Justice League Justice League

1 hrs 54 mins

Dubbed In Hindi

73% with 1,405 votes

Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Crime,

Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Gal Gadot Jason Momoa Ezra Miller Amber Heard Amy Adams Jesse Eisenberg Jeremy Irons J.k. Simmons Ray Fisher Jared Leto Diane Lane Willem Dafoe Mysskin Ram Shamna Kasim J. K. Simmons

Ben Affleck, Zack Snyder, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Chris Terrio, Junkie XL, Danny Elfman, Mysskin, Martin Walsh, Joss Whedon, Deborah Snyder, David Brenner, Arrol Corelli, Geoff Johns, Charles Roven, Fabian Wagner, G. R. Adithya,

Total Rating 3.65

The story of Savarakathi is based on the life of a poor barber, who is infamous for living with a bag of lies and his desperate attempts through the whole day to save himself and his family from a maniacal thug.


Without any ado, Justice league takes you to a world devoid of Superman where darkness that has befallen has put the world in a state of terror and impending doom. People are paying homage to the Kryptonian with the hope that someday the Man of Steel will return to save the day. Just like Batman Vs Superman, this movie has a bleak tone. This is attributed to the perpetually optimistic Wonder Woman, who has now become a selective shut-in after she watched her love interest Steve Trevor die and later, her comrade Superman who was a beacon to the world, sacrificed himself fighting Doomsday. She shares this feeling with Batman who has changed too, for the better or for worse, I couldn't discern. Prior to his encounter with Doomsday, Batman was calculative, provident and poised. However, this time Zack Snyder has portrayed Batman in a strange light. Fuelled by his obsession to revive Superman, he gives off a vibe that he can transcend ethics and without mental restraints, might as well go on a killing spree. In an attempt to keep his promise of not failing him in death, Bruce and Diana search for other metahumans who can join the alliance. With life long assistance from Alfred and later Nightwing and Robin, Batman has almost always worked alone. So the new offical team which is put together is instrumental in understanding the dynamics of Batman's constantly evolving personality because despite preferring solitude, we see him going an extra mile to recruit The Flash and Aquaman for a common cause. Similarly, Diana who finds a leader in herself, thanks to a precarious provocation by Batman, opens up to Cyborg to win his trust. Darkseid's uncle and general of the Parademon army, Steppenwolf is awe-inspiring. Stronger than the Amazons, Atlanteans and the old Gods, he's an enemy to reckon with, so much so that it took the consolidated efforts of Gods and Goddesses and Men to incapacitate him, only to return after thousands of years in exile, filled with hatred and indignation towards humanity. Speaking of the newbies, Jason Momoa did a brilliant job as Aquaman. Throughout the movie, he's seen as a tough, loudmouthed hunk who will remind you of a teen ignorant of the realities of life, and after realizing his responsibilities, is unrelenting in the face of a formidable foe. His charisma and swag is inimitable. Coming to the next member, Cyborg has always been an underrated member of the Justice League. One should know that he’s an asset to the team as he’s fused with an exoskeleton that bestows him with cybernetic powers, allowing him access to an advanced alien technology and remain connected digitally forever. He’s still discovering his potential due to which his powers and intelligence weren't completely explored in the film. My personal favourite was The Flash. I loved Ezra Miller as The Flash, preferring him to Gustin Grant in the TV show, because Ezra depicted the real personality of the Flash: loquacious, funny and over-enthusiastic about life. He reminded me of the quote: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Barry too is in his initial stage of unlocking and utilizing the full potential of the Speedforce. The CGI team worked beautifully to dispel my apprehension about the introduction of an apt bullet time (slow motion) exclusively for The Flash to give a real feeling of the way he perceives space-time. The last one for the best: Badass. Flabbergasting and mind-blowing. This sums up the screentime of Superman in his new avatar. His powers were way beyond imagination and the way they were shown in the film is downright praiseworthy. On a personal note, I love dark movies because they show fear and death in their truest sense. Hence, my slight inclination of DC over Marvel. Despite severe criticisms from some audience, I loved Batman Vs Superman because of its grim tone which has been mellowed down in Justice League by adding a bit of humour here and there. I believe it's important to bring to notice that the original movie is 2 hours 50 mins long. After many unnecessary cuts, Justice League has been divested of a lot of important scenes, due to which one might feel the introduction of the characters and the plot-development to be incoherent. I request moviegoers to not get biased by the “mixed-reviews” the film is getting and kindly watch and judge for themselves. It is a beautiful film and a gift for a fan, who since as a child, has always seen Justice League on cartoon network. Seeing something like this being made into a movie is nothing less than marvellous.


This is the moment which we all had been waiting for and it has finally arrived. I grew up watching Justice League cartoon and I had been waiting for this film for 15 years. Justice League is definitely a highly enjoyable comic book film. There are a lot of fan-boyish moment scenes to relish and those scenes gave us adrenaline rush. There are some good action scenes to enjoy. There is some levity to laugh. It was not dragging and heavy like BvS, it was a 2 hr duration film and was light and obviously better than BvS & SS.


Batman,Superman,Wonderwoman,Flash,Aquaman,Cyborg and DC are Legends so when you make a movie as hyped as Justice League it cane be just and Okay superhero movie which pple just go to watch for timepass


good superhero movie after a long time. comfortable to watch with family and friends. movie plot was simple . was fun to see the all superheroes on the big screen.


this movie is such a boring thing in DC gave 10 for superman, CGI is like cartoon and this sums it up that marvel is greater than DC, DC sucks