Qarib Qarib Singlle Qarib Qarib Singlle

2 hrs 05 mins


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The movie perfectly shows the feelings of the girl.. You will get to see very good landscapes and with the background music you will feel the places. A very nice feel good movie.


Irfan ruled as usual. But after Irfan, Parvathy stealed the show!! What a performance by both the actors!! 😍 No doubt, Irfan never fails to entertain us. He's just amazing!! Being a new comer in Bollywood, Parvathy did a great job! Her expression in every situation, her style, her acting skills were just at the point! She's pretty. Overall, the movie is fantastic and one should definitely watch it! I loved each and every part of it.Though the ending was bit confusing...But still, the movie is great! Hats off to both the Actors!


awesome acting by both the actors specially Irfan Khan 😊😊😊😊 Best describes how to control someones mood when the other person is in state of total agitation.


Acting by both the leads was great but it gets predictable when the plot moves forward. We can have a few laughs though. Start was nice and gets your attention. Ending is totally predictable. it's fun


The concept of movie is awesome but the story was very slow which actually bored us . Awesome acting was done by Irfan Khan . Still, It's a one time watch movie.


First half is funny and entertaining then second half have perfect emotional quotient. Irfan khan carried the role with ease also enjoyed the female lead performance.

Gopisetty Krishna

Romcom travel love stories have become common these days, this one falls in the same genre while Parvathy TK's serious acting & Irrfan Khan's humorous acting together are big add-ons which bring out a slightly different flavour that makes the film watchable. Zoom in- the film could've been better, zoom out- no problem, will work. You'll understand this if you watch the film.


Nice depiction of search for true love, when someone is confused what love exactly means and what she or he is looking for. It superb acting by both the lead actors plus the cab driver.


loved this movie. the talented acting demonstrated by Irfan is out of this world. story line is very simple and well connected. The punch line is also very humorous


how the performance of two equally talented people can make a simple story so attractive. ... this movie tells us that. looking for more such works from Parvathy and Iran.

Jayant Singh

simple story with obvious acting by both lead actors. can be shorten by removing some unwanted elongated scenes. overall, can be easily view.


Laughed was fun watching for chemistry & both were so good in the movie... Irfaan was awesome & is really a natural actor ☺& Parvathy Bollywood debut was such a great start & loved her in the movie..


lay bhari mala dogancha hi aabhinay aavadla story pan aavadli aani direction pan changale aahe mast move aahe irfhan khan chi dialog delivery 1number comedy time pan aachuk aahe

dear user

good simple movie. light hearted. Irfan did a good job. the locations were really beautiful. it was a blend of story line, locations music and picturization.

Tarun Kumar

Love story is awesome, there small fight... make love story more lovely... caring for each other... and most important love is necessary for life not just for young people, every age group ppl need love...and awesome screenplay and excecution...


Irrfan...awesome as always. And picturesque locations are treat to eyes. Irrfan.. we got only one heart.. how many time you will win it.....


I was asleep during most of the movie so I am not sure whether it was good or bad. I only went to see the movie because of Irfan but was sorely disappointed.


irfan once again rocks...actress sounds irritating. ...ok to watch who has sense of humour ...dialogue , especially jor se kaise chillate hai

dear user

First half is good, Even if the movie is just 1hr 50 mins still it feels too stretched. Irfan is good as always. Story not that great. one time watch


irfan khan once again at his best with his perfect dialogue delivery and wit. irfan is truly a rockstar. this small budget movie can give a run for money to salman and shahrukh movies.


Amazingly touching act by both. As usual irfan bhai is not acting at all but he is living. Nothingg much to describe. One will feel. A must watch movie.


Cool performance from irfaan and excellent first movie (Hindi) of Parvathy. Road movie made believable through realistic incidents.Some people may find it little slow.


movie is useless and waste of time n money. please resist yourself from watching.. unwanted drama n unwanted comedy. irrfan couldn't save the movie either


Brilliant acting by Irfan Khan and a different story line. Good watch if you want to laugh. The first half was comic and second half was good enough. nicely directed.


Light heart comedy, fast moving with good acting by both leads. Good break from routine love stories. Go n watch out with your friends and family.


Good n entertaining, worth watching, meant for classes, good story and acting from irfan Suggest every one to watch once, matured people will be able to relate with the story


beatiful movie made, it was like your life is been shared on large screen.. both the actors have done tremendous role and carried out very well..


great story , but was slowed down at some places.irfan and the lady we're too good. the screen play was good. the journey part was amazing.need to have more such movies


such types of movies should keep coming.. for a real healthy entertainment..n as usual Irfan is the befitting for such roles.. actress is also impressive


This review is being written during the interval, and till now the movie kept me involved in the scenes. Parvathy complemented Irrfan as wel


both Irfan khan and Parvathy's acting and their comic timings was great..the whole journey of Arunachal was beautiful..short and sweet movie


the acting and the timing of the dialogues is jus too much .. Irfan Khan rocks like always.. credit to the director as well.. entire film is entertaining..


Nice storyline...& good acting by both the actors... crisp direction ... worth seeing locations in India... overall a nice & good experience


Tight plot although there were gaps in the story. Parvathy was compelling as Jaya. Irrfan was simply superb as ViYogiπŸ˜… This movie deserves to be a hit!


The movie was not as much good as expected. rather has many disappointing scenes and lacking comedy. the second half was much more boring and the end was worst.

dear user

just gives me a feeling that hrishikesh da is back. irfan you are super and a natural star. each and every dailoge of the movie is a memorable moment.


good for entertainment ,. it's different from Current movies. It's a story of 2 Divorced persons & Relationship have very pure . location are very good like Sikkim,


Good movie.. great acting by irfaan khan. light n lively flick to watch with family... irfaan khan does produce of hos acting marvels once again..


Very refreshing movie and an unconventional love story. Irfan Khan has done justice to character of Yogi. Actress is also quite matured. Enjoy and just go with flow of emotions.


Irfan khan was amazing as usual he is just too good but actress was not it was dragging the overall movie!!...otherwise plot was good!!...


Irfan khan is as always best and very natural . Would love to see again. And Never miss an opportunity to miss his films. This is also with humour and witty


movie is well directed and narrated. both the actors were brilliant. it is not a typical Bollywood masala movie. it v is definitely a one time watch at least in theatre


one time watch movies, as usual very good job done by Irfan khan. although story was quite loose, but director done good job on week story...


+ Irrfan’s superb acting, Parvathy’s earthy but cautious characterization. First half is a lot of fun. second half drags just a bit but still v nice. definitely worth a watch.


Must watch, I feel everyone should watch movies of Irfan or Nawajuddin irrespective of reviews given. Although this is a good movie as per reviews as well


Must watch time pass movie. If you like Comedy, don't miss this one out! Great Acting, Amazing Dialogues which will have you rolling with laughter.


Hilarious! Irfaan as usual, outstanding and Parvathy too was perfect. Story is very well written and picked. I would recommend to definitely go and watch


love story when ur rich adult and ready to explore the world. Shows life as it is and what is it that one wants from it all the time. its about love tears and understanding. no man or woman should be alone


Simple movie, you will love it till end. Parvathy deserves the entire credit. She acted so well, I say it's simple, plain and Mesmerizing. Lived it. In fact both character had played pretty well role and catches the eyes of audiences. Must watch.


the reason i recommend this movie to only mature audiences is because the movie takes you to situations and spots where a young and immature spectator won't be able understand the full context of the movie and might just give up... otherwise thumps up for the movie as a whole


superb acting and clean movie . worth the watch. conclusion was not dramatic making the movie very simple and light hearted. less songs and no big emotional drama


A fun ride.Irfan is a great actor.Good thing is it captures everything so perfect which is happening around in "Tinder" era.A movie for young people who knows about dating websites and tired of matrimonial sites


Irfan Khan as usual at his Best & ease. Locations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Parvathy is good too. The movie is refreshing & enjoyable throughout. The tittle is well fit.


Movie is good story script super parvathy acting is good irfan khan sir acting absolutely excellent keep watch this movie in theatre great movie


You'll love Irfaan. he is just outstanding and seriously took the movie to another level all together. you'll love the punches and all the comedy situati


Story line, characters built, screenplay , direction everything is good. No doubts about the main leads performances. One of the typical classic movies again which is got to see. U would love to sit it the theatre for complete entertainment.


simple sober and cute movie i really likes the movie .. loved it . irfan and the actress played a great roll must watch .. a really good movie bas ye smjh ni aaya k viyogi kaam kya karta th ???


it was an average movie. Irfaan khan's over acting and attitude was as if after working in holywood he has become a big star and he is a born actor but he needs serious help in getting over it.


Imran Khan & Parvathy Acting and the way the movie has been presented ...locations selected for the movie are great ...good songs but after interval the director got lost and seems did not how and when to end movie ...overall good movie


Ok movie, Irfan was the main positive in this, else the overall movie was not even worth watching. Too many flaws.


I luv his acting n movie is too gud for this new South gal..dialogues and his poetry too gal acting stupemdous.Movie idea frm a social site is somethng different and worth watching this movie.


Surely a movie that is worth for Irfan Khan's acting. Parvathi also did a justice to her role. Though Khan took away all the shine. A simple movie but surely a one time watch.

Amar Shukla

A light movie with no twists, action, drama. Irrfan's acting was awesome as usual but I feel actress could have done better. Irrfan's comic sense is just superb and he did the justice to the role. Script could have been much better and due to this the movie seems very slow and long in second half. Overall the movie is fantastic and a good to watch with family members. Such movies should be encouraged and should be watched in theatres to promote producers and directors to make more movies like this.


Before writing a review I generally go through all the reviews written before mine to have a better idea of my own understanding. However they make me feel like I am attending an award function were high marks are deliberately being given to select actors. Coming back to the movie, it is a story of two lonely people who meet each other through a dating site. You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens next. The movie pace is okay and the direction is very good. Irrfan and Parvathy, both are fabulous in their roles. The cameos do not offer anything great and in turn hinder the pace of the movie. One of the good things is that both the characters have some back stories and they are explained to viewers with the flow of the movie. Conversations between characters are not too long but eventful. So they do not bore you. Although the story is not that strong, yet performances and direction overcome them up to a great extent.


What a beautiful movie by Irfan & Parvathy, depicting a love story in a sober and passionate way.. A very new & different story line. The best part of this movie was both the person go for a road trip together who met few days back on a dating site by trusting eachother strongly. The movie also shows the better side of online dating website, its true that these websites are not always fake. You can get a perfect life partner from there too.. Great work, You made my sunday Irfan 😊


irfans acting again nice, simple but effective, actress also did a good job, still her role could have been more involving like irfan. still Good single time watch. further at least character expressing song for Mr. Yogi and a bit of irfans action would have given a nice and more character grooming.

dear user

this a realistic romantic movie which touched my heart by effortless story telling by the director that was equally supported by the cast. Irfan as usual was fantastic but the hero of the movie was its story depicted at the background of real India amongst real people

dear user

very well directed movie, lead actor justified the story and very well acted. never felt that the movie was dragged, the content was perfect with no unnecessary Bollywood masala's. Recommend :)


Classy Parvathi has just elevated the movie to a classic height. Irfan Khan's flawless and easy acting complimented that character very well


Irfaan Khan β€˜s acting and humour in the movie is superb ! the subtle romance shown in the movie is enacted very well by both the lead actors ! over all it’s a feel good movie ! I would give it 4.5 stars .


must watch, specifically in today's scene..!! hats off to all the team members specially yogi and jaya cause their acting and justification of character is done beautifully


Awesome film. Irfan khan film hardly ever disappoints you. Loved the story. Great acting by all the actors. Value for money. time well spent. you are going to love it. Thumbs up from my side.


A very good message to everyone that life is very beautiful so enjoy and don't waste your time. And we all should think about ourselves which is very important.


A great chemistry b/w Irfan and Parvathy. The acting of all the actors was great. Overall an enjoyable experience capturing day to day moments of life.


i liked d easy camederie between d lead actors! irfan khan was awesome as always..u can literally see love blossoming in front of your eyes.


irrfan is awesome as always, comedy is superb this new girl also acts well, story line is good , scenes are also good , overall a movie worth watching.

dear user

the premise of the movie may be little stretch of imagination but what comes through as dialogues and acting are top class. irfan is as usual dependable and fantastic. Parvathy is super expressive and can emote couples emotions with ease. wonder why she hasn’t won a national award yet.


Superlative acting by Irrfan and Parvathy. Story is loosely knit, but their acting aced it. Also the excellent comic dialogue made my give 4 star


you'll enjoy throughout the movie. Do not miss even a minute. irrfan was as usual a mind blowing actor. Tanuja chandra do not leave room for you not to enjoy. Happy watching...


nothing apart from irfan khan acting in tye movi, watching in theatre is wasting money on this one. o would suggest watch once its on air and save some pennies


though a typical story but characters and setup was good, At no point u feel bored or feel movie is stretched. a one time watch and light watch perfect for a boring weekend

Bhupendrasinh Champavat

A very interesting subject that relates very well to the younger generation. The acting, direction and the dialogues too are excellent. Irfaan and Parvathy both have done justice to the role.


acting of irfan Khan is the best .. worth watching .love can happen at any moment of life well depicted . excellent story writing . well directed . dialogues amazing


little Slow but still according to today's youth.Both leading actors were good.Little far fetched when they brought in her boyfriend from Gangtok.That was totally Bollywood and not realistic.


specially poems of irfan khan(hero of the movie) of that character that is of husband of heroine...he realised what he did mistake at d end of the movie..


irrfan khan is just so amazing. lovely actor. parvati as well.. love them both i recommend people of all age groups to go see this movie :)

dear user

very boring second half , could be less stereotypical and more creative. actors were amazing and of course there are few genuine moments in the movie


Both have acted really well. one should watch movie to get relief from stress. It has small PJ's which can bring smile on your pace. Good movie to spend time and money.


Nice movie... Thoroughly enjoyed.. Irfan's acting is awesome... Full paisa vasool...loved watching the movie and enjoyed every bit of it. Can go and watch this movie with a family as well not just couple type movie.

CA Arihant

awesome movie.must watch..irfan acting is always super..second half is lil boring but still worth fully...after a long time good movie..


Irfan f my favourite actors so was expectations were very high...Not much of story in the movie..should have been more peppy..anyways


First half is good. Raised the expectations for the second half. But second half was disappointing. Irfan khan's acting was the biggest plus point of the movie


real world single adults can relate with it... amaxing screen play and story is too tight and you will never be bored... so and watch good stories with real acting...

Sankket Rajkumar

2 stars..only for irfann khan. needed some interesting twists and flips. first half was a bit interesting. second half was disappointing. story was literally slow.


I laughed so much.. A very light cozy movie.. No nonsense.. A cute movie seen after such a long time. Great work done by actors worth mentioning


Excellent take on Modern day relationships. Both leads performed seamlessly and were funny most of the times.. 2nd half got little convoluted but nevertheless excellent flick.


Irrfan does what he does best, gets into the character and your nerves. Parvathy doles out the perfect expressions to make this pair a hit. The director has kept it simple and thus it touches every soul watching this movie. The settings are natural, no character is over cooked, and dialogues are engaging. Except for a minor technical glitch and the extended ending the movie is worth a watch and you can absolutely watch it more than once. It's a clean movie and anyone can watch it with anyone or that special someone. Enjoy! !


1 no ki faltu movie paisa aur time do ni hi waste.kutch bhi story bana diya hay is sa acha to set max pa suryavansham dekho wo jada acha hay .pls dont see


A little more twist and turns would have made it better. Irfan khan's back story was something i was looking forward to. That could have made a very solid climax.


expected more crack out laughing...but we hardly laughed...2 great actors story also is good...just didn't hit d mark for me...wat more to say ok job.


quite a nice breezy watch. great time pass. recommended for young and middle aged couples, and spinsters , batchelors .... i loved yogi and Jaya...


The movie starts of like the trailer with two people meeting on a dating app a lot of comedy in between and finally ends up like any other romantic flick. A Feel good one time watch movie!


time pass hai, irfan rocks once again with his dialogues , u get a glimpse of rishikesh and gangtok. a very simple love story . i would say a good entertainer


very good movie.acting and script both first class.aakhirkaar Bollywood mein bhi small topics par acchi movie banane ka culture aa Gaya.bye bye stardum.


simple n Sweet ...easy come easy go...irfan can take it all away with his natural style ...parvathy gives a new n fresh look to the script...exploring all possibility of a SOULMATE on the go... crossing age n unmatched hobbies n likes...they set to change the definition of LOVE over " LATTE" ...


light comedy, refreshes your mood.. one time watch...must go with family.. Irfan Khans acting is entertaining.. complete package of entertainment


Romance picturised in a fresh style with a tint of comic moments as never done before in Bollywood....Irrfan superlative as usual and Parvarthy too played her part excellently...


Irrfan Khan is at his best as always, very loveable story line and worth watching with family too.Prithvy also perform well in accordance with the story and co actor Irrfan Khan


Wow.. What A Movie!! Both the lead actors did a splendid job throughout the movie.. both of them naturally acted.. Though it was bit slow but overall you can see sincere efforts of both of them..


very nicee movie. great performances. nice dialogues. irrfan at his personal best. parvathy brings the innocent and honest southish feelings to the Hindi world cinema...


second half didn't go well along with first half. irrfan Khan was amazing. paravathy did great too. but story wasn't that great. one time watch I would say.


useless movie, actress is very bad, not a single scene was interesting and rate of such movie is too high, very bad experience, not seen such movie in my life


really nice movie as usual irfan Khan was awesome the whole movie was great except ,ending was very normal and predictable and even songs were not that good


the movie was really nice in terms of originality of story. the whole story/concept of the movie felt very new fresh and unexplored. to top it all Irfan khan's effortless acting gives a very real feel to the character. the only thing bothering was that the movie felt incomplete in places and in places had loose strings.


Irfan rocks all along d movie, he sizzles d screen creating gr8 laughter. Heroine is also good. D movie cud hav been awsome, bt d ending spoils it all, being confusing to say d least... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ...


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was looking for a fun movie, turned out bit boring. seemed like combination of multiple movies, seemed more like Piku, but Piku was far better. Not recommended if looking for excitement, time pass good.


Expected plot. Second half is too slow to the point where I just wanted the movie to end somehow. Not upto expectations. Definitely not a movie you want to watch in a theatre. Wouldn't watch it again even for free.


Poor story telling, below average acting by Irrfan, the new actress is good. The plot is misconceived and fictitious worldly events occur around as if it were realistic... Making the whole scene unrealistic and fake.


Irfan khan amazing actor with great sense of humour and the delivery of dialogue perfect.correct description of dating website and how to handle it


best actor ever irfan khan you are the best story was good dialogue delivery fabulous i love this movie full paisa vasul movie jabardast movie


Wt a lovely movie.. A must watch fr everyone. Irfan is brilliant in it as so is parvathy. Would love to see the pair again. Dialogues are great and screenplay superb.


both the actors did vry well. music was different with all kind of variations.its a nice blend of two different characters who find that they r in love with each other on a crazy journey


story line is good but screened very badly. Irfan khan acted well. I got bored after interval and waited till the end because my daughter was sleeling on my lap.


Best Performance and really enjoyable. One Must see this movie for enjoyment. Value for money. Nicely Scripted and Good Story. All Age and Family movie.


Irrfan is great as always. The actress was a good match to Irrfan. The movie was simple yet a good story line. Liked the locations. Definitely a one time watch.


There is no story and the entire premise is based on the character play of the two leads, who have embarked on a journey. Kudos to both the lead actors

dear user

Slow paced could have songs , dialogue delivery was good. some moments it was like dragging the movie. Climax was as expected. Could have added some masala


idiotic movie. never watch. how did he singed the movie i don't understand. love story??? still india is stucked with thse. where's sci fic??


All the time they were travelling, the movie don't have any love story, or comedy, during the movie we even don't know what they are doing., and flatter watching a lot of questions left unanswered.


Nice liberal story premise, travel theme is used well to capture inner journeys.. Nice acting performances.. Beautiful and refreshing plot.. A must watch for those who would like to explore a different kind of love story


Such a lovely movie... I can watch it unlimited times..πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Please watch. worth to watch.. true style of love.. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’


fabulous entertainment movie it's must for all singles off any gender. all humans with good heart should watch atleast once. real fun of life.


Very nice experience to watch.. Worth every penny.. It's a mature love story, not recommended for all who only wants nacha gaana, item numbers..


super watch! every single moment was the result of keen observation!!! sensitive acting. Fell in love with Irfan Khan. Reminded me of the heroes bygone! None of the artists were acting, they were living the story!!! Kudos to the director to pick such a relevant subject and not making it a slapstick and still making us roll with laughter!


amazing acting by both casts. second half gets bit slow and drags. could have been better if there was more screen time on their soft romance.


most boring and irritating movie i seen ever and also very slow i dont understand story climex everthng dont see this movie anyone otherwise your holiday will spoil sure


beautiful high class movie must watch for all😊 we really enjoyed watching Irfan sense of humour and amazingly he pulled the movie to another level with natural acting...great actor


Irfan is always rocks. his acting always mind blowing. best diloge is late laana laate mat laana. and is my cousion . wo jo dudh niklate wakt gayya m dualte mar di thi

dear user

first i thought it would be so good movie. but it turned out to be really good and funny movie... . must watch ... its makes u stress free.. one time watch..


...refreshing and a "feel good" naturally romantic...wont mind watching a second time...all the characters mingle smoothly...must watch...


First half of the movie is good but second half is not good story direction is also very weak.comic side is good. Irfan is looking very shabby in throughout movie. On dating site concept well people are dealing with loneliness is also conveyed via this movie.


😩 I have never seen such a bad meaningless movie before. This movie was so boring that I sleeped throughout the movie. It was a really boring and and time and money waste movie


Awesome performance by Irfan and Parvathi. Hats off to Tanuja for such awonderful casting. A mast entertainer. Parvathi you have raised your bar to another level by a stellar show by your screen presence along with magical irfan. Hats off to the entire team for a beauty called qarib qarib singgle.


great watch! irfan is an absolute pleasure to watch and Parvati has supported him very well. it’s a relief to see normal people behaving normally on screen.


pretty good. liked the mature way of understanding oneself and each other. novel way of approach. kashmakash of the heroine within herself is very well expressed . Shows the reality today and way to solve it.


its nothing to watch in this Mve , story is going on without any way ... even not a good time pass just waste of money story is jUST pulling n end at point where no1 can think its a end


Wonderful movie with nice story. Great acting of imran khan. Different story. Love to watch acting of imran khan. I would like to eatch this movie again

Geetha Nair

Super movie.......Story & Direction are excellent...... Irfan & Parvathy are also act superb.... Excellent movie.... Must watch this movie....


A refreshing movie with a simple concept of falling in love is a journey and not a destination. The movie keeps you glued with its simple narration and light hearted moments. A feel good movie with amazing portrayal of their characters by the lead actors.A must watch...


I liked the songs in the movie and I disliked the story as the story has no head or tail nor was it very entertaining for me . I think it really could have been better . I like the concept but online dating . very common uses now

Yogendra Kumar

Movie was very good however ending scenes could have been better !!! Irfan Khan really rocked the role, actress was just ok ok .. I was just waiting for the delivery of dialogue of Irfan.


wow what a performance by Irrfan and Jaya. this is a unique story of what is happening these days with those who get married lately. love it. A must watch. Thanks Tanuja for such a good movie.


Irrfan Has acted exceptional. Actress has also acted well but can definitely do better, she looked cute in specs. Overall, an amazing humorous entertainment. Enjoyed thoroughly...


good movie ... Irfan is best . the movie starts interesting ... till interval it is very entertaining ... the in second half it gets a bit slow and till the end no one knows what does irfan actually does for living...


Irrfan Khan is the one you should buy the ticket for, as usual an outstanding performance. The story line was good, however second half the popcorns were comparatively better than the movie ;)


Irfan Khan is the saving grace of this movie. Story is strictly ok but lead actors have done a great job. Good watch with your friends and family.


irfan Khan is the saving grace of this film. story is strictly ok but the lead actors have done a great job. good choice to watch with your friends or family.


amazing, realistic and funny. a good family watch. Has great visuals and humour. a must watch for people who dont want people flying here and there in an exaggerated manner but just something relatable.


1st half quiet interesting 2nd half slow speed Irrfan Khan as usual ultimate acting story line not so impressive. how can a girl go with an online friend for a long trip that too without any bucks.


good movie. acted well. could have been bit more constructive in terms of story telling. the end needed to be a bit more elaborated. indeed a good timepass


Dialogues are excellent...the movie locales within India are worth a watch...the Laxman jhoola... Gangtok...the CABLE CARS.all captured beautifully...Parvathy doubt is gud...Irfan excels at everything he touches...he carries the content solely on his acting calibre. Didn't quite appreciate the plot that Irfan takes his date Parvathy to meet his exes...but the exceution of this plot came out pretty well. Love Tanuja Chandra's direction...after a long time


What a lovely movie! What subtle romance! As always, Irrfan comes as this jaldbaazi mein rehne wala character but the lady looked soo good. Her dressing sense was totally unexpected and so refreshing. Loved it. To see that the character irrfan was playing actually appreciates that she's luking soo beautiful whn she was covered from head to toe felt so good. We don't see this in our movies anymore. I am not saying that I won't love the lady's character of she wore anything else but her dressing sense was REALLY v beautiful. I wud want to see more of such beautifully dressed love-interests on screen


Good for one time watch. Expected more from a Irfann Khan movie but I guess the storyline is not worth to fit Irfann in it. Parvathy does satisfactory performance.

dear user

an untouched subject shown in such a hilarious way... enjoyed the performances.. irfan and Parvathy you guys rocked!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ also a big round of applause for Tanuja Chandra the director...πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


Must watch for every one. I am a big fan of Irfan khan hence I went, with very movie of his, I am becoming his die hard fan. parvatiy has left her mark on the debut


Very simple ,If you liked Irfan Khan in " Hindi Medium ", you will love this movie too.He has played a role of cool single.He is not at all ternet savvy but pro for dating site.


Irrfan has played the same character which he played in Metro, but he is awesome as always. The movie has some cool moments and it makes you smile. Parvathy is superb as a reluctant widow and she is gorgeous.


Ok ok kind of movie , one time watch movie little slow.overall irfan khan acting is good so you can go to watch his work..Lakshmi also somewhat justified her role but it gould be done more better..


It's a must watch film. The storyline, direction, acting, everything is just perfect. The humour is well supported with dialogues. Irfan Khan rocks in the movie.


it’s a nice time pass with lots of comedy. acting of both the star casts was good along with the story line. It’s a nice entertainment for 2 hours.


A movie worth watching. I am not fond of love stories, but this one here, is everything a love story should be. None of the typical Bollywood drama and cliches. Must watch for a genuine love story experience.


Irrfan is out of this world, the moment he comes on screen. it becomes an amazing experience to watch him act...he is hilarious, cute and dialogue delivery is something to die for...Sweet n simple movie with quite effective narration.


Very sweet and touching. Its great tha that now a days movie on this topic are also explored and portrayed very well. Middle age affair excellent

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The movie is set in very good scenery. Irfan Khan plays the character very well and is very believable. The actress carries a fresh look and is very good with expressions. After a long time, a movie with no loopholes in the story. It is a dreamy story, yet very real.


real time comedy love Imran role something out of the book reminded me of his work in Piku bollywood should start investing on new ideas rather than spending more and more on action love stories breath of fresh air


positives: Irfan and Parvathi's perfomances n chemistry. The cinematography n light humorous negatives: The climax seems incomplete, plus 2nd gets too slow after entertaining first one..

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electrifying performances from lead pair making it a very unique story which is performance n dialogue delivery oriented .must watch for parvathy who essayed character of jaya with much finesse


all praises for irrfan khan. he made the movie very likeable by his performance. his character is weird yet very loving, caring and bindaas. u develop feelings and emotions for him. parvatthy is good too in her performance but her long timed single shots were too much some times. her transformation also was lucid. overall, a decent watch.


Good thought, new type of love story. A new take on moving on with life inspite of setback. A must watch for love enthusiasts. Something new and refreshing after sometime.


irrfan khan is simply awesome. After intermission the movie is bit slow but the dialogues will keep u alive till the end of the movie. movie plot is very much plane, but one should watch this movie for irrfan khan. he’s the best throughout the movie.


it awasome movie..both the main actors was fantastic & specially irfaan khan was too's a very sweet love story which shows the two different alone person life & how they we can make life beautiful after meeting a simple life partner..just chill in life & enjoy


Irfan stands out in every movie, despite no story Irfan makes sit out throughout movie. Light hearted movie, not a must watch but also not a waste of money.


Great movie with superb acting by everyone as expected from the likes of Irfan Khan and Parvathy. Taxi driver was way too awesome. Well played.


it was really a nice movie to watch , I didn’t feel how times passed and end is also with less drama ... a full fun to watch it with friends family


Went without any expectation. What a superb direction, portrayal of characters and narration. No Masala elements and realistic. Don't miss it.


comedy romance n Irfan Khan action very nice for me that was superb for me I want to watch all the Irfan Khans movies n roll he will acts like a superb man


it's story of love and past way of love.the movie said how to let go of past is nice movie.every one should see this movie


Irfan khan means Fantastic. No words just superb, his acting was so amazing like before, from starting to ending what a movie, i wanna watch again if i can


awesome movie, loved it to bits. irfan n parvathy combo rocks. I recommend it's a must watch, go for it, you won't regret, stress buster, njoy


like always Imran acted too good , a really nice movie to watch but just because of Imran's acting but ending of the movie was not so good as rest of the script .


nice movie irfan is trying somyhing new and it works 1st half is full of fun then in 2nd half it feel like slow but the movie is overally good


slow and awesome movie... fascinating to watch this movie... family entertainment cum love movie.. everyone must watch this film... should not mias it.


stupid movie , without any story , waste of money , waste of time , came out between the movie, this movie again shows .. should not watch every movie


a stretched movie line ... good acting by plot...better to watch a short for the same theme... feministic and less entertaining... don't waste money on this.


Watched the movie for the second time, very well scripted,good casting and nevertheless a full on entertainment. Irfan, we are already know is a good actor and introducing Parvaty has been definitely a good decision.


first half of the movie is entertaining, witty and fun filled. second half is boring and the film drags on without making headway into the story line and character development. the end is impactless


Nice movie. Irfan Khan was awesome. He has suberb dialogue delivery. I really like the way he used to deliver his dialogue. Even in this movie he has maintained that stuff.


Usual rom-com with novelty in concept and one liners are awesome. If you're a Irrfan or Parvathy fan this one is a must watch. Only sad part is that story gets finished too early, you'll expect to see more at the end.