Phillauri Phillauri

2 hrs 18 mins


65% with 13,890 votes

Comedy, Romance, Fantasy,

Diljit Dosanjh Anushka Sharma Suraj Sharma Ashutosh Rana Mehreen Kaur Pirzada

Anushka Sharma, Anshai Lal, Tanuj Tiku, Veera Kapur,

Total Rating 3.25

A young man, Kanan, ties the knot with a tree, in order to get rid of a curse which might affect his married life. But, by marrying the tree, he also marries the spirit that haunts it.


If you're a fan of concept art, you should give this movie a try. It MIGHT fancy you. For others, it boils down to a movie driven by a weak plot, a pace as slow as Revenant, lack of substance dialogues and a fiasco in the syncing of the two parallel story lines the director was trying to merge together. Even with the gilttery CGI of Anushka's phantom, there weren't any wow moments. Sprinkled with LITTLE humour here and there, which is anyhow overshadowed by the slowpoke characters, this movie is nowhere close to appealing. This flick could have been shorter and had the potential to have a thicker plot and not just a burden on Anushka's character. One would rather save their money for Dominos. Watch this movie if you have insomnia.


It's actually a simple love story but a realistic one, which makes it so good. Seperation and mistrust caused by lack of awareness in one couple and then reaching the solution through another couple who solve their issues in the process, that's the crux of the story. But the development of the relations, the songs, lovely depiction of the times, all flow so smoothly that this story is a treat to watch despite frequent switches between the stories of the two sets of the couples. Performance wise, the actors make each and every character endearing including the side characters like the doting plus strict elder brother, the secret sharer friend and the whiskey sipping Dadi. All in all, this is a refreshing watch, for the simple reason that it has a proper, logical and nice story fit to be made into a cinema.


1st half the comedy half was hilarious and totally loved it and overall the movie was awesome. We had a great time watching movie. Acting and songs were awesome.

Kunwar singh

diljit bai always roxx either pollywood or bollywood, god bless him for his future he is a great singer and actor , Udta Punjab and Phillaury both movies Are Awesome however performance of other Actors of Phillaury was not up to the mark it was u who made this gr8 , god bless u brother


very gud movie and i like diljit disanjh very much and anushka very much , so u rating this movie as 5star , this picture needs 5 star , this movie is not shown on theaters why