Finding Dory (3D) Finding Dory (3D)

1 hrs 39 mins


83% with 16,849 votes

Comedy, Adventure, Animation,

(Voice) Albert Brooks (Voice) Ellen Degeneres (Voice) Eugene Levy (Voice) Willem Dafoe (Voice) Dominic West (Voice) Ty Burrell (Voice) Idris Elba (Voice) Diane Keaton (Voice) Vicki Lewis (Voice) Voice Albert Brooks Voice Ellen DeGeneres Voice Eugene Levy Voice Willem Dafoe Voice Dominic West Voice Ty Burrell Voice Idris Elba Voice Diane Keaton Voice Vicki Lewis Voice

Andrew Stanton, Victoria Strouse, Lindsey Collins, John Lasseter,

Total Rating 4.15

`Finding Dory` reunites the friendly but forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.

Irfan Abdul

Fantastic Movie Dory 🐟 Is The Best Pixar Animation Studio Is My Favourite Love You Pixar And This Movie Is Outstanding ✌ Nemo 🐙 Perfect Movie


very nice movie for the little folks. you forget you are watching just a fish searching for its parents . Dory and it's friends so real that you get into their world and their emotions. lovely movie.


A very nice movie from the studio. my wife enjoyed it very much though she haven't seen Findin Nemo. Great adventure and new characters like the octopus and the crazy bird were too much fun. climax was top notch.


It is a good movie. And those who have not seen finding Nemo would also appreciate it. Has a lot of hilarious and cute moments which would leave a reminiscent smile on your face on the way out


finding Dory it's not a sequel part of finding nemo it's different story compare with first part character designs r superb climax is awesome graphics and 3d effects r average compare with nemo movie