Kailashey Kelenkari Kailashey Kelenkari

2 hrs 02 mins


Drama, Action, Thriller,

Tom Alter Sabyasachi Chakraborty Parambrata Chatterjee Dipankar Dey Bibhu Bhattacharya

Sandip Ray, Satyajit Ray,

The story of Kailashey Kelenkari revolves around a private detective Feluda who chases a gang of smugglers in the Kailash Temple in Ellora. These smugglers steal and smuggle out the countrys valuable treasure, especially unique stone figures that adorn ancient temples of India. In the bait, he has to take up multiple disguises and also encounter many shady characters. However, he does get help from his able assistant and best friend Lalmohan Ganguly. But what happens eventually?