Te3n Te3n

2 hrs 17 mins


76% with 22,222 votes

Drama, Thriller, Mystery,

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Vidya Balan Amitabh Bachchan Sabyasachi Chakraborty Padmavati Rao

Ritesh Shah, Amitabh Bachchan, Vishal Dadlani, Suresh Nair, Tushar Kanti Ray, Divya Kumar, Bijesh Jayarajan, Benny Dayal, Ribhu Das, Sameer Rajendran, Clinton Cerejo, Gairik Sarkar, Ribhu Dasgupta,

Total Rating 3.8

It`s been 8 years since John Biswas lost his granddaughter, Angela, in a tragic kidnapping incident that scarred him and his wife Nancy forever. But eight years later, while the world has moved, John hasn`t given up his relentless quest for justice. He continues to visit the police station where he is shunned and ignored every day. The only person whose help he seeks is Martin Das, an ex-cop turned priest who has one thing in common with John the death of Angela had a life altering impact on both men. But then, 1 day, 8 years after that tragic incident, there is another kidnapping and everything about it echoes of similarity with the kidnapping of Angela. Father Martin is once again dragged into the investigation by cop Sarita Sarkar. While the priest and the cop tackle the new kidnapping, John doggedly pieces together the identity of Angela`s kidnapper from little bits of information that he collects through his own investigations. TE3N is a gripping thriller that brings together these two parallel investigations into the 2 kidnappings and builds up into an explosive, emotionally-charged film.


The characters are all but identical to a normal kidnapping gone wrong story. Amitabh as relentless protagonist and Nawazuddin as cop turned priest in search of Amitabh's niece go through some good plot points leaving behind larger plot holes everytime the case moves forward. Nonetheless, a good watch.


The plot was good and it unfolded pretty well but the suspense fizzed out towards the end and everyone could easily figure out the climax. The ending was quite similar to the one in Wazir. But, it's a good watch. Keeps you quite engaged! I'd watch it again :)

Sandipan Pal

what a movie.. another good success by a Bengali director. suspense thrilar is in Bengalis DNA.. proved again.. nice to see Tollywood cast.. well done..


cool movie ! suspense thriller. awesome experience till the last minute ! enjoyed a lot with friends. jaya multiplex was also good. easy accessibility.


Average not worth watching, first half was ok but second half confusing, as usual acting of Big B was good. Hope to see better movie from the production house.