Shashi, a woman who doesn`t know English and is made to feel insecure about this by her family and society at large. The film though lighthearted is about the touching and transformational journey of Shashi. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman.The film is shot mostly in New York and captures the inherent struggle of many people all over the world with the English Language. Hilarious, touching and sensitive, this film marks the comeback of India`s biggest female star, Sridevi.


this is one of the best meaningful movie ever seen. this movie says how is the male dominated society tries not to allow women to come up and be independent


nice acting Sridevi. yes the best question is why the USA but not the india . I'll request everyone to to watch this movie its an awesome movie.😃😄😘😍😄


my most favorite movie ! shridevi is most adorable actress of our Industry ! all the other actors did well..!I like performance of Priya Anand ! Direction is outstanding ! it's a must watch movie ! Direction-5/5music -4.5/5Dialogue-5/5visual appeals-5/5cinematography-5/5


this is my favourite bollywood movie...love sridevi's acting in this.she acts so natural and the songs are just amazing. I love the part with amithab bachhan on plane 😂😂😂 so funny.


superb flope movie