The Ant Bully The Ant Bully

1 hrs 28 mins


Comedy, Adventure, Animation,

(Voice) Paul Giamatti (Voice) Julia Roberts (Voice) Nicolas Cage (Voice) Meryl Streep (Voice) Zach Tyler (Voice) Regina King (Voice) Bruce Campbell (Voice) Lily Tomlin (Voice) Cheri Oteri (Voice) Voice Paul Giamatti Voice Nicolas Cage Voice Julia Roberts Voice Meryl Streep Voice Zach Tyler Voice Regina King Voice Bruce Campbell Voice Lily Tomlin Voice Cheri Oteri Voice

Thomas Tull, Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, William Fay, Scott Mednick, John Davis, John A. Davis, Steven Shareshian, Diana Choi, Ken Mitchroney, Jon Price,

A kid who hates ants, Lucas Nickle (voice of Zach Tyler Eisen), finds himself living among them. His family has just moved to a new town, but Lucas isn`t enjoying it much. To make matters worse, the local bully has found Lucas and is making his life miserable, so the boy looks for someone he can push around -- and he soon finds a large colony of ants in his yard. Lucas takes out his frustrations by stomping, drowning, and burying the bugs, little realizing the ants see him as a threat to their safety and aren`t about take his attacks lying down. Zoc (voice of Nicolas Cage) is a ``wizard ant`` who creates a formula that shrinks Lucas to the size of an insect, and the tiny boy is brought before the leader of the Ant Council (voice of Ricardo Montalban) and the Queen of the Colony (voice of Meryl Streep) to answer for his crimes against the ants. Showing compassion, the queen sentences Lucas not to death, but to live among them and see how difficult their circumstances can be. From here, Lucas also gathers courage and support to put up a fight against the diabolic bully, Stan!