Saw Iv Saw Iv

1 hrs 33 mins


Romance, Thriller, Crime, Horror,

Angus Macfadyen Tobin Bell Donnie Wahlberg Lyriq Bent Betsy Russell Costas Mandylor Scott Patterson Louis Ferreira Simon Reynolds Athena Karkanis

James Wan, Peter Block, Mark Burg, Kevin Greutert, Jason Constantine, Darren Lynn Bousman, Oren Koules, Gregg Hoffman, Stacey Testro, Daniel J. Heffner, David Armstrong, Marcus Dunstan, Thomas Fenton, Brett Sullivan,

Saw IV is a 2007 Hollywood movie and the fourth sequel in Saw franchise. The story continues from the third part and it starts with the death of the maniac. During his postmortem the detectives, find a cassette in his stomach which contains a few shocking things. One of the detectives is kidnapped and is victimized for his fatal game. The story involves the efforts made by the detectives to save their friend in the game of survival.