Selfie Raja Selfie Raja

2 hrs 08 mins


65% with 3,377 votes

Drama, Comedy,

Krishna Bhagawan Ballireddy Prudhviraj Allari Naresh Sakshi Chaudhary Kamna Singh Nagineedu Kamna Singh Ranawat

Sai Karthik, G Eshwar Reddy, Sridhar Seepana, Anil Sunkara, Diamond Rathna Babu, Loganathan Srinivasan, Diamond Ratna Babu,

Total Rating 3.25

Selfie Raja is a comedy entertainer about a guy, who runs into a host of problems because of his addiction to selfies.


nice movie and good comedy I am satisfied with this movie because I don't expect a new story from naresh I just want few Laugh's. naresh succeeded in giving a good comedy output


First Half was bit OK. But second half really tests your patience. Allari Naresh acting was just normal like his previous movies. Nothing special. No Justtification to title was given


first have was bit ok. but second half of the movie was completely boring. better wait for watch on TV. don't waste your money and time. allari naresh acting has no changes. we can't feel anything new in this movie.

satwik vara

Comedy is a genre to entertain people it is nothing new about allari naresh its just the story which keeps you at the edge of the seat it is well directed the songs are enjoyable its a woth watch this time from allatonaresh


good movie outstanding comedy exllent movie BUT second half is só boring comedy oh comedy superhit hilarious comedy BUT story worst if that story is good totally perfect