Legends of Oz: Dorothy`s Return Legends of Oz: Dorothy`s Return


Animation, Musical, Family,

Hugh Dancy Megan Hilty Dan Aykroyd Patrick Stewart Kelsey Grammer Lea Michele Tom Kenny James Belushi Martin Short Voice Tom Kenny Voice Kelsey Grammer Voice Patrick Stewart Voice Dan Aykroyd Voice Martin Short Voice Jim Belushi Voice Hugh Dancy Voice James Belushi Voice

Will Finn, Dan St. Pierre, Adam Balsam, Randi Barnes,

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a renowned classical tale but with Legends of oz : Dorothys Return, a 3D animated film, a tale of what happens after Dorothy returns home is narrated. She find her hometown devastated but before she could help her folks she is again taken to the Oz. In Oz Dorothy has to help people yet again and journey on yet another quest to find her friends. On this journey she will meet more friends.