Samantaral Samantaral


98% with 321 votes

Drama, Family,

Parambrata Chatterjee Soumitra Chatterjee Aparajita Adhya Anindya Banerjee Tanusree Chakraborty Riddhi Sen Kushal Chakraborty Tonushree Chakraborty Surangana Bandyopadhyay

Partho Chakraborty, Partha Chakraborty, Indraadip Dasgupta, T. Saha,

Total Rating 4.9

Samantaral is a Bengali movie starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Riddhi Sen and Aparajita Adhya in prominent roles. It is a psychological drama directed by Partha Chakraborty with Indraadip Dasgupta as musician forming part of the crew. If you are a representative of the production house, please share the details of the film with [email protected]


Story, cinematography, action, music everything is gem! A beautiful concept presented in a pleasant format. Parmbrata did absolute justice to the character. The film aptly shows the real conditions how the transgenders are treated with by our society just because of ignorance. It's really an eye opener for the society.


The climax is the main story of this film. Awesome acted by both main male characters. If they reveal the main problem little bit earlier, then the story could have much more Informative towards the audience, as the topic was untouched and tabooed by many p.


loved every inch of the tale. the family problem faced by the family members, the nephew coming to know about his uncle's problem,etc every part of the story was well narrated as well as very nicely picturerized.


Loved the way the topic was represented. So smooth and perfect. Direction and script are appropriate. Parambrata at his one of the best. Tanusree Ridhi are good. Cinamtography and music shud be appriciated


in a one word the movie is jst amazing...anyone don't miss the's really a good concept based...In this day,that type of movie's concept are jst speechless... seriously jst like it...anyone can go to show the movie with her bestie,soulmate,frnds, family and also with her gf/bf😉