Half Girlfriend Half Girlfriend

2 hrs 15 mins


67% with 26,181 votes

Drama, Romance,

Arjun Kapoor Shraddha Kapoor Rhea Chakraborty

Mohit Suri, Tushar Hiranandani, Chetan Bhagat, Rishi Rich,

Total Rating 3.35

Half Girlfriend is the love story of a Bihari boy and a high society girl. Based on the backdrop of how English defines a class system, it talks about Madhav, who wants to get into a relationship with the urban and English speaking Riya, but the girl is not interested in commitment. Hence, she becomes his half girlfriend!


I watched this movie for five times and I never get bored . Arjun and Sharadha's chemistry is awesome . I has the superhit songs like baarish phir bhi tumko chahunga thodi der . The script of the movie is awesome


sharddha is very cute in the movie she is so awsm when she cries she look pretty shy etc . I am a big fan of cute,awsm ,fantastic sharddha kapoor .


Very Good movie, wid nice story, as it is adopted from chetan bhagat's novel.. Brilliant acting from both Shraddha and Arjun kapoor.. Fully emotional movie


not so good it's about a guy going crazy for a girl till the point of insanity it gets boring after the intermission and you are sleepy by the end


I have Watched This Almost 3 Times and cant even bore.Arjun and Shraddha Chemistry is superb and Supporting Cast is also good.Love The Songs Specially Thodi Der and lost without you.So Plzz Go And Watch And This Amazing Love story with your love ones.