Balyakalasakhi (Malayalam) Balyakalasakhi (Malayalam)

2 hrs 01 mins


74% with 48 votes


Mammootty Seema Biswas K. P. A. C. Lalitha Sunil Sukhada Parambrata Chatterjee Meena K.p.a.c. Lalitha Isha Talwar Atlas Ramachandran Kavitha Nair

Hari Nair, Manoj Kannoth, Isaac Thomas Kottukapally, Pramod Payyannur, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, MB Muhsin, Sajeeb Hashim,

Total Rating 3.7

Balyakalasakhi, is a Malayalam romantic tragedy novel written by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Published in 1944, it is considered by many as Basheer`s best work. The story revolves around Majeed and Suhra, who are in love with each other from childhood. By Basheer`s own admission, the story is largely autobiographical.

Junaid Junu

It is a veryy bad is like insulting novel.very bad direction

Sooraj Murali Sulekha

super filim from mammotty. Based on the novel written by vaikom muhammad basheer

Shyju L Mammookka

An Extra ordinary Performance by Megastar Mammootty


Poor Direction. Expected lotz from a story made by a legend writer.. scripting also poor.. disappointed..

Dhaakmax Well

Its a committed and excellent performance from Mammootty. He is brilliant as the vulnerable father and the struggling son. While he shines as the father in the first half, pulls it out superbly as the son in the later half.His performance while finding that he has lost his leg, is one of those rare moments which we use to see from a master like him nowadays. Isha gets only few screen space, and she is fine as Suhra. Meena as the mother is good. There are few additional casts, and they all gives a commanding work. A thumbs up for the kids who have done their part convincingly.