The Founder The Founder

1 hrs 57 mins


82% with 2,454 votes

Drama, Biography, History,

Michael Keaton Nick Offerman Laura Dern John Carroll Lynch B.j. Novak Special Appearance Patrick Wilson Special Appearance

John Lee Hancock, Robert D. Siegel,

Total Rating 4.1

The story of the rise of one of the most successful restaurants in the world, McDonalds - founded by the McDonald brothers, Maurice and Richard, and later acquired and expanded by Ray Kroc.


Very nice movie detailing how McDonalds corporation became a big business empire all over the world. Good for people interested in entrepreneurship.


good movie . shown facts in. a very concise and subtle manner. worth the watch ... does not showcase non sense at all and pure drama to enjoy


simple story line and captivating narration, with powerful performances. A delightful visual in to the past of one of the corporate giants today

vijay kumar

Definetly it's a must watch movie for aspiring entruprenuers. Script was pretty detail . The feel of the movie was slow than what was shown in the trailer.


Set in 20th century, it shows the wonderful journey which lead to make what McDonalds is today. How a business in its early days depends on small but important gut feel decisions and a great leadership to succeed. Lovely movie. Great direction.