Tubelight Tubelight

2 hrs 16 mins


55% with 64,063 votes

Drama, Romance, War, Family,

Salman Khan Zhu Zhu Sohail Khan Special Appearance Shah Rukh Khan Special Appearance Matin Rey Tangu As Laxman Sing... As Liling As Bharat Sin... As Guo As Banne Chacha

Pritam Chakraborty, Kabir Khan, Neelesh Misra, Parvez Sheikh,

Total Rating 2.75

In a small picturesque town of North India, lives Laxman (Salman Khan), with his younger brother Bharat (Sohail Khan). The two have no other family and are inseparable. Laxman is a simpleton and is unique in the way he sees the world around him. His brother, Bharat, is fiercely protective of him and the two share a deep bond. Laxmans world comes crashing down, when war breaks out and Bharat gets drafted into the Army. A helpless Bharat leaves a devastated Laxman behind. News from the border only worsens, as the tension continues to escalate. Seeing the carnage around him and worried for his brother, the simple - minded Laxman decides he must stop this conflict and get his brother back. TUBELIGHT is set in 1962 and tells the story of one mans unshakeable belief in himself and the love for his family.


the film is very boring to watch. I recommend u not to watch this. salman khan has its baddest role ever. please save your money and do something else.


Good movie with beautiful message, and the lovely bonding with kid brother. Gets to see very few in today's life. Salman's new look with the innocent charm on his face. I liked it very much.


Below Average movie in all aspects.. Salman's role doesn't suits him.. he looks over age in this movie.. May be Varun or Ranbir can fit in this type of role.. Music is also below average.. Sohail was also pathetic..


watch this movie i like this movie very much i advice to all to see this movie if you not like it so you dont know to decide movie is goog or not


yeh iss saal ki sabse badi flop flop ... ...hain. plz don't waste your money in seeing this movie. the best thing in this movie is that you can sleep properly.