An Insignificant Man An Insignificant Man

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one must go for this. 10 months ago At the heart of An Insignificant Man is the most polarising man in India today – "Arvind Kejriwal". The film follows "Kejriwal" and his Common Man's Party I feel this is an eye opener!


That's a masterpiece! AK is sheer class. God bless him! Was amazing to see how a common Man fighting elections for first time upset two biggest political power hubs. Heruclean performance I must say! Need more leaders like him.


Surprise to see such a awesome documentary!!! I wonder how they can manage to capture so many insiders. Also kudos to AAP for being transparent and not doing BAN drama!!!


it's the real life events in our political space that the filmmakers presented to us like a well written scripted movie . hats off to the team..


it was okay movie and first of its kind. but lacked insights beyond what was available covered few turning points and showed real scenes as is... but it was not a movie to watch for second time


More of a documentary film rather than commercial... But felt certain things were still missing... Like works of core committee ppl in forming de party and their second coming after a dramatic resignation...


Simply loved it. It was almost a walk through time. Honestly speaking a party like this should raise everywhere. Movie is completely unbiased. does not personefy anyone nor tarnish someone's image.


I am not a rabid supporter of any political party, group or personality. Neither am i a fan or big supporter of Arvind Kejriwal. But the thing i admire about him is his guts, his courage, his vision. His grit to fight for that vision. I have met thousands of people of every age and background in India and a few foreigners in India and abroad - EVERYONE distrusts politics and politicians, every one has given up on 'the system' and on it ever changing and working for them, and every one is cynical. But Arvind Kejriwal dared to take on the fight. And he fought it till the finish line. Its is an incredible example of the power of self-conviction, grit and determination. nnArvind Kejriwal is a simple, ordinary guy, and there is no cult of personality enshrouding him. Like most of us. Bachpan se India mein sirf filmon aur cricket ka junoon hi dekha hai. Pehli baar jan-satta aur jan-tantra ka junoon dekhne ko mila. nnThis documentary is essential-viewing for every Indian, if only to understand, that cynicism will NOT solve our problems. From infrastructure, labor laws, law and order, freedom of press to taxation, cost of private healthcare and education, quality of public healthcare and education, women's safety, the extreme rich-poor divide - only getting involved in politics will solve our problems, and that too it might be a long haul. nnMost politicians take advantage of the fact that we are not interested, choose to stay ignorant, stay away from politics, discourage anyone and everyone who wants to enter politics and don't even bother to vote. But change needs WORK. A LOT of work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of GRIT. That, for me, is the moral of this story.


Eye opener for everyone irrespective of political inclination... Real picture of the concerned events, nothing exaggerated, but events related to second elections were not shown.. wonderful work..


loved it..these type of documentory/movie should be done on other revolutionaries as Yogendra Yadav, Manish Sisodia and other grt nationalists


real story of a common man don't challenge a common man People should definitely watch I can see politics in releasing movie in all over India


Hope this is a good movie An better political party then other parties Should make such movies an give awareness to public about politics congrats to the producer an director


it shows that we are far from reality in our opinions and there is scope to reflect on ourselves, go watch this movie and make a start. thanks


very entertaining and informational movie. Best part in the movie when news anchor was asking questions while Kejriwal was rolling his shirt 😄


Rekindled my feelings from the jan lokpal movement.. a must Watch for everyone.. this movie also manages to uncover some of the lies spread against the AAM AADMI PARTY during and after the delhi elections


One would not be able to figure out if it's a documentary. if this is shown to a crowd unaware of our recent political history, this movie would come out to be atleast 4 out of 5 stars entertainer. yes, thats how well it has been documented. watch it also for the great insight it provides into the political scene of this country.


More reality, less drama. Shows how AAm AAdmi Party tried to change the dynamics of Indian Politics and how and why it got a wide voter base.


Useless movie as the leader is. I don't know why they make such movies. Don't ever watch it. Give your money for donation or do something else useful with it...


movie gives you goosebumps reliving the revolutionary moments of 2011-2013 .Documentary made out the real characters ,the discussions on honest politics inside the political party behind the doors .You may love or hate Arvind Kejriwal but you can't ignore him. No matter which side of the spectrum you are,movie keeps you engrossed till the end on the Indian political landscape .It gives an insight of the most unprecedented, unparalleled journey of AAP to victory over the 2very powerful flushed with money political parties .


It's inspiration movie from zero how to become hero after watching this movie I feel goose bump kejriwal need to maintain his status as like public given him


This movie is all about glorifying a buffoon. Its obvious that its a funded project. If director would have applied little brain this could have been a comedy movie with lucrative business potential.


I don't know what the purpose of the movie was - but it was well made.


it was a well made and neutral movie.. tight editing made for a gripping story... it shows the struggles one goes through even if you have the people's support


This documentary shown the true side of Indian politics while it was being confronted in genuine way by an insignificant man against all odds


Just propaganda, clear politics. Waste of time and money. Not a good, purely anarchy. Obvious of the intention here anti govt, utter nonsense.


Very well considered movie and very well worked and versed on movie. Story actually reveLs the truth behind the reality. True story of Insignificant man and unrealistic politician and truly categorically unreliable and accidental politician.


mind blowing . must watch irrespective of party u support or don't support .it's like a proper movie . cinematography is awesome . though it's more than 0ne and half hour it still looks like trailer .


This movie show the struggle of an common man and how they change the political situation.. And face many problems because they want to be do something for poor and for suffering people.. I am so happy to see that types of people come in politics...


must watch movie... whether you like AAP or not but you will be proud on AK and AAP... only one honest man with full of vision in Indian politics.


this is nothing but political advertisement of AAP party ... I made mistake and wasted my money ... just a political canvassing that's it and nothing else


Great piece of a movie documentary. Awesome job by the team. Indian politics showdown couldn't get any real than this and the backstage madness presented at it rawest details.


direction and cinematography is very engaging and so is the story. it was a pleasure how a documentary style can be so interesting. Story shows the beginning of movement.


Must watch movie for all save Indian democracy. original footage consolidated to show the inception to rise of fledgling party. must watch for every indian for his/her survival and well being.


Total Time and Money Waste. Kejri and AAP should not be a subject of creativity. Later on they have been exposed to public as corrupt & antinationalists politicians who even fingered Indian army.


worthless movie... nothing interested...kejri is showing himself like a nayak...hahaha but nobody is talking about kejriwal movie everyone knows about him


Superb doc movie, it's recorded AAP inside activities and Leader & Thinker. Both should work together as Thinker can't be Doers. And Doers need Thinker az well


What a great piece of hard work put together by the subject as well as the makers ! sheer brilliance, Hard to believe that so much happened right when we were watching, so much is happening around still, only if we could care more. Its a must watch !


A must watch to understand current politics of India. What really matters in becoming a politician and how politicians change their ideologies according to the public demands or needs.


horrible self obsessed movie .just so booring . self praise donkey praise.dont waste ur money in this sick movie . this movie is just to fund there party


in the whole movie they were just praising themselves!! really!! politics!! At least everyone knows how kejriwal and his party is working now. acting in a final won't make any change.


Nicely presented great movie to watch.Jo such hai wahi dekhaya hai. Janta Agar Ap apne ko aam insaan maante ho toh ek baar jarur ja k dekho ye Documentary movie


is kejrival ko dekhne se accha mai apni aakhen nikal lu bye god... Acting nhi yeh sirf pre recorded videos ka compilation hai bus.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Very well portrays how traditional parties hve made politics a personal business. Must watch for everyone, irrespective of which party they relate to


Really inspiring movie... one of the most honest documentaries I’ve ever watched... I’ve followed the movement very closely and I think the good and bad sides of the story have been properly covered


must watch to know the story behind the politics mind and what used to happen before AAP party. beautifully shown story with real characters and direction of film was good enough to show all the experience of being a aam admi.


kya mazak no worthy. blame others. blaming showing urself the one ... this not the real by entertainment. mode movie should be a flop one bass


not worth watching this movie. such a waste of time and money. not worth one star. weak story. No story line. not for movie hall. it's like a useless documentary which can be watched even at home.


iski movie bnani he nh chaiye, faltu ke kaam h, kahi khush hota nh h, dusro par blame krna h bs yahi sb kia h pure zindgi... dont waste your money


all the characters are real, Editing is awesome. it is not a documentary it is a film with bunch of all emotions packed in which you can laugh, cry, some time u may get goose bumps. in this movie for the first time we can see how party meetings being held up, campaign, thier startegy, how a leaders can solve issues among party workers etc.


Jabardast movie. Great work by entire team to showcase Mr Kejriwal. No doubts on his efforts , made to make changes in systems. and the way Director filmised Mr Kejriwaal is amazing


Don't waste your time and money on this useless venture of an equally useless personality. I am sure there would be better things to be done. Anything Anyday!


keep politics and real politicians out of movies.. this is ridiculous.. I hate these kind of movies.. and their approach.. Directors... aur Kuch nahi Mila Kya???




This movie is actually a real shoot on new way of political rise in capital of India which is never seen by the world. This movie doesn't have an opinion or judgement about AAm AAdmi Party or any other giant parties. Camera moves like an eye witness and in neutral manner. Director work is actually an edit work and scripting the real story with nice story telling. Excellent job. Because of flow of the incidence this work is become a movie and not a documentary. Highly impressive and must watchable.


very well made. actually very sensibly made so as not to offend anyone. highlighted Arvind Kejriwalz life very well and shobe light on the milestones veey meticulously. An excellent source of information. I liked Kejriwal before qatching this documentary, now I am a fan. I will join AAP at some point in my life.


What A Great Movie Hats Off To The Leadership Of AAP and Of course Arvind Kejriwal This Story Inspired a Lot Of People To How To Do Hardwork,And To be Successful In Life I Love The Movie Very Much


the struggle of AAP against the political giants has been well covered


I liked the movie but the character inside kejri was not fitting into it. All gone wasted after thinking that kejri stroy can come in movie .. Waste man totally loss of money


A must watch as it is treat to watch a documentary which glues you to the screen and is by no means less interesting than a thriller. It shows the emotions n the reasons which were responsible for a new party..


what a waste, its just a propaganda, there are so many great personalities in India who can motivate us, but they were not interested in glorifying themselves, those who really want to do something they dont go for such a propaganda, they work selflessly, dint waste your hard earned money to buy tickets wchich will eventually be used to fund a political blunder called AAP

Padmakumar G

Hopeless effort to glorify an anti-national political leader sponsored by foreign intelligence agencies to destroy our motherland... Absolutely BORING


what to say.. it's a class documentary movie, amazing display of how things went for aap. strong supporters of BJP & Congress should watch this movie. go & watch it


who all think that politics is a bad game in this country, please watch this Movie. I am sure that you will really feel the changes. it all is going to be true because of this insignificant man.


It deserves five star.. its not just a documentary.. its like thrilling feature film and a political one like rajneeti, aarakshan.. Hatsoff to the directors.. Arvind and AAP deserves to be a big politucal party like Congress and BJP.. But its far better than these!!


Brilliant documentary film that captures the televised "revolution" of AAP capturing power in Delhi. Insightful and riveting. Definitely worth watching.


Worst movie, I don’t think therevia anything to watch.What happened to people why they are making any movies this is the easy to make movie I think, now Bollwood ppl can’t write story.


Very good and motivational movie.. You can get inspiration from Arvind Kejriwal. Please do see this documentary it's worth a watch and value for money


i loved this movie just because they show how a normal person fight against corruption and they found a party to fight against corrupted politics


don't see this movie as this is fake and misleading it's made for his marking. ii watched it to see reality however this movie is totally focused on AK s character which is not in reality.


Very true Loksevak in the real sense & baki sab Non sense...Bharat mata ki jai... AAP is a true democratic party who is the only party who is transparent to india...


is good of one movie of leadership development team of professionals which was just wondering about this opportunity with my resume in your company to me so that the problem fast slove3


excellent sir this movie is excellent I now good job sir at Delhi work is excellent and you also excellent sir my all family members support you.


this is nothing but only a new way to further promote his political agenda by kejriwal. this corrupt man can go to any lengths to remain in power.


hats off to the maker, who dare to do and hats off to the man called Arvind Kejariwal for making politics fresh and filtered. Would love to see more efforts like this.


Pathetic and biased documentary about the insignificant man of Indian politics! Do watch if you have donate to AAP and can't get out of false loyalty already committed.


The Insignificant Man is an amazing crafted film with cinematography which is top notch. It is very well edited and has a very well story telling. In the starting we see a common man (AAm Adami) exploring and trying to bring some change. And this change which he sees is the driving need of the overall film. But as he enters the WORLD Of POLITICS, the driving need starts on fading due to circumstances and the desire fluctuates a bit, and this is because nothing is in his control. The world in which he had entered expands by it self so a lot of things happen which he didn't wanted and the end destination was something very different then what he desired. The whole documentary was engaging and well crafted. Really Awesome


Was happy someone made such a documentry which reveals that there is a scope of good cenema and people still want to watch real stories than empty promises.


one of a kind..its good to see a political party opening its doors to show how things happen behind the curtains. best wishes to the filmmakers for bringing something different


This is not a documentary... Totally experimental movie.. With comedy, emotion, joy etc.. Highly appreciated movie.. Based on true videos and facts


bigotted version of the already overhyped insignificant melodrama. Only his so called followers would be able to stay through the movie. An insignificant movie of a incompetent person


Superbly made. A true insight into how things were at ground zero during those times. A must watch for all the people of this country. Shows how big political party play it dirty out there.


no need to c this lier men’s movie point less all fake and all false made by this men he is not a men of his word pathetic movie just bec it is based on fake ppl

dear user

mesmerizing two hours, entire theatre gives a standing ovation at the end, claps for minutes togather. you leave theatre more educated about politics and democracy.


Entertaining, heart touching, value for money, it pictures real life experiences of people involved in the mission, not biased against any political party! Every INDIAN must watch to understand what is DEMOCRACY and put a step forward in making it real. :-)


Brilliantly made. Very nicely painted the corrupt political picture of the country . do watch even if you are not an AAP supporter ! cheers !


Great movie, Amazing to watch non fictional and real situation of Delhi elections, AAP the party with difference and Unlike Non traditional parties.


One must watch this movie, irrespective of their political orientation. This movie gives a crisp idea on what happens in a political party behind door. Movie raises few very important questions on Democratic reforms, which is need of hour. I saw few comrades & My memories got refreshed... sometimes I my eyes were wet sometimes I was giggling on the couch. Thanks Khushbu & Vinay for your wonderful work.


must watch for all - especially the haters. walks you through the people movement that first introduced Sheila to Reality... and then BJP to Defeat


Portrays Yogendra Yadav as the AAP's former man for all seasons. A total must watch; great job by Ranka and Shukla. They got lucky with the footage but still an awesome awesome job.


It's a nice neutral documentary which is rare these days. This leaves you to make your own view of AAP and all that it says and does. An inside view on lot of events if somewhat cursory.


we need transparent government instead of that waiting for good days after demonization.Very very good movie. Hope people will change there perception


Great Movie that depicts reality of indian democracy and Work done by Govts till the rise of AK and their perception in lifes of comman man Jai Hind


very badly made. for a documentary it’s very average and definitely not a thriller. the sound was also terrible. I’m not against aap but this was sub standard propaganda


Spellbound!! The only word I can think of after watching this amazingly beautiful piece of art. The best thing about the movie/documentary was the editing and background score. The makers leave it to you for the judgement of image and and other related nuances of the INSIGNIFICANT MAN by not taking any sides through the technical editing or portrayal of a public figure in positive. A sure shot winner for the ones who are keenly interested in political scenario of country and need to take a look at how one man can change things upside down just by his earnest efforts.


the movie gives a peek into the contemporary political scenario of the country. It is both engaging and enlightening at the same time. Kudos to the team that fought so long to get this movie out.


must watch movie if u R true indian. India rising..India is fighting against cast based politics and corruption.only one leader can lead to corruption less government.everyone knows it.. that's why he is being wrongly targeted.


The best documentary in recent times filled with insights and gives you a glimpse on the real politics that's happening. It was worth the watch. We were 5 and everyone loved it!


when i was chosing the film, just to see how documentary can be made on living neta.. making of uncommon man is brillient and must aatch for high class society, it reveal the truth of politicians and thier approach.. its making of neta.. every leader have story which have positive and negative shade and this is excellent efforts... hats off to director and team..


good truth of politics nice movie with political drama every Indian is tortured through election and right to vote correct is always not explained


Even though its a documentary it plays like a thriller.. it has everything that a blockbuster movie can have.. i would recommend this movie for every indian.. not only for its entertainment value.. bit also for showing the ground reality of our democracy.. irrespective of which party or leader you support or dont support this is one movie that you should not miss.. go watch..


Watch the actual things that Media doesn't show's. Hope people's of india will learn something form this movie. Hats off to the Directors: Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla for spending 4 continuous years for this mission and making such incredible drama.


sir you r true citizen and leader. I pray everyday to see u in central government. we are with you. you fought for corruption, health, education .


Everything about this movie is close to perfection. An honest movie made with an honest intention. This movie has the power of a political thriller even though it’s a documentary . Kudos to the entire team!


Till date countless movies have tried to show the sorry state of Indian politics through symbolism!! This movie/documentary/thriller breaks all barriers to show us the reality at ground level..through real people, zero acting and actual talks/meetings behind closed doors! It Makes us understand the real meaning of democracy.. Makes us question the vision of democracy post independence and it's present state!! Can't recall the last time I was so much moved by a movie!! A Must watch for every citizen before some random sena puts it down!!!


It was an awesome experience, showing real facts of indian politics and what all things were faced at the ground level, forming a first ever political party in such a time


must watch .. reality of democracy in india. it should have got general release so that all citizens could watch it. whoever get a chance must go and watch.


its a very good move to highlight the efforts taken by a common man to reach onto become the chief minister and execute all his promised made during the election campaign. a must watch for every indian citizen.


This movie will shake your soul. A must watch to understand and witness most dramatic & revolutionary incident happened in last few decades in independent India


Most awaited real documentation of political milestones based on anticipation. Kudos to the trendsetters. Witnessed similar feat when BBC covered Afghanistan's cricketing rise based on similar anticipation.


This is the reality wow nice movie and story good performance by this movie star casting. Truth is truth after long time indian history changes


Dont want to spend my time on thinking about this movie.. dont know why i booked ticket for this movie. full-time fake drama master. yaa can be awarded with wrost movie of the year.


Fantastic mind blowing performance True events having a true view about the AAP and get clear with vision so now we can select him for Gujrat


awesome screenplay.. beautifully crafted very sensitively handled the subject. no wonder its a must watch movie of the year highly recommended movie


India's fight against corruption led to form a party whose main motive is Anti corruption. how AAP managed to win in all situations is worth to watch.


watch it to see how people power wrested power from a corrupt government. a powerhouse of a movie, it will leave you laughing, crying, and on the edge of your seat!


This movie is a must watch for all those who believes in changing this corrupt system and are tired of all traditional parties looting our country. Movie shows the growth of a group who had to come in politics forcefully by BJP/Cong and how they defeat them in their own game. As a bonus there are many scenes from inside the rooms of AAP. Direction is awesome and I thank Vinay and Khushboo for presenting us this movie. Cheers!


never felt like watching a documentary, its or like a thriller w/o creating any hero/villain; rather depicting vulnerability of people involved & sheer truth.


This movie teaches us about Harsh Realities of politics and the reasons why one should nt enter into it, but it also showed peoples hopes anger towards government.nYou will laugh , cry, feel excited till movie ends.nnThere was a pindrop silence in my hall. and finally everyone gave standing ovation with lots of claps.nThis movie deserves applause.nArvind haters should specially watch


Must watch this unbiased documentary, it will tell you what is Democracy, must must must watch movie. no doubt film makers has done a great job.


Good movie with very good could have been better if they had shown the deliberations that could have happened within themselves before forming the govt..


You wont see much publicity about this movie but even then shows are housefull because of mouth publicity. Trust me is it one of the most real film i have ever watched and it give a different perspective about politics, democracy and film making. Kudos to young directors after all.


Awsm movie, realistic story of AAP and their right intention behind the formation of AAP. Never judge too quickly anyone initially watch them and then understand their thinking and belief


no words can explain but simply go n watch ... go and face the reality . kudos to makers they are really brave to show truth which no one gets to see in today’s time of fake news propaganda.


A great discription of the journey of an insignificant man. You all will definately connect with his journey till the last shot of the documentary. A one of it's kind and a fabulous art of piece to watch.


Very good movie, nicely displayed upon screen, congrats to the movie makers. Kejriwal fans must see... Kejriwal haters must see... If confused about Kejriwal character, must see this movie... Waiting for Part-2.


Should be termed as docu-drama instead of documentary with very nice screen play and back ground score, completely thought provoking and unbiased..


everyone must watch this short movie to realise what we deserve when we live in a democratic country. we must use our voting power to improve the situation of this country.


fantastic movie with real shots , having lot of sentiments , how and why political party formed with intention for good work , I must say everybody should watch the movie

uTube क्रांति

A Significant Movie on An Insignificant man. Must watch for Indian youth interested in democracy to realize real power lies in People's hands.


No need to waste time and money. It seems the movie is funded by AAP political party which shows AK as a hero. Nit sure why they made a movie .. I believe as he has done nothing AK wants to show people as if he is doing all good Shame

dear user

its amazing to see how Arvind starts from such a grass root level with so much of junoonism that he indeed put his whole self wholeheartedly. Respect to him n his team!!

Yash Saini

very good movie. watched with family. must watch for all well wisher of India. AK, YY, PB, KV must worked together as a force. And for such an incredible movie, you feel that standing for National Athem was much fruitful.


Great movie everything is real and as it happened well done to all nicely filmed the real hero Nayak Arvind does not need to act he is only hope of India


truth about it shud it is...this is how a new oolitical firmation shud take place...with transparency...with accountability and with basic issues of people in core values


A single reason why you should watch the movie is that this movie show you the power of democracy. a Man vs Kingdom ! a Hope you need to live

अशोक नांगलिया

कुछ बेहतरीन पलों को बेहद ही शानदार तरीके से फिल्माया गया है,, मैं खुद इन क्षणों का गवाह हूँ, एक एक दृश्य मुझे उन यादों में ले गया,, खुशबु को सलूट है जिसने बहुत ही तारतम्यता से यादों को एक सूत्र में पिरोया है,, पूरी फिल्मांकन टीम को सलाम है,, जय हिंद


must watch for any body and everybody. Politics and India's state has been put together in this documentary through the lens of AAP. Just go n watch.


this is the victory of aam aadmi ...this is not a fim this is true story about all of us...i can incidentally say that only this man has capability to change the future of india...


one of the best. Aravindji best CM in Indian HistorynDelhi is now coming is the best city in the worldnA powerful leadernn Insignificant Man nBig Salyut sir


Apolitical. Very well made. No sides taken. Gives a very good account of the story developing since the last few years, both in the capital and the country.


Nice narrative which show what can be done when common men and women unite to create a new political system free of corruption.nnIm sure this movie ruffles some feathers for the established political parties.nnIts high time Indian public start working towards eradicating corruption!


There is Action, Thrill, suspense..Even though you know the result it is very captivating and relieving watch. It does not glorify any individual. Loved each and every frame and music.


what a beautiful work done by this new kids(directors). Must watch even if you don’t have interest in politics. this party is really doing good for Delhi


It's not often that we get to see the inner workings of our democracy, save the circus on the Parliament channels. This one showcases the journey of the AAm AAdmi Party, from a group dedicated to removing corruption to becoming a force which defeated both the Congress and BJP in the National Capital. This movie lets the audience be part of the AAP and their decision making process, feeling every victory and setback and the joy and frustration that came with them both. Also, it's always good to see politicians (up and coming or otherwise) not have things go the way they expected. Really worth the watch and good value for money!!

dear user

An impeccable editing of a few memorable events that occurred in history of India. Delighted to watch the unknowing part of the story. This indeed tells us how things turn when you try to budge the all-time settled politics in India.


A great film must watch weather you love arvind or hate him. this is a classic film capturing the emotions of indian people in the most exciting times in indian politics in recent times.


I saw these reviews and went to the theatre and now I want my refund back. movie is a total staged drama, a total disaster, after watching the movie these all reviews seems like a total fake or paid ones. kudos to the team Kejriwal, they successfully fooled the people again.


he is the next pm of India.i believe on him and he is not cruppted and I think that Ex.IRS officer will definitely change the Cruppted Indian Government system by their innovative and experienced techniques Because he shall be the the first Educated and UPSC qualified PM of India . God bless you,Sir!


an extraordinary real example of how an ordinary man can enforce drastic changes using democracy. a must watch movie for every Individual in every country


I have never seen a movie like this... Truly a master piece An Insignificant man... An incredible personality... Experience a new kind of politics firsthand.. you won't regret it. !!!


A must watch film. It is a documentary which thrills throughout. I salute all those who waged a war against curruption in India. Don't miss.


must watch loved it ...a story of comman man and the insights how politics can be changed by some efforts by a comman man..very well edited doesn't feel like it is a documentary movie...


The disruption brought about by this man couldn't have been portrayed better. Words fall short to describe the kind of effort the makers have put in to make this movie what it is




Not even for a Single movement of the movie was slow paced. one of the best movies of the recent times. Screenplay was also. kudos to the direction

joseph michael

this not a movie for people who hate democracynnot a movie for anti_nationals nYou see Kejriwal almost unrehearsed and unglorified, playing with the buttons of his shirt when he is nervous, being vulnerable after Santosh Koli's death, practicing his lines before shooting a video message, trying to memorize a speech, and telling his mother when he'll be back before leaving home. But the film is not really about Kejriwal, it is about the energy, the energy that is unleashed by the idea of change, the idea of new politics.


It's real yet fascinating. A determined group of individuals can do so much to change the course of history. Even if you are apolitical it's totally worth a watch to understand our country.


revolutionary movie. completely new way of capturing reality. unparallel movie in all senses. a must must must watch for all. an eye opener for all.

john paul Jose

Great movie, first of kind in the world. It is beyond party sympathy. Which ever party you support the movie is a must watch. An insight into the rise of common man against those who betrayed them for years. It is not only the story of AAP or AK, it is the story of every common man of India. Incredible that Khushboo Ranka and Vinay Shukla had shown the courage to document A-Z of a party in 400 hours and made a movie of 96 minutes. By breaking the blockades from all areas with SC verdict at last AIM is out and got the chance to watch it. AIM gives again and again the message "Don't Underestimate the Power of a Common Man". Salute to AK for leaving everything behind and getting into the common sphere to change the rotten system of governance.


It is simply surprising the way every crucial details of the anti corruption movement and the formation of AAm AAdmi Party, has been captured in this film. Though this movie is sending out a very serious message to the citizens of India and other countries too but it still manages to make the audience laugh and feel the excitement of this revolutionary journey. It's a must watch.


good movie story beyond common man & integrity politics, good work by the crew, Best wishes from AAP Telangana Youth wing. Politics of our country have to palce in the hands of cleanse people.


lage reho Arvind you and your company is still good badlav Soch se AAta Hai aapke paas ek achi Soch hai main aapke Saath Hoon Desh bhi aapke saath good luck


The key takeaway was to experience the emotions and the spontaneity to tackle the traditional politics by reconnecting with the masses. Truly an all party effort to unexpectedly turn into a Victorious Change... The agenda was a REALISTIC ONE.. that of Anti - Corruption.


If people want they can bring honesty in the system. the most important learning is "power of vote matters a lot" . every eligible person must vote to opt correct person.


This is definitely the first of its kind in India.. And it would give a run for its movie to some of the best political documentaries in the world.. Definitely better than even the one on Obama.. If you are interested in politics or not, if you love or hate Kejriwal, go watch this movie!


Wonderful cinematography, well captured moments and emotions, seriously great screenplay (the stand-out in this film) and created a thriller out of real-life events. Unbelievable job. There are so many beautiful scenes that reveal so much without any words being spoken. Hats off to the makers Khushbu Ranka and Vinay Shukla !


What a person thinks he can do it with collective and sincere efforts. Each and every persons efforts are shown in this movie. Its a movie of Idealism vs reality


Why do you want to waste your money and time. Better you google super londay on YouTube or facebook they made a better movie on this subject.


nice movie. all the truth are shown in the movie. the work of aap politics is good. volunteer doing good job. I like it very much. and best movie.


he has to play a little politics to survive there till he through out all political leaders n placs a leader there . his thought is always good n atleast he thinks about people who is living below middle class.


i love the plot and the whole documentary. i wasn't expecting this from this much budget. thanks for making this documentary and lucky to watch this


Full propaganda based movie!! Kejriwal and team has been shown as messenger of God and it is our honor to watch them.. 💯 percent bakwas movie.. total waste of time and money!! would repent this for years probably


he is just a bhiggi billi. took advantage of Anna hajare and ruin his name too, for his own selfish reason . please don't go to watch a movie like that


A laudable effort by Khushboo and Vinay and what a masterful depiction this was of the closed door drama. The fact that they became so assimilated in the AAP's milieu that party members took little heed of their presence is what made this achievement possible. What I thought lacked was a bit more discord and disagreements that led to a fissure in the party but Arvind is a character you root for despite his totalitarian attitude in accepting differences. The good thing is that they do not shy away from showing hints to Arvind's intolerance towards dissenting opinion, AAP's inner turmoil among candidates as it strays from idealistic principles it was founded on, Yogendra Yadav's eloquent discourse on practicle idealism and finally Yogendra Yadav's own contribution in creating a personality cult out of Arvind Kejriwal that later bit him in the hind parts. no movie, made in the past or in future on politicians would hold a candle in front of this meticulous cinematic marvel, because as near as they'll strive to portray the those stories correctly, they cannot beat what is Real.


Kejriwal is the God of politics. We salute u dear Kejriwal sir. In my words Arvind Kejriwal is a true indian...people of all religion & male, female, children love this "insignificant man" by their heart.


on An Insignificant Man, everyone should watch, I congratulate to Mr. Kejriwal and I will pray for him and his AAM AADMI PARTI. All the best for comming elections.


only his follower can watch thia movie. very very cheap movie/drama so far in this Indian film Industry. Guys please dont waste your valuable time with this


This muvi is nothing but a political marketing himself. One of the worst muvi/documentary i have ever seen.. These policians better use other medai of marketing rather than making big advertiements they called it as movie..


Should not be missed. Every Indian should watch. Not necessarily have to belong to a particular party to watch this movie. Reveals what goes behind the scenes in politics.


The movie was extremely interesting. It reminded everyone of the struggle which went into making of AAP. Some rare footages were an added attraction!


Go watch the epic thriller and the reality of Indian politics and how you are living in an age of revolution, if not want to be part of this, atleast witness it's birth.


bakwas movie, only his followers r seeing it and rating it.. please don't go to this movie its not even fit to watch it house for free, Fake


The movie is mostly bakwaas and shows all the wrong things that are not true at allPlz don't waste your money watching this. I went and wasted my money


excellent documentary movie must corporate with corrupt politician looting our country...probably arvind kejriwal can bring that change...a hope ... a hope...a hope for the people of India


The last BUS, catch it or you miss fir ever.. We are governed by goons & criminals.. You /we decide the future of India.. Support Kejariwal.


pls don not go . it's galti movie. Time pass movie. its horrible and disgusting movie only supporters of kejriwal would watch this an d promote this . don't be fooled


U can watch it even if you are not AAP fan. Nicly made. He is truly a Insignificant Man rising ..we need more such leader to rule. Good Movie.


Have never seen a documentary like this, probably never again will. This is something special. And given the fact its real life incidents makes you feel if this is actual reality or mere fiction. You are surely taking something home after this watch.


Most amazing movie of 2017! Bravo Kejriwal and the whole movie team who had to fight at every stage at every level to make this movie possible. India needs more such fighters like Arvind Kejriwal.

Vikas Garg

Its an awesome must movie not only for AAP supporters but for opposition party supporters also. It shows where there is will there is a way.


go watch it... if you really want to change the world and want to know all hidden agenda behind all political moves... all real moments are been captured to give you all the real feel of the movie


owsome ... super movie I love dis... this movie show truth behind politics... how a common man can fight with corruption... ... overall fantastic film ... everyone have to see...


great movie arvind deserve lot more, he’s has proven its win was due too his efforts and honesty , not by ppl ideology of romance with politic


its not about AAP...its a transition of an activist to a politician. The film very well depicts the current case of politics in our country.


A very well shot and made documentary on AAP. Loved every scene. It has captured the emotions involved in the formation of AAP very well. Enjoyed the movie a lot. Brought back a lot of memories. To the point and no propaganda to promote AAP. Great job the makers of the film.


I congratulate the team for such a wonderful movie An Insignificant Man (AIM). It was an emotional 103 minutes for us, my wife and I, while we watched the movie in Delhi on 16th Nov. it was the premier show, the tickets for which we managed to get on bookmyshow. Kudos to know that the AAP (read as a new political party) or the characters (read as politicians seeking to create an alternate clean more democratic way of politics) in the movie did not ask for any cuts and kudos to the AIM team for presenting an objective side of the origins of AAP. There are many scenes which actually make you marvel at the 'kind of access' the makers could get!! The best one was when Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas leaving Kejriwal's home on the day of election results and the way Kejriwal's mother asks them about when they will return home. the second is when Kejriwal files his nominations and the way he questions the state election commissioner about the completeness of his application ... there are many more !!!


I enjoyed it thoroughly!. Watched it in Lost in Plot, an open air lounge as none of the theater were showing it in Pune. What I liked about this movie is that it never bores you at any point. I believe irrespective of one's political affiliation, this documentary must be seen atleast once to relive a significant history in as-is format.


Hoping for corruption free India... Great initiative by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Shishodia, Kumar Vishwas, Saurabh, Yogendra Yadav n other party member


A story of a revolution that helped to bring honest and AAm aadmi into politics.. Every moments worths more than movie ticket price. no special effect given but real incident makes it awesome.

dear user

awesome movie.. Story of a warrior... good work by young directors.. the story tells us that the war has just begun. A common man can make a difference