Chotushkone Chotushkone

2 hrs 27 mins


77% with 126 votes


Anjan Dutt Parambrata Chatterjee Shantilal Mukherjee Biswajit Chakraborty Payel Sarkar Goutam Ghosh Aparna Sen Goutam Ghose Kaushik Ganguly

Srijit Mukherji, Anupam Roy, Mahesh Ramanathan, Sudeep Chatterjee,

Total Rating 3.85

Chatushkone is about human relationships, more of unconventional ones. Its also about ambition and vengeance. Chotushkone is a bevy of Bengali film actors and directors and has four short stories in one film. The film blurs the lines between reel and real with actors, who are playing themselves in this movie.

Subrata Sarkar

Simply wow..Srijit's best movie after Baishey Shrabon..Yiu simply can't miss this.. Superb script acting sound-tracks and a obviously the direction. Dont miss the starting. Kudos Srijit and team.


Nothing to say about this excellent movie. Hats off Srijit da. Such a good story teller.nnSome people rated this 1 *, I suggest they should watch Dabang instead...


Awesome movie. Can watch it again and again. Sirjit da hats off


Totally loved it ... this movie can't be watched in parts ... I wish to make chotuskone 2


Demons. Some can control them. Some let them control them. A story of 4 characters. Ghosts from their pasts eating away their souls. Who remains whole? Who loses it all? Mukherjee the maestro paints a glory on the silver screen, once again.