Chicken Run Chicken Run

1 hrs 24 mins


Comedy, Animation, Family,

Mel Gibson Timothy Spall Miranda Richardson Imelda Staunton Julia Sawalha Jane Horrocks Phil Daniels Lynn Ferguson Tony Haygarth Voice Jane Horrocks Voice Miranda Richardson Voice Mel Gibson Voice Phil Daniels Voice Lynn Ferguson Voice Tony Haygarth Voice

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tristan Oliver, David Sproxton, Frank Passingham, Peter Lord, Jake Eberts, Nick Park, Michael Rose, Tamsin Parry, Robert Francis, Mark Solomon,

Behind the barbed wire fence of Tweedy Farm, Ginger is a chicken with a mission to get all of the chickens to safety before they end up as pies. To do this you will have to sneak around the farm collecting objects necessary for the escape. Be careful not to disturb the dogs and avoid being caught by Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy at all costs.