Sathya (Tamil) Sathya (Tamil)

2 hrs 09 mins


77% with 1,135 votes


Yogi Babu Sibiraj Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Anandaraj Remya Nambeesan Sathish Ravi Varma Aathma Patrick Siddhartha Shankar

Madhan Karky, Adivi Sesh, Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, Maheshwari Sathyaraj, Simon KS, Arunmani Palani, Goutham Ravichandran,

Total Rating 3.85

Sathya, an expert at playing cards, under certain circumstances, is on a lookout for a dancer, Rosy, whom he has to leave for Goa with. However, on their way, they are chased by a bunch of other men. Where is Sathya taking Rosy and will he be able to tackle the men chasing them?


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A subtle performance from SIBI. Griping movie with good BGM. It entertains you all through. If i am not mistaken this is a remake of Kshanam, a Tollywood film. Like Kshanam, Satya too has neatly arranged intriguing sequences. THe climax seemed to be hurriedhowever Sathya is an engrossing watch which joins the list of interesting thriller films made in Tamil this year.


Cibi need improvement in acting skill otherwise movie is good and awesome remake direction was good all other actors except cibi Raj done excellent cibi done good job but not upto mark


Sibi had finally selected a good script , Sathya . though it was a remake ,it will work well in Tamil too. overall , Sathya is a worthy watch. better than Sibi' s previous outing


It was guessing till last. Make audience to think what it could be. Bgm was decent and sibi has done a far bit of work in this movie, I mean his acting. Yaarendru song was a mesmerising tone and fabulous.