Demonic Demonic

1 hrs 24 mins


56% with 247 votes

Thriller, Horror,

Maria Bello Billy Slaughter Frank Grillo Aaron Yoo Christopher Berry Alex Goode Ashton Leigh

James Wan, Will Canon, Dan Marocco,

Total Rating 2.8

When five college students who were investigating ghosts are brutally murdered inside an abandoned home that is believed to be haunted, police detective Mark Lewis and a psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, are called on to investigate their deaths.


Mokka mokkayo mokka... mokka mokka mokka waste waste


I loved the movie.. The movie does not have many horrific scene.. But it did have a story and a few of a thrilling scene n a good suspense.. Not a waste of money anyway.. Can surely watch once if not more..


waste movie don't waste money to watch this movie


worst horror movie iv ever seen din evn get d feel of watching s seem like d director has taken d film just to produce another part

aswin bright

waste of time, i can frighten ppl in a better way by hiding behind the walls.