Traffic Traffic

1 hrs 44 mins


82% with 4,315 votes


Manoj Bajpayee Jimmy Shergill Sachin Khedekar Parambrata Chatterjee Prosenjit Chatterjee Divya Dutta Kitu Gidwani

Piyush Mishra, Suresh Nair, Prashant Pandey, Rajesh Pillai, Bobby - Sanjay, Bobby-Sanjay,

Total Rating 4.1

An emotional thriller based on a road trip from Mumbai to Pune. The complex plot is about a day in the lives of a few people who are at the same Traffic junction in Mumbai city at the beginning of the day, and how their fates get entangled because of an incident. The film tugs at our hearts as a police car races to deliver a live heart (organ) from Mumbai to Pune just in time to save the life of a 13 year old girl. A handful of characters are involved in this gripping mission such as the police commissioner who has to manage the entire logistics and practicalities of the trip, a tainted police constable who seeks redemption, a narcissistic superstar who encounters the realities of his personal life and a young doctor who is caught in a fix, to name a few.


It is an amazing movie and all actors and Co - actors have given their 100%. Indian cinema and public should support this kind of movie direction. nicely written and directed. Thank you for making this movie.


Nice movie, the movie is one time watch, went for it just because the plot is good. Even though i had seen the original movie. Over all this one was fine.


Very realistic movie. Excellent performances. Gripping story about the true incident. Such movies make a deep impact on persons mindsets. Thus this should be declared tax free.


the acting of Manoj Bajpayee is the only good with the film riddled with weak plot and storyline and sub-par acting by rest of the cast. Despite having talented actors in cast, the film fails to use their talent by weak screenplay and story.


It's a cool and very much heart touchy movie but Our police department should watch this movie. You can see it with family. So many lessons are there for our daily life.