Hemanta Hemanta

2 hrs 26 mins


66% with 225 votes


Anjan Dutt Saswata Chatterjee Paayel Sarkar Parambrata Chatterjee Jisshu Sengupta Gargee Roychowdhury Souptic Chakraborty Pijush Ganguly Shantilal Mukherjee Vivaan Ghosh Payel Sarkar

Anjan Dutt, Neel Dutt,

Total Rating 3.3

Hemanta is the Bengali adaptation of Shakespeares Hamlet set in 2009. Placed against the backdrop of the entertainment world of cinema and television, the film is about a man who goes off to the US at a young age to study films in New York. Trained as a filmmaker, he comes back into a world he cannot identify with.


The movie is good but a bit slow. Actors were superb. And Hamlet was very coolly depicted by Mr. Dutt. Hats off to him for writing such a lovely script.


i was getting sick of parambrata's over acting in a story that was too obvious with a dragging plot and uninteresting monotonous style. complete wastage of time and money.


Though he is my favourite director but I think Anjan should make only Bomkesh now. The movie has nothing in it except Parambrata's fake accent. Anjan must change his lobby actors now like Gargi and the Gay guy of the picture who are ridiculous. Shaswata's acting is praise worthy once again.


Nice movie, nicely adapted, could have been shorter, editing could have been better. Excellent performances by Parambrata, Jishu and Saswata. Not much scope for Payal though. Goid support by the supporting cast as well. A good film.


When it's comes to Anjan Dutta, I become biased. but unbiasly this movie is a very nice adaption of Hamlet. Script was nice. I really liked the unique acting styte of Subhro Sourav das (Louis), the guy who played the role of Jishu's partner. He was also in Byomkesh fire elo. Though there is almost zero information on internet about him. Overall A good work by Anjan Dutta with a known plot.