Delhi Belly (Eng/Hin) Delhi Belly (Eng/Hin)

1 hrs 30 mins


68% with 195 votes

Drama, Comedy,

Aamir Khan Raju Kher Vir Das Vijay Raaz Lushin Dubey Kunaal Roy Kapur Imran Khan Paresh Ganatra Rahul Singh Shenaz Treasury Anusha Dandekar Shenaz Treasuryvala Shubhangi Latkar Poorna Jagannathan Rahul Pendkalkar

Ram Sampath, Aamir Khan, Abhinay Deo, Farah Khan, Ronnie Screwvala, Jason West, Akshat Verma, Jim Furgele, Kiran Rao, B. Shrinivas Rao, Huzefa Lokhandwala, Gaurav Verma,

Total Rating 3.4

Tashi, Arun and Nitin - flat mates, buddies and partners in crime. Tashi is to get married in a month but still doesn`t know if his fiancee is the one! Arun can`t make up his mind who he wants to kill first - his girlfriend (who has just dumped him) or his stupid, annoying boss (whose idea of creativity is sketching a smiling banana). And Nitin is about to discover that eating delicious Tandoori Chicken off a street vendor is going to give him the worst case of Delhi Belly he has ever known! Three regular blokes, living the regular life except for one small detail - they are on the hit list of one of the world`s deadliest crime syndicates. Will they be able to get away before the shit hits the roof and it comes crashing down? Delhi Belly is the meanest comedy you`re ever likely to see.

Hari Krishna

Hilariously engaging. Brilliant mature pathbreaking film

Going Strong at 60

Fantastic comedy. Loved its mindlessness and laughter triggers. The language is quite contemporary! Delhi Belly rocks!!!!


Amir Khan has proved himself tht, he can do anything this movies is one of the best example from him. Go guys and hav a watch Delhi Belly its rock now INDIA is achieving best in the bollywood industry thanxxx to ammir... i looooovvvvvveeeee uuuu aamirr mmmmmuuuuaaaahhhhhh.............


It is a contemporary, uber cool movie .... Very loud and disgusting at few points.... Such movies are only ONE OF THEIR KIND in the year.... Delhi Belly is definitely the offbeat metro entertainer of 2011 !!! Go watch it....


Too vulgar .. nothing new .. just a hype created by mumbai and media .. repetition of dark movies like Satya, kaminey, etc. Better not to watch rather than wasting time..BMS rating as usual biased and difficult to understand