The Commuter The Commuter

1 hrs 45 mins


77% with 3,372 votes

Action, Thriller,

Sam Neill Liam Neeson Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Jonathan Banks Elizabeth Mcgovern

Jaume Collet-Serra, Roque Banos, Andrew Rona, Nicolas De Toth, Alex Heineman,

Total Rating 3.85

Michael, an insurance salesman, during his daily commute to home, meets a mysterious stranger who asks him to join her in her mission to uncover the identity of a hidden passenger on the train before the last stop. As the two work together, Michael soon finds himself in the midst of a notorious criminal conspiracy.


Awesome loved each and every bit of it 😊. Hat's off. Keep it up😇. ENJOYED a lot . Action sequence too good and scenes as well. It's worth a 2nd time watch too.


Given it was a Liam Neeson movie, you'd expect better pace. The plot was great but the movie needed to be more gripping. Average overall. Not a patch on the usual Neeson movies.


very very entertaining, worth every minute the plot was very good, wo was the enactment of the characters and especially the cinematography was extremely well done.


1st class movie with my all-time evergreen star Liam neesom... Superb story line with perfect acting... All must watch this movie once assured satisfaction...


The movie is over rated. It portrays one culture superior over another. Complete disregard to history. I expected a lot more sensitivity from a seasoned film producer like Sanjay Lela Bhansali. I think he should just fire his pre production team.