Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami

2 hrs 20 mins


71% with 54 votes

Drama, Comedy,

Anupam Kher Rajesh Sharma Aditi Sharma Sudhir Pandey Neha Dhupia Divyendu Sharma Manu Rishi Uttara Baokar Supriya Kumari

Amitabh Shukla, Sanjay Sharma, Rahil Qazi, Ravindra Gautam, Abhinav Shukla, Anurradha Prasad, Sanjay Mamane, Veera Kapur,

Total Rating 3.55

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami stars Anupam Kher as Purushotam Narayan Joshi, an honest man, who has two sons who are good for nothing. Fate puts Joshi in a tough spot, where all his life`s work goes down the drain, and in his near-death condition, he was but one wish, that he gets honored with 21 guns. It is now up to his sons to grant their father his last wish.

Shalaka Morvekar

it was one time watch...not that great commedy ...

NoyonJyoti Parasara

Not to be missed. Very touching, Will leave you a better person

Himank Gaur

Brilliant. The films this industry needs. Something new.

Kevin Dsouza

Great performances by everyone.. Loved the movie.. Must watch

Aazib Zafar

one of the brilliant story written portraying the role of our father in our life.best movie with comic and a very good message.just loved it. Mr. Rahil Qaazi you are one of the finest writers of Bollywood. HATS OFF