Justice League Justice League

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Without any ado, Justice league takes you to a world devoid of Superman where darkness that has befallen has put the world in a state of terror and impending doom. People are paying homage to the Kryptonian with the hope that someday the Man of Steel will return to save the day. Just like Batman Vs Superman, this movie has a bleak tone. This is attributed to the perpetually optimistic Wonder Woman, who has now become a selective shut-in after she watched her love interest Steve Trevor die and later, her comrade Superman who was a beacon to the world, sacrificed himself fighting Doomsday. She shares this feeling with Batman who has changed too, for the better or for worse, I couldn't discern. Prior to his encounter with Doomsday, Batman was calculative, provident and poised. However, this time Zack Snyder has portrayed Batman in a strange light. Fuelled by his obsession to revive Superman, he gives off a vibe that he can transcend ethics and without mental restraints, might as well go on a killing spree. In an attempt to keep his promise of not failing him in death, Bruce and Diana search for other metahumans who can join the alliance. With life long assistance from Alfred and later Nightwing and Robin, Batman has almost always worked alone. So the new offical team which is put together is instrumental in understanding the dynamics of Batman's constantly evolving personality because despite preferring solitude, we see him going an extra mile to recruit The Flash and Aquaman for a common cause. Similarly, Diana who finds a leader in herself, thanks to a precarious provocation by Batman, opens up to Cyborg to win his trust. Darkseid's uncle and general of the Parademon army, Steppenwolf is awe-inspiring. Stronger than the Amazons, Atlanteans and the old Gods, he's an enemy to reckon with, so much so that it took the consolidated efforts of Gods and Goddesses and Men to incapacitate him, only to return after thousands of years in exile, filled with hatred and indignation towards humanity. Speaking of the newbies, Jason Momoa did a brilliant job as Aquaman. Throughout the movie, he's seen as a tough, loudmouthed hunk who will remind you of a teen ignorant of the realities of life, and after realizing his responsibilities, is unrelenting in the face of a formidable foe. His charisma and swag is inimitable. Coming to the next member, Cyborg has always been an underrated member of the Justice League. One should know that he’s an asset to the team as he’s fused with an exoskeleton that bestows him with cybernetic powers, allowing him access to an advanced alien technology and remain connected digitally forever. He’s still discovering his potential due to which his powers and intelligence weren't completely explored in the film. My personal favourite was The Flash. I loved Ezra Miller as The Flash, preferring him to Gustin Grant in the TV show, because Ezra depicted the real personality of the Flash: loquacious, funny and over-enthusiastic about life. He reminded me of the quote: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Barry too is in his initial stage of unlocking and utilizing the full potential of the Speedforce. The CGI team worked beautifully to dispel my apprehension about the introduction of an apt bullet time (slow motion) exclusively for The Flash to give a real feeling of the way he perceives space-time. The last one for the best: Badass. Flabbergasting and mind-blowing. This sums up the screentime of Superman in his new avatar. His powers were way beyond imagination and the way they were shown in the film is downright praiseworthy. On a personal note, I love dark movies because they show fear and death in their truest sense. Hence, my slight inclination of DC over Marvel. Despite severe criticisms from some audience, I loved Batman Vs Superman because of its grim tone which has been mellowed down in Justice League by adding a bit of humour here and there. I believe it's important to bring to notice that the original movie is 2 hours 50 mins long. After many unnecessary cuts, Justice League has been divested of a lot of important scenes, due to which one might feel the introduction of the characters and the plot-development to be incoherent. I request moviegoers to not get biased by the “mixed-reviews” the film is getting and kindly watch and judge for themselves. It is a beautiful film and a gift for a fan, who since as a child, has always seen Justice League on cartoon network. Seeing something like this being made into a movie is nothing less than marvellous.


This is the moment which we all had been waiting for and it has finally arrived. I grew up watching Justice League cartoon and I had been waiting for this film for 15 years. Justice League is definitely a highly enjoyable comic book film. There are a lot of fan-boyish moment scenes to relish and those scenes gave us adrenaline rush. There are some good action scenes to enjoy. There is some levity to laugh. It was not dragging and heavy like BvS, it was a 2 hr duration film and was light and obviously better than BvS & SS.


Batman,Superman,Wonderwoman,Flash,Aquaman,Cyborg and DC are Legends so when you make a movie as hyped as Justice League it cane be just and Okay superhero movie which pple just go to watch for timepass


good superhero movie after a long time. comfortable to watch with family and friends. movie plot was simple . was fun to see the all superheroes on the big screen.


this movie is such a boring thing in DC gave 10 for superman, CGI is like cartoon and this sums it up that marvel is greater than DC, DC sucks


batman rocks! beautiful and heroic.few part of the movie is bit slow but overall good.specially the fight scenes are awesome. villan is bit boring but bruce Wayne and others play vital role in the story.good dc movie.


Nice one loved it, worth watching movie, superman is the best one. And even flash and aqua man has played good role in it. Wonder women is the best one

Srikanth  Reddy

not even reached 50% of expectation movie goes boring from start to end dc need to stop imitating marvel and concentrate movies like batman series.


The first time seeing the justice league team up is awesome and is a dream come true for many die hard comic book fans. There were a little errors but the overall idea of seeing league overwhelms it.


Fantastic movie. Better than expectation. Loved the cinematography, screenplay and story. VFX could have been little better I feel. But overall great movie to watch.


expectd more action than drama. Like the cartoon series covers equal parts of all character. watching this movie within that time felt like incomplete. but luv d graphics.


It was great experience with DC movies after watching only Marvel series of superheroes. Expecting more adventure and unlimited fun from the Justice League in future. Also waiting for Aqua Man.


Justice league, a super DC movie... Kudos to the team.. the work done by all d characters is just too good, especially superman's entry is something magical n much needed


Good movie...poor cgi on henry and really missed zack snyder. WB made mistake including that other director for reshoot. Also many parts from trailer are cut, i dont know why but they were awesom


climax was too short...if you are a batman fan..you wont like this movie..in comics vilain was very strong and difficult to defeat..however in movie it was very easy for our heores to defeat him...i am a big fan of Batman and Superman..expecting more fun in upcoming movies


It was an entertaining movie. By that I mean, I was disappointed. DCEU fans wanted more. It's a improvement from the previous installments (BvS). But still.


it's not at all over rated, and the visual scenes were great. watching flash and Aquaman onnbig screen was a dream. never have I ever been so on edge, the superman matching flash scenes, flash expression on screen, all wonderful.


Story was ruined. Significance of each character was undermined except for Superman. Anime is so so so much better. Batman is supposed to be the brain of the team and has his own importance in Justice league. Wonder woman was used as just a pretty face. Flash was there for comedy. Other two were... there in the movie.


I really missed the real DC touch.. in some scenes it looked like Disney movie. needed the Snyder cut. but overall I love to see DC films. now waiting for the next one


Warner Bro screwed the Movie..they did the create personal story line for each character.everything was in hurry.It should have been long and better


Justice league rocks!!! All hail superman!!! Do urself a favour and go watch the movie if u r a justice league fan u will love it for sure #hype


Cannot blame the direction or star cast. DC extended are kind of boring if you have watched all the animated DC Comics and expect movie to stand to the mark. Ben Affleck as Batman is the biggest mistake in the history. Ben is a Great Actor and I have huge respect. But I also love Batman and Ben Affleck is just not to the mark. Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill deserve a standing ovation. Jason Momoa greatly affects the Aquaman (as one pictures him to be talking to the fish) ... Jason Momoa changed that whole perception after what Kunal Nayyar did ;P. If you haven't watched DC Comics then you will Love the Movie.


some places you tend to compare it with other super hero movies. they have done justice with all characters. eager to see how it shapes up in future


All super heroes are looking nice but Wonder women and flash looks amazing. Full of adventures and action movie. Full on paisa wasool movie.


same age old drama.. except for the flash... but even his role is not justified... we are bored of such movies marvel.. waiting for thanos!


the right amount of funny unlike ragnorak, worth the charecters and hope to see Aquaman and cyborg in their individual movies soon... that's a wrap


DC should actually learn from MARVEL. They just brought 2 new characters out of no where. Atleast give them a 3-4 minute introduction window guys.

Anandha Padmanaban

Nice movie to watch.. When Super man regain hi s life the movie get more interesting.. The climax of the movie is usual but it is watchable.. Enjoyed.. Had fun...

justice league

good movie from marvel as always. CGI was poor but manages to engage you with pure acting skills and genuine action. suggest as must watch for action freaks and catchy one liners.


Though the movie was true to the dark DC universe, the occasional jokes lighten up the mood. However, it seems too goofy at some places, which is no big deal though.


Can’t tell you how great it was Coz for that you need to watch it. Best part was superman being the strongest. I will watch it again if I get a chance to watch it.


Great movie superb animation and action. Dialogue were mind blowing overall it was best DC movie ever seen. Some characters could be better, villain could be more stronger.


1st half of movie is truly poor and some comedy its horror .the comedy of little girl taking pesticides i cant tell word pls dont repeat like that


The movie is a bit better than the Dawn of Justice but Wonder Woman is shown bit less powerful than Superman. Can't wait for next DC movie. Hope it has a stronger plot.


It's all about Superman reborn. Villian shown is so weak. Watch with your own risk. Batman has no importance in this movie. Script is so dull.


the things in the first half were waste not fulfilled or satisfied only superman was the one man army in it and he was doing the show alone everyone had no work in it


justice leauge movie is awesome because of comedy timing of flash and aquaman action scenes and cgi etc the main thing is super man's rebirth made me vey exited so i love the movie


entire first half is used to unite the team- stretched it for quite a long time... super man is enough to save the world... he makes steppenwolf look like a kid infront of him


the best ever team up n Batman is a lit and wonder women is such a beauty that can't be replaced and coming to the aquaman then Jason momoa has done the best job


batman more portrait as a joker in front of others. superman stronger than all of others together?. what a joke other characters are then. poor


it was full of action and comedy movie.just loved it.one of the best DC movie i hav ever seen in my life.aquaman was more than awesome,so does batman.


Don't know y it has poor critic reviews. It's a great movie


This is the movie we fans have been waiting to see from our childhood... Of course it has it's own flaws but it was worth watching... But I must say, this movie is a "fan" movie...✌️😀👍👍


really awesome movie and really enjoyed this movie, story and animation the characters are really cool and I like such a lot and Superman has come back in this movie and I love Superman a lot from my childhood I love this movie


Story was not cohesive at the start but in the end it teases for the upcoming movies and some good stories of the DC comics, which I am a fan of.


I didn't think it was as bad as the critics said...I liked it...The comic timing by Flash and sometimes by Batman were impeccable...Also the action scenes were good...Yes there was that thing of excessive CGI...other than that it looked great. One criticism is I found it to be somewhat short missing out some important points...


Actually as every DC movies. This was also expected to be dark serious movie , which in turn surprisingly was fun packed. If you are a DC fan and wanted to see a dark movie , U won't like this one. If you are a person who enjoys every movie and don't compare it with others to find mistakes , YOU would love this. I loved it personally.


fantabulous, v really liked the stunts, background music fantastic, story line amezing , awesome picturization , excellent diraction . all stars did a feb job.


Movie is average.Apart from Gal Gadot no was suited the role. Don't know why Aquaman was there in the movie. These people should learn a bit from Marvel movies...


vfx are good.. nice but not the best. dc comics need to improve them self much more.. superman , wonder woman is the bwst part in the movie.


It is pretty Marvel-lous(pun intended at every mention) watching these DC superheroes finally come together on the big screen, when you've grown up revering them via their animated shows on the small screen. Sadly, beyond that you can only marvel at what could have been if there was more thought behind the movie.


Overall very nice, still needs improvement, can't wait for Justice League:Dark, hope they will bring back Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers will stop interference with DC movies, we want a full blown movie with all DC heroes fighting Darkside, don't follow Marvel's strategy of introducing hereos one by one..Just go gun blazing


Improvement over Suicide Squad, could have been even better. Its average movie if gone with right expectations. Not bad obviously but a decent DC movie. One time watch, atlst for Gal Gadot's killer smile and Sup vs Flash battle scene.


Quite entertaining, but expected more from DC.. Am a die hard fan of DC so wanted more entertainment in our movie... Am waiting for the next movie to hit the theaters..


Enjoyed it but Green lantern was absent. also story line could've been much better. Ben Affleck has played much better role in this movie than Dawn of Justice


awesome movie, good characters, good story, good CGI, good Henry cavil moustache CGI. Brilliant acting by Gal Gadot - the wonder woman. Jason Momoa... cheehoo... Aloha j. Jason did well. Rest all good


Iam a big fan of dark night series and eventually became batman fan. Ben afflik ruined batman with his miserable acting and unconventional abilities it a one more Hollywood bashing smashing junk with no plot no clarity I supposed to give 1 star but one more is to wonder women


First of all WB needs to remove the 2 hour cap on its movies. It is obvious that the movie is not full length and you wanna see the whole package. This has affected the way even hard-core DC fans look at this movie. We appreciate the new characters hinted and we want to see the extended universe of DC in movies. I don't care that it's dark because DC characters are much darker than Marvel. That's what we love about DC and hope we can see more in depth stories. This is where my dislike for Steppenwolf comes. DC has so many dark villains that it could have been made so much better. Other than that and Henry Cavill's poorly covered moustache, I loved Justice League.


So many cuts, and Superman's face was the weirdest of all! The change of directors and the urge to earn money so the movie could play in more theatres ended up making the movie not likeable. We need Snyder.


Only problem is that it wasn't the director's cut 😓😓so the movie was enjoyable but you see when the studio does this kind of stuff and expect the movie to earn it just can't.


awsome characters and splendid starcast with good humour. Also,mind blowing super effects, must watch to feel the experience in PVR cinemas.


I am great fan of DC & was eagerly waiting to watch a TeamUp of all this Superheroes. Now awaiting to watch Superfights of DC & Marvels. JL


The movie was average. Loved wonder woman. The movie was not engaging enough. The plot felt disconnected and the villian was idiotic. The DC magic is just not getting converted on the big screen :(


As its first Justice League movie, i love it. Those who are comparing it with Infinity War please understand that infinity War is Avengers 3 and this is first Justice League movie


justice league was supposed to be full action packed movie... but... Superman's role is just in the last and action is not as much as good...


Entertaining film! Superman was awesome Definitely worth the watch. Missed green lantern. Flash was funny. Aquaman was good. Enjoyable. Check it out


characters could have been a little more utilized. but action was superb. MOS was superb. Flash was quirky and was making movie light as opposed to dark theme of DC movies. overall good progress by DC


wonder women was just wonderfull. superman is so super. And Batman is great intelligent. Great story line acting action all are great. love it


Batman's character is undermined. Decent screenplay, not much heroism showed towards Batman. Till the End you keep waiting for Superman finally he comes and destroys villian, as expected.


so many of the superpower for a single enemy..should have been more thrilling and action. not upto the mark. need more thrilling action and power.


I would have love to see Christian bale as batman and flash too the current series Berry Alan is better option. Direction of movie could have better, was not up to Cristopher Nolan level. Story, plot and action sequence were good.


being a DC fan and knowing these characters before hand was looking forward for this movie but it turned out to be such a disappointment. All characters looked week, bakwas story no continuity from previous movies. Don't waste your money on this. Thor was better.


This movie misses that comic elements which all Marvel Studios movie have in them, which makes them more entertaining.. But rest all elements we want in a super hero movie is great. Another big fault which makers did they showcased Superman as A Super-Duper-Tuper Man. While all others are nothing in front of his powers, It seems like while Superman alone is capable of everything what are other Superheros doing in this movie.


had a lot of expectations from this, after a long wait..I got to experience one of the most highly awaited movie, and it was really amazing. I mean the whole movie was so fun, and seeing all the heros com together was a treat. must watch


Movie was average . The Villian was not upto mark . Only Superman scenes would excite you . Only go to theatre if you are a fan of previous movies . Back ground music was too monotonous .


It ruined my childhood expectations of JL. At once it sounded very awesome then next time it sounded very obvious and biased towards superman. DC has to work better like wonder woman.


Watching Justice League @ Prasad Large screen is the best thing you can do this December!!! Go for it!!! Movie is really really good. All super heroes are good and justify their roles


It was awesome! But i wish it wouldve just been a bit longer!! Especially the second half! Felt like a bit of it was missing something! But overall good! 👍🏼


I was expecting surprises but it seems like I knew whats going to happen… no surprising element. Also at first no one stand the villain and when Superman came, villain could not stand him… Seriously! At least could have given a little fight, but came out one sided fight… and it ended so easily… What to talk about Zack Snider, (I am not a true critics) but it feels whenever he comes with a new venture he seems more predictable with his directorship… to me he needs to change his ways of making movies… though he is genuinely good at camera angles and with green screens… It’s one time watch for me.


Full value for money. Enthralled with awesome action sequences.Highly engrossed with the superheroes and heroenes moves along with dialogue punches.


Ruined the flash for me and not a good direction but still you can watch for a time. Better than dawn of justice. Gal gadot looks awesome Superman sucks.


There are few issues with film, but still far better than many blockbuster movies. A worth watch in theatres, don't understand why critics are so harsh on DC movies.


Nice try But felt something is missing Bec we are used to Marvel movies which is mainly on entertainment and spend more money. but here as well spend more money but these all dc movies are like FEEL GOOD movies subject story based so this have very good quality of story and characters assembling.. Marvel's did individual movies all char to bring them together but dc did a good job with just two movies ( excluding man of steel and suicide squad) they assembled all


has some issues because of changes in directorial duties and point of views. I'm still hoping for a major comeback from them. At some points the characters lacked what they are in their comics.


ignore the critics,just go and watch the film,u will love it,nd it is far far better than avengers movie ( sorry mcu fans,but its the truth)


after a long time...here comes a must watch DC movie. inspite of having an average story, Movie will left u thrilled with its amazing vfx and superheroic ride.


Everything was good except the main villain.He was shown very less powerful.The entry scene for all the main leads was awesome.I experienced this movie in Imax for the first time.So If you are a big fan of dc comics character you must watch it atleast once.

Mohammad Faizan

this was the amazing movie of DC comics , i love wonder woman and flash , my favourite is batman because batman has no superpower but they always fight for justice ,that’s is called justice league...All credit goes to batman😎✌🏻


I've always wanted to see the Justice league on the big screen and I'm glad it happened. With all the pre release stores going about I was worried that this would suck. Now although it's hastely made badly edited ( shortened) with obvious scenes missing and the famous CGI moustache of Superman I loved this film. The Superman in this film is my Superman. All other casts are good too. Even without a solo movie for the flash,aquaman and cyborg I was able to like them!! There CGI heavy finale is a little jarring but in the end I'm a fan and I'll always like it!


there is not any point in the movie where u got thrill or mystery everything is predictableu must change flash for another movie. we want fun like a superman man of steel type action


I literally slept in t he movie. Not so much to speak about it. only the promos were great remaining all are sound effects only. I feel it to be a kids movie


They wrapped up the movie too fast. All the characters of the Justice League weren't properly introduced and I felt like apart from Superman, no one played an important part in defeating Stepphenwolf. Overall though it was O K A Y movie


Poor plot, messy tone, everything about this is bad. this is a plain watchable movie with few memorable scenes. It will keep DC fans happy and others dissatisfied.


the plot felt like rushed and was missing a lot of insights. wish they had not restricted to a 2 hr limit making the movie have a lot of gaps.


good movie for super hero film lovers specially wonder woman and Superman nice and beautiful music which goes well with the movie I enjoyed it


not sure what the movie was going half way through... not storyline was poor... action and actings we're good... it felt s if they were just jumping scenario to make the movie...


JL is one of the best among the DC comics. Enjoyed the movie every bit!!! Wonder Woman and Superman are the highlight of the movie. Very well narrated and screenplay is great.


even though the critics said it's bad ..it was true to DC fans ...loved it . the Easter eggs which were known to true DC fans ...it was a celebration


Except Wonder Woman everything was stupid .. all in darkness no humor .. poor character development .. all in all terrible .. would recommend D.C. To stop making movies


Watched the movie almost a month after its release...all characters are good...superman is awesome...looking for more of aquaman nd flash in the future films to come...jus a one time watch...villian was killed so cheaply...


DCEU'S team up movie was a fun ride , packed with action and some great performances by thr league members! Though Joss Whedon n WB messed up the movie a little, this movie is still the brainchild of Zack SNYDER.. this movie would have been better if WB didnt cut/reshoot many scenes.


Justice League fans are definitely excited, but not satisfied with what was delivered with the series premiere. Compared with Marvel franchise, the story gets a bit monotonous at times and fails to keep audience hooked. This is a good movie, definitely, but lacks the awesomeness expected from DC franchise.


Batman was a joke in the movie and directors vision did not match the DC universe which a bit Da when compared with Marvel.So work on Script.


except for a few wow moments their is nothing much , the tone of the movie is not consistent don't even get me started on the CGI the villain duh .


its better than all movies in the world. Wonderful movie. please go and watch with your family. It's better than last movie dawn of justice.


the DC comics always do these BVS movie was said to good one but it's very lengthy where as justice league was an awesome movie but it's too short don't why DC always does this even when BVS didn't get good rating but wonder woman looted an box office with the initial lead in BVS so execpting the upcoming solo flicks such as Aquaman , Shazam,wonder woman 2, to get an good response by getting screen presence in justice league good luck DC


Don't believe what the critics say. It has got it flaws, but it's a much better movie than what they say. Dream come true for any DC fan. must watch!!


They are finally trying to follow the comic books. I only ask for that. A good job of including short stories about the different characters. But the experiment with comedy seemed desperate. DC universe is supposed to be dark. But maybe this works too


The tone of the film has been kept light and humorous as compared to the gloomy and dark tone of most of the previous DC films. The film provides ample momments of entertainment but somehow it fails to make a powerful impact. The the action scenes are good but it falls short of the high standards and epic magnitude created by the Avengers. Overall the film appears to be half baked and an half hearted attempt. The villain Steppenwolf is pathetic,just an VFX driven figure and didnot evoke any awe or fear. Amongst the superheros Flash and Aquaman and to some extent Wonder Women are impressive. Batman is ok while Cyborg is a disppointment. Superman is slightly better than the previous films but still far behind if we compare to the legendary Chriatopher Reeve.

Shubhro Neil

If you like superhero movies you are gonna love this one. The CGI is a little bit rocky in some place but the the character arc makes you forget everything else and the seeing the Justice League in the Big screen is better than anything else.


The return of Superman was the main emotion of the film. But the screen play and taking are very good especially the VFX. but when compared to Thor ranganork this is a bit low


reminiscent of earlier animated superhero movies. Takes one back to childhood memories. I loved the flash and the Aquaman. Although I would prefer Batman to be written as a smarter, more intelligent and stronger character.


i love this movie, awesome movie.. u must watch it, best dc movie i ever seen, waiting for more dc comics movie, specially my favorite tv super hero character Flash are in this movie


All that happened in this movie... revolved around the creation of the Justice League. That said, it did a good job in terms of carrying out it's purpose. Although it would have been better if they had made the movie a little longer to give events a chance to build up smoothly.


the movie contains many superhero characters the introduction for the characters the they have given a importance in the movie along with the negative shade feast yo eyes DC shows are getting better now all I can say MUST watch movie


Grow up! This is an amazing movie. Open your eyes without a preconceived notion.. everything was amazing till the end. N it’s not dark😒 overall a great movie


This movie again proves that without Super Man DC superheroes are nothing but a bunch of puppets playing against each other ... either DC needs to empower the other characters or super man had to do some super duper insane stuff ...


The movie did not develop the characters enough to get me invested. And a certain returning character returning with so much power is not a good turn of events. Though the action was good at some points on the whole the story and direction were lacking.


loved the movie.. pretty entertaining.. a very good movie by dc after a very long time.. although it could've been better.. but still a very good one for entertainment


Few scenes are good but doesnt keep u holding. One time watch movie not that great like other franchises or dc movies. I would say its boring


If you are a die hard fan (which I'm not) you might find some part not according to the comics, but otherwise this movie os pretty good. I would watch it again just for gal gadot ❤️


WB'S CGI suck😐, I noticed Supermans CGI looked so funny than entire comedy in movie. clearly WB is destroying the DC Universe!. Let's Hope the next movies in series will have better CGI


God! this movie is awful...the villain sucked, CGI was just horrible and so was the plot...hated the flash and cyborg...the T.V Flash is better than this one. can't believe i wasted my money on this.

Akhil Sai

Movie was good enough compared with previous DC movies. Don’t believe in critics review or rating and just give it a try. As a hardcore Marvel fan I honestly say that it was way better than the overrated Thor: Ragnarok it would be spoiler if I reveal anything about the movie. 😁


worth every penny. really a enjoyable movie all Batman and DC fans must watch this movie. direction is awesome. gives a good intro of all characters


it has been excellent except for d role of batman. he has overruled by other superheroes and villian which needs some more looking.yet it fun 2 waych it and jokes of d flash are exceptional.


superb movie from marvel great vfx and story based movie must watch cartoon lovers and 3D lovers for them this movie give more entertainment


One Cant expect More than this. Loved It!! All Characters are a treat to watch. Not sure why the critics gave such a low rating. DONT TRUST CRITICS.


Though they should'nt have tried 2 cmpt against avengers, which would hv md th movie better.Justice league has its own storyline, drama etc;thats why the dark knight trilogy was still a masterpiece with far lesser action scenes than avengers.


Not lived up to the hype. but a decent watchable movie. Everyone in the cast performed well except the director. Feels like DC misses out punch dialogues as in Marvel.


Justice League is not a bad attempt of bringing the comics to reality , it is a better attempt than man of steel by Zack Snyder , this time they stand true to their basics however the movie could have been more intense rather than bringing Superman alive which is the highlight of the movie , they have introduced the various comic characters, but they could have brought them into action by introducing them into their own strengths on missions like they have done for Batman , so the movie could have been more intense and it's climax against Stephen wolf , but I would say it's a worthy introduction to Justice League !!!


Go and watch... you will Entertain.Superman was perfect... Batman and Wonder Woman makes the Flim more enjoyable... finally we see Aquaman on big screen... Flash was Epic... and Cyborg was Serious... and Villain was weak...but overall it's a great movie.


Flash is the only genuine character in this so called ensemble. Everyone and everything else is conflicted beyond measure. You can distinctly figure out the varying tones of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon. It simply does not work. Ultimately forgettable and very poorly put together, this just might be the last time Warner Brothers' DC work disappoints you.


Fentastic movie wonder women in soo beautiful I'm fan of her All characters doing superb acting good screenplay best director zack gal gadot she is really wonderful women I love her


Clearly the tack has changed but when it's done Midway through the project, the result is this unappetising confused Snyder-whedon product. Steppenwolf sacres no one but the wonder woman saves the day.


get movie I never leave a comment but this movie is better than avengers.they got their comedian in flash aka Barry Allen like avengers has Peter Parker now lol


Justice league characters I used to only on cartoon channel but marvel had took a great initiative and brought this awesome movie in 3d for all of us. Thanks alot. Keep making this kind of movies and we will be there to see it.


Movie was good. Story was also good. Special effects were excellent. Full paisa vasool. Watch this movie if you are fan of superman and batman


Wonderwoman is just so cool! I think you can watch the movie just for her! 😍😍 The whole time I was mesmerized by Gal Gadot. Overall it's a superb movie. Worth watching.


Simply awesome movie which is worth watching. Every moment is filled with thrills. Must not miss for all DC fans. Perfect five star material!


It all revolves around Superman. Other super heroes should get better roles to play.We don't get to see what these mighty heroes are capable of doing. They just get one not bad scene to showcase themselves.


Great movie...yeah but Stephan Wolf was bit disappointing...shoutouts for Gal Gadott...loved her and never miss THE FLASH!!...Over all the movie was amazing...worth the penny❤️


Despite the hate from critics n some fanboys of other franchises, this film proves to be a total package of awesomeness. The heroes I idolized in childhood are finally on the big screen. Do experience this one in IMAX!!! Go justice league!!! 😍😍❤️❤️


no background for aquaman or cyborg.nbatman acted like a superman fanboy and not a superhero himself.nwonder woman and flash get the 2 stars.


Went for this movie after high expectations looking at BMS ratings, but unfortunately it fell flat. Uninspired action with an extremely predictable storyline. This is 2017 and we expect much more from this franchise.


Every thing is just awesome. Dialogues,scenes,actions and yes who doesn't like super heroes . it's just combination of many things put together artistically.


Well to be honest ...as a marvel fan i couldn't except any less from this


Loved the movie esp. wonder woman n flash , batman acted well but he will not be fav choice for batman, and the villain would have been more challenging if superman was not there for saving the day and aqua man was good , wanted to see more of him in future...

dear user

The film lacked detail which made it a less enjoyable. Lot of scenes made me think - what... why? A superhero film shouldn’t be exempted from having a good flow.


It clearly looked as if DC is trying to catch up Marvel. But it wasn't a successful try.. The story line of assembling the to save the world could have been portrayed in even a better way..


continuation of the last series. .interesting to watch...should watch it once specially the marvel studio lovers...you will satiate your hunger for the super hero series...


Superman entry scene 😲🤯 flash fantastic 🌩 wonder women 😍😍 cyborg 🙄 batman 🦇 🤔 music 🎧 wow background music superb loved it great experience at imax wadala


it was awesome ... best 2hrs of my life ... plus in 3D it looks more alive as if we ar in the movie ... and Gal galot was super cute her acting plus looks


DC is following marvel and falling far behind them. A lot of CGI. A idiot villain. Not a Batman thing at all. Not enough of any superhero. Need some good scripts and some directors.


In long time for superheroes movies, this was awesome and stood on top. The superman and the team was the group of heroes with lower ego and higher pride.


it was good but not that good. DC disappointed me this time. It did not have the needed thrill and could have been more interesting. But still good effort.


simple plain storyline ( a bit changed than comics and dc animated universe movie called "justice league doom", which is better than this ) ... some scenes kind of pushed ahead to make story catch up in limited movie time , which kind of makes user abruptly stop and reset again in watching another arc ... good performances by everyone ... cgi could have been better at places ... also including lantern and shazam would have made movie 10 times better ... which dc fans will kinda miss


Mazza aagaya bhaiski reviews are totally wrong you have to go to watch the movie wonder woman ♥️♥️. itni sahi movie h na bhai. you can't take your eyes off the screen.


the film is really good the problem why it feels like it ended quickly is because Warner bros pretty much deleted all the scenes and the movie which was supposed to be 3 hour long is cut short into 2. Let's all wait for the Directors cut


Watch it ONLY if you are a hardcore fan of DC comics and DC movies. Wonder Woman is awesome as usual. Flash is funny. Superman is okay-ish. Aquaman is not good. And they've made Batman as the comic set piece of the movie, which is terrible. I wish Christopher Nolan changes his mind and decides to make a couple more movies in The Dark Knight series. Because we simply cannot measure Ben Affleck even in the same scale as the awesomeness that was Christian Bale as Nolan's Batman :(


one of the best movie so far... can't wait for next part.nat first, the entry of Batman was soo awesome and wonder women is even looking cooler in that bullet scene and the beginning song was the most catchy song ever I was still murmuring it . the story like is bit choppy which i guess is because of the WB cut . so they can launch the extended edition.


I can't believe they managed to make uber-interesting and much awaited characters like Aquaman and Flash look like wannabes. Flash was very overrated by many reviewers and to be honest he ain't that funny. Aquaman tries to be supercool, well, he isn't. Wonder woman was obviously the most dynamic character. And of course, we have Superman. All he did in this movie was to pull two big sized rubic cubes apart to save the world!


The movie plot is good but the pace of the movie is slow and there is not much in terms of fighting scene showed in the movie. Avengers was better.


one of the best superheroes movie. please don't listen to critics. go and watch for yourself. you will enjoy it and it's very entertaining. A treat for DC fans.


A perfect weekend movie, that cannot be missed specially for all those DC fans. A visual effects treat, and also get to see a lot of new superheros on big screen.


it was a good movie but could have been more devastating like dark side could have been included and a more extension on the destruction that could have been caused by superman could have been shown but still the movie held us well


The character of Superman was over portrayed, The casting of Aquaman is not efficient. Wonderwoman and Batman have justified their roles. The screenplay was bit dragging and the music could have been better. The Concept of 3 Mother Boxes could have been explained better. Once watchable.


Slow and less captivating. Dialogues not pretty amusing. Aquaman - Such poor use of the character. Rather every character was not used to full potential


the real antagonist is the editor. movie gave different vibe at different point if time., some times it's dark sometimes it's funny, as if someone pulled the directors hat from zack


after you follow marvel superheroes movies. DC has something missing in their movies. nothing special in the movie. superman's one man show had some thrill in it. other super heros were missing details


Every one should watch this, very nice to see with family and friends The facility is very nice, timing is good, quality is good, on time movie and everyone should watch


Not even close to being vulcanizing. If DCEU wants to compete with Marvel, they (read Zack Snyder) need to up their game big time. Like the promos said, need to go "All In".


very nice movie ... must watch in theaters ... good for family audiance ... intresting for children ... 3D effects good but could be more improved


movie is awesome but end of this movie not good but I love this movie. if they make end of movie and reviewing of superman means put some better way of better story for tish then i give to 4 🌟

Aritra Kumar

Good Movie. very watchable. just the director was in a hurry to complete it within 02 hours. Fighting scenes are good. Aquaman is a ni show.


Justice leage review ,Not grt , one time watch for DC comics fan ...Was expecting more from this movie ...The characters of the movie should havebeen introduced well before the Justice leage ...Hoping when justice leage returns it would be better ...


Saving grace is Superman and Wonder Woman. Justice league series has not been able to live up to its comic book legend. Batman is such a turn off. Ben Afleck does not do justice to the role.


No big impact moments in the movie. humour is minimal . the problem with DC is that they take the genre way too seriously . the characters are no fun . it's monotonous


awesome movie I love the movie it's length a bit small but it's an awesome movie really enjoyed watching this movie.superman was the best in this movie all the heroes we're getting to work together and we're in evolving mode


Good movie but not very good as compared to DC previous movies...and ending was amazing..Superman entry was superb..Flash was good...although good movie..


it was an amazing movie. i loved it.dont watch in 3d. action was amazing and comic timing was also good. definitely worth a watch.. make sure to watch superman returns first


Unlike the marvel universe dc movies does not follow any particular storyline.I feel like they pick up new storyline in every new addition..


mind blowing.dont listen to critics you should go to the theater n give it a go..the critics have been paid...movie has awsm punches..yes flaws are there


One time we can watch not great. Snyder had good intro of many characters but it got cut so it lost all the essential parts. Overalltography was poor.


Finally less serious movie, it was normal but beautiful super hero movie, I enjoyed every bit, looking forward to watch again. Superman as usual steals the show


character is not built properly no wonder for DC comics overall convincing role play by wonder women and super man and movie could have been better.


with poor direction and sucky dialogues Snyder has managed to make the worst superhero movie of all time, even with such a massive cast he has failed to deliver a decent flick


amazing film , funny moments , fash and Aquaman are the heads , Batman got fairly enough time , steppenwolf was kind a disappointing, Wonder woman was too good


Movie is good, could have definitely been much better. Seemed fast paced and short. Cyborg and Flash deserved better introductions into the storyline. Aquaman too didn't had a very important role, which is very disappointing! Just don't compare with Marvel ;)


Expected some much more from this film but all though it's a kind of a little below from the average and also the ending part is can be improved indeed.


Doesn't feel boring. Right mix of action and humour. The reunion of Batman and Superman is great. Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg characters play their roles well.


Not great. Haphazard and vague, just like suicide squad. What was batman there for, again? And why's wonderwoman being objectified, treated like a second citizen? Aquaman is basically momoa being hot. Origin stories being rushed through. Tch Tch flash, really sad humour.


The movie is a good set of action but story line gets little weak. The CGI is great at most times but weak in a few shots. Wonder woman blows it away throughout. She is the real hero. Aquaman has its own flair which Jason Momoa carries well. I guess the movie makers are underplaying the Batman a lot in the series, making him do stupid stuff like throwing lame jokes. A good watch overall. The rating goes to 4 instead of 3.5 only because of Wonder Woman. 😉


awesome movie great work. n the special person superman. love batman growing. I like guts of batman specially. N how sperman caught everyone n moving his eye on flash. nice one


Good movie but some flaws are there, 1. Only 5-6 civilians were seen in the movie, fully based on the superhero's life history. 2. Villan's entry - how does he come or go (teleport system), that is not describe properly in the movie. P.S Previous part of the movie is more acceptable.


very good 3 d effects, nice acting , good dialogue, as usual great presentation. family movie and very good acting by khal drogo as aquaman .


Never felt a lag. It was amazing. I didn't realize the 2hrs that went by.Time flew away. From the Introduction to the end was all a suspense. And the comedy part was exceptional 😂


I loved the storyline and the movie. great acting by all the actors. they rocked it. if you are a big superman fan then you should must watch it...


Introducing each character taken lot of time nevertheless i wanted see much more from flash aquaman cyborg than just focusing on Superman.Good to see humor in movie.Overall it's mixed experience.


super is more powerful than all others combined. even Wonder Woman and she is the daughter of Zues who has killed God of war earlier. Should have been more of a team movie. Flash add few comendy scenes which are good.