Masterpiece Masterpiece

2 hrs 40 mins


71% with 23,166 votes

Drama, Action,

Mahima Nambiar Suraj Venjaramoodu Mammootty Pranitha Subhash Arjun Nandakumar Kalabhavan Shajon Divya Pillai Unni Mukundan Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Maqbool Salman Saju Navodaya Poonam Bajwa Mukesh Maqbool Salmaan Divyadarshan Gokul Suresh Gopi Ameer Niyas Santhosh Pandit John Kaippallil

Udaykrishnan, Vinod Illampally, Deepak Dev, Ajay Vasudev, Sibi K. Thomas, John Kutty, C. H. Muhammed,

Total Rating 3.55

Set against the backdrop of a vibrant yet divided campus, Masterpiece tells the story of Edward Livingston, an English professor at the Travancore Maharaja College. As the defiant students continue to split into warring factions, Livingston sets out to restore order and make the campus a better place for everyone. Will he succeed at this daunting task?


This is a fine film!! Expected More but still satisfying!! Mammootty is everywhere in the film and if he is not in this film, then this movie is a dud!! The Story was kind of the same but still it is a fine entertainer!! For Mammootty Fans, This will be a treat!!




Interesting Story nd lagging is also involved.. When Eddie Comes the script is getting more Sourceable... The Fight Scenes are very Horrible nd Dislikeable.. Over Shows By those Real Fighters nd Royal Warriers.. uninterestable Climax Makes The Film More Powerfull.


it's a big wonder why this movie getting this much rating. please guys don't support these kind of movies blindly just because of so called super stars


One can't deny the fact that this movie is supposed to be a masala movie. Though I still felt that the over the top action sequences could have been really avoided. The start of the movie was really horrible, but things start becoming just ok after the crime occurs. The best parts of the movie certainly are the end 'culprit revealing' scenes and a nice twist at the climax. Mamootty certainly looks cool on screen. Unni Mukundan and Gokul did a decent job. Others were like mere props. Overall, don't expect too much. Strictly, A One Time watch. Those who can't bear masala movies, its better to avoid this one(You guys will surely hate it to the core)