Feast Of Love Feast Of Love

1 hrs 42 mins


Drama, Romance,

Morgan Freeman Billy Burke Alexa Davalos Selma Blair Radha Mitchell Greg Kinnear Toby Hemingway Stana Katic Erika Marozsan

Robert Benton, Allison Burnett,

The film, based on the 2000 novel, The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter, revolves around a coffee shop owner, Bradley (Greg Kinnear), who has his life thrown into turmoil after his wife, Kathryn (Selma Blair), leaves him for another woman, Jenny (Alexa Davalos). His best friend, Harry (Morgan Freeman), does his best to encourage him to get back into the dating pool. It actually works, but when the single guy gets involved with a pretty blonde, Diana (Radha Mitchell), will he only get his heart broken all over again? The movie deals with love and its various incarnations, set within a community of friends in Portland, Oregon. Harry Stevenson (Morgan Freeman) narrates about how love can affect ones life.