Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

2 hrs 17 mins


79% with 38,198 votes


the film is super and the actor is also very good my favorite song tu banja gali banaras ki,pallo latke,jogi,main hi Saath tere,Mera intekam


Girls just use boys as frends and play with them , boys r so stupid sometimes as to fall for them in an illusion of something they call love but its not worth it and is not d purpose of life


Best movie: kirti kharbanda and Raj kumar great job. I love you, seen more than 10 times. Feel like a part of the movie. Enjoyed too much. Kirti is the heart of movie. After this movie I have seen all your movies.


Real Facts of family And Love real Life event are in movie love life family mother brother relation believe favor that good story in real life example


I watched this just by chance. didn't knew this would amazing movie. just loved every part of the movie. actors performed brilliantly. very few movie with good content and natural performances are seen nowadays.


once again rajkummar rao prove that what he doubt why he is a national award winner actor...with his acting skills most of people are falling in love with him...kriti kharbanda was pretty good


best acting of rajkumar rao and kirti.. as usual rajkumar is a best actor. like subject of movie and also like happy ending. paisa wasool movie.


i like this movie very very very much love story is best kirti kharbandha's acting and also rajkumar rao's acting is so best i like both of them


very good movie with simple story with great songs. Every time movie surprises with storyline first half is good but second half is ultimate...I recommend must watch this movie..


must must watch muv, rajkumar was extraordinary and kriti was beutiful and flawless, acting of both actors were super hit and songs r too good to listen


an inspirational movie and should be watched by each and every youngster. the movie has each and every thing which a good movie should has but the scene just after the intermission is the essence of the movie


A movie which I expected to be average turned all the unturned stones.Raj Kumar Rao is growing day by day in his own way and pace.Will wait for more.


generally hum is tarah ki movies ko avoid karte hai but I insist to watch this movie ultimate story have watch this movie with ur family...


Rajkumar Rao is outstanding while Kriti looked beautiful. Climax is not that much powerful as compared to the way the story was built though. Overall, a beautiful family drama.


The movies was everything you look for entertainment..A family film with all the elements in it- comedy, romance, revenge. Had a nice time watching it.


awesome movie i like it very much i see this movie 88 times till now.please Rajkumar sir please make once again this type of movie . i was finding movie in theatre but unfortunately movie is no more in theatres .


Whether IMDb or Book my show everywhere this movie is getting accolades from the users while critics have not rewarded the movie accordingly. I chose not to watch movie assuming it an average movie after reading critics reviews. When I saw it the pirated version later I repented my decision. It is one of the finest movie this year and it should have been block buster.


Rajkumar is fabulous in the movie- very relatable story and clearly defined characters. The ending was a bit stretched and filmy but overall worth a watch. The best song appears in the credits!


Could have ended up in a serious note as it became from a light love story to serious fight of ego.Actors promising.Some good character acting from K K Raina & Govind Namdeo


this movie is based on new generation boys n girls who want to make future bright.In this movie full of emotions and love..plzz watch this beautiful movie...


loved this movie.. plz go for it. lovely performance and you can watch with family and friends too. a buity with brain, Paisa wasool movie ...


I liked the dialogue of 'dirty picture' where silk says that a successful film is made with only three factors, 'entertainment, entertainment and entertainment'. Well the dialog was catchy but I respectfully disagree. I feel 'shaadi Mein zaroor AAna' is definitely one of the types which proves that a film can deliver much more than only entertainment . The film has a very strong story line, a very capturing script and wonderful direction. It gives us a clear picture about the conservative societal laws prevalent in most of India and how arranged marriages have become more of a deal between two families. Both the main characters are played beautifully and in a mature way. It goes without saying that Raj Kumar Rao is topnotch but kriti, as a new comer stunned me with her sweetness. After really a long time I saw a heroine with such indigenous innocence and simplicity on her pretty face. It's definitely a must watch especially for the ending twist. (tried real hard not to give u any spoilers :p)

Ankit Gupta

Movie is excellent upto first half and drags after interval, it becomes predictable and childish, the Ias officer is shown as a bad child who wants to revenge her fiance (unconvincing), but ends saving her instead (very kidding)..


Acting of raj Kumar rao is mind blowing. Story of the movie is realistic and actress of the film is very beautiful so over all movie is good


awesome thought ,clean and pure minded movie and no over reaction based ,natural act and simple headed movie loved it ,and it is also moved on towards rashtrapati bhawan now


Story and act is superstrong, amazing... Both kriti and Rajkumar are looking fabulous.. Awesome.. It is a pure and fascinating romance story between a girl and a boy.. And lastly the songs are also astonishing.. 😘😘😍✌️ Ultimate stars ✨


A good movie with a perfectly balanced script, humor, family mellodrama, good performances and a twist. Loved it. Rajkumar Rao, Kriti Kharbanda and their family in the film is depicted very close to reality and that I always like in Movies- Right balance of fiction and reality.


bestest movie , motivational movie for upsc aspirant , and every second of movie is so interesting.. I saw this movie 4 times in cinema theater ,and must watch movie if you dont see tiger zinda hai you dont have any regret if you miss this one . you gonna regret so badly

vishwas bapay

different subject,good turning point,all character played well according to director nice direction & photography.though subject was slightly different it was nice movie


awesome learning movie too nice I like it so much want to see this movie again n again or related with like this massage for motivation. nice movie


Good story and very good execution. Concept of the movie was a new one and it's climax binds the audience till the end. A good entertainment and loved acting of rajkumar and kriti.


Nice concept and realistic movie. Misunderstanding cause issues and clarification is needed more than to regret later, nicely potraid... Must wathch!!! I loved it

Deepak Ranjan

Knowledgeable,Entertaining ,Excellent work by Rajkumar .Women education,Corruption,Love,romance,encourages inspiration .Nice job by the team


The perfect combination of genre and acting of stars and co stars has made this movie a must and awesome watch. I don't know why people hasn't watched the movie yet. But being a movie maniac I can assure this movie will suit the taste of every age group.


all the songs are excellent as well as script. Raj Kumar Rao is excellent as well as kriti kharbanda.She looks so sweet in entire movie. Loved this movie very much.


Brilliant act by Rajkumar Rao,and the actress Kriti z like a fresh air,you guys will definitely enjoy each and every scene.Movie have the capacity to bind the viewers till last,a must watch...


movie is very nice. Keeps you involve in our most of the time. superb acting by Rajkumar. Kriti is looking very sweet. must watch movie. better than any other movie released this year


M one of those who believe is garbage but last few movies made me rethink not same old love story, unique must watch if u are looking for good desi story then this one is for you


Nice story and good acting by the actors..Concept is unique and different..must watch it once..Rajkumar is just awsome :)..You should watch once ..its entertaining!!


Loved the way this movie has been directed. Raj Kumar Rao is awesome & the actress is made neck to neck. Wow.. ... ... ...

Snehal Deo

I like movie too much. Superb. Both male and female characters in hero and heroine role are fantastic. Direction given to movie is perfect. Love emotions are smooth.


this movie contains all u need in a movie !! u can watch it with your family,partner, friends ! i am sure everyone will enjoy ! must watch movie !😊


love the movie story acting of all character. ..Raj kumar as an Ias role was superb..Dream to bcm an Ias after watching ds movie..full paisa wasool and worth watching. .

Pramod Ravi Shankar

Very beautiful story and director never lost audience. Raj Kumar as usual did good role with character switch. It's show social trauma of marriage from boys side also


nice movie with beautiful songs .. Movie clearly describe that women also should work if she is interested and husband has to support her to build her career and dreams.


Very different and have highl attitude is shown by both the charactors towards each this movie...both the actors perform superb..


the intensity after half and hour to the last moment is so gripping. I am regular movie goer and can't take off this movie off my head. Such a n awesome movie. just last 15 mins are kind of ok. Every other moment is very intense and well presented.


must watch. excellent acting by Rajkumar and kirti. nice plot. worth your money and time. it could be your true story. pallu latake song is also really good


i like the whole movie, except ending.. how can u forgive someone. lol. it was a very good movie with stupid ending . acted well. rajkumar hav steal the screen with his acting


the movie gives you all the elements that make a good movie great. this movie falls short of being great coz of the cheeky bollywood ending .


Love can not be expressed... Believe,faith ,trust , correlates the bonding between two... to love someone... equality in love untill hearts beat are equal for each other...


Love story and revenge both perfect combination. True love never ends. Great movie. Worth watching. Rajkumar rao rocks love to see him. Best movie for the year in romance category.


It's about a girl progress in her life that how should she grown up and achieve the success. both actor played very good roll in movie thnx


One of the best movie i have ever seen....performance and acting of rajkumar rao and kriti kharbanda is extremely tremendous.... wow great film


Beautiful movie..all the actors are too good especially the leads. Could not take my eyes off the screen even for a few seconds.. just loved it


really really v good movie dialogue, acting ,and song if any one want to see love story must go and watch .if you are in love or want to love marriage at that time must go with love


good acting by Kirti and Rajkumar ...also good music ...loved the way he took his sweet revenge also loved all the other characters in the movie


nice simple hearteed one! Rajkumar as usual at his best and new heroine is the best and going to get big hit in future! go for heroine as well nice acting ..


Starts off on a good note. Usual cute love story that's relatable. Revenge that's expected. but, there is one unexpected twist that you should definitely watch this movie for.


Too good acting and plot is also cool. I loved the movie plus its Allahabad shooting so I liked it even more. Easily a one time watch for sure.


shadi mei jarur aana is the movie which makes you laugh, and emotional .but the story is not new , there are more films like this . rajkumar rao has done a fantastic job as always. kirti kharbanda also looks beautiful .because of the repeated script the film will not work at bo.


Good story, great performances by both Rajkumar Rao and Kirti Kharbanda. Recommended. He is really doing some really good cinema. First Newton, then Bareilly ki barfi and now this one.


even the 1st half loses you near its end. the story is well framed and the best described is a man's ego ! liked it but a bit saddened by the scenes those show how an IAS would treat people or subordinates. as a family movie, its nice


Rajkumar Rao will definitely go a long way ahead. once again an awesome movie. amazing plot executed by amazing actors. This movie is a must


Most amazing movie both actor and actress have done great work! Rajkumar rao is next superstar of Bollywood!! a full family entertainment...,...


awesome movie and superb acting by Rajkumar Rao..hats off..enjoyed a lot after long time...keep up the good work and a very interesting story..


I loved the second half specially the revenge saga..above all I loved the way Rajkumar acted and his personality..proving Kirti guilty still soft for her. I am a bigger fan of him now. I loved Kirti as well for her innocence and sweet acting..


If he keeps getting movies despite all the nepotism in bollywood, he is one actor to watch out for. the movie direction and story narration is decent. Not that great but the performances are good. Definitely a better watch than a lot of flicks released around this time.


excellent movie awesome acting really become a fan of this movie full worth amazingly directed screenplay is fab a must see movie can be seen with family


very good loved it a lot the story is very beautiful and it is one of my favourite movie part 2 should come it is better than srk's movies😍


Very good acting by all characters .. i loved it very much... rajkumar rao is just fabulous actor.. kirti is looking so beautiful all the time...

Mohammed Irfan

Very good movie. Nice acting, very good beginning, must watch movie with friends and family. Don't miss it, you will not regret paying your tickets.


Rajkumar Rao's acting was worth watching ! Kriti Kharbandha acted in a nice manner ! The story plot was great with a lovely twist ! The songs are very nice and with a great tune 😊 A film worth watching ! A romantic family drama film will make your day !


Rajkumar is driving the entire movie in an awesome way. He is gem of an actor. Apart all other actors have justified their role and are able to create typical UPite culture


but end was fully over dramatically any way a good movie you can see with your family members .A good time pass both Hero & Heroine are good but in my view Hero Rajkumar Rao have a good future


A movie cannot be better than this. Ultimate movie with lots of drama, social message and ofcourse Love, Emotion, Romance. This is perhaps the best movie i had watched in 2017


all the characters played their part well..specially Rajkumar Rao n Kriti kharbanda had an amazing chemistry..would surely recommend to watch it..


The story was good and very inspiring. I liked it very much. Love story was different from other movie. It's full of fun. Overall I liked it.


I love it to watch😃story line n acting of both actors were grt...its full of nasty drama n romance with NYC twist I hope Roy n Kristi chemistry is also very good... Kristi is really a very beautiful actor I wish she work get in industry


1st half and story build up was good but excessive dragging in the second half.. Would've been much better had they held on to the storyline..


The movie was so promising in the first 45 minutes that why is it not on the top of the charts. But learnt the reason in the rest of the movie. The film became predictable and prolonged. But it was a good time pass movie.


Shadi mein Jaroor AAna; gain Rajkumar Rao proves that why he is national award winner. Good movie!nDifferent than regular and common script. Watch it .


story is best, turning point is very good when cheat by any selfish guys,this movie is give a learning is that if you decided to get your target, you achieve if will power is very strong.

Vivek Sharma

super hit... kuch ladkiyoon ko is tarah sabak sikhana jaruri hai... sab samy ladke ki galti nai ragti hai... aaj kal ladkiyaan over smart aur fake hoti ja rahi... ye movie un logo ke liye bilkul thik banayi gyi hai..

dear user

gud concept .small n to the point .just little diverted from the topic.could have been better agar jo topic tha uspe focus cast was perfect raj kumar Rao is a versatile actor.


The end could have been a little bit better but overall loved the movie and the actors. Kriti is a surprise package and Rajkumar as always is great with his acting skills.


very good movie i love the story and revange , rajkumar has owesome artist and he proofs by his acting . heroine plays well and she is so cute face


it was really an awesome movie acting of rajkumar is bestcas always and the actress is extremeyl beautiful and true to her. harachet and movie is very nice and haooy to go

Prangya Piyusha

really awesome movie. must watch. Great acting by Rajkumar Rao. I really liked the story. Really. great actor - Rajkumar Rao. nice nice nice


Very enjoying love story with great timing of song selection, Rajkumar Rao once again proved his talent in very formal style of acting. The whole starcaste played nicely.


movie keeps you engaged all the time with limited songs and shows the reality of today's era among tier 2 cities suspense drama and all you wish to watch


the movie was fabolus ...rajkumar rao & kirti have nailed the movie...hats of to the writer ...a very systematic film..which shows the love,anger,anticipation,rebelness&at last the very dramatic wedding of both the characters..kirti kharbanda was really awesome...loved the movie deeply


Interesting movie and have a good story. This movie was very unique in comparison to other movies. We can enjoy this film at cinema hall with our family


The script guys, was outstanding with a review towards the hard work which is still possible in this competitive world. The story is fictionless which makes it more realistic.


if you believe in true love and love at first sight then must watch this suberb movie 😍😍😍 Rajkumar at it's best as always and amazing storyline...


All actors are amazing and they have giving it all. story and direction is precise, decisive and very close to reality with no exaggerated and useless drama.


very very nice movie by raj kumar rao ,very good family movie ,the first part was nice but second part is outstanding,nice role of ias officer in the movie by raj kumar rao and my opinion to you is shaadi mein zarron zaye


The movie had a simple track which was made lengthy with unnecessarily added complications. Social causes weren't addressed even though it was the reason the couple split. It leaves the viewers hanging with lots of open ends.


such an awesome movie, loved kruti,raj Kumar's acting was phenomenal, saw such beautiful movie after many days. the story was different from usual love stories


Superb movie with nice story line, both the lead actors acted well, movie has good story to take many things from it, nice humor, must watch movie


it's a nice movie with real life scenerio shown in very good manner. Enjoyed a lot. Person who is going to marry , must watch. I can watch it second time as well. now a days it is difficult to find a movie which can be watch at one time.


KRITI looks so cute and also acts so very well, and what to say about raj kumar yadav he is as always fantastic. Its a feel good movie. In today's bad phase of cinema its a treat to watch.


All songs are too good , choreography is also remarkable... Rajkumar has done very good job and Kirti done her part marvellous. Direction is also remarkable.. I can rate file five star


awesome content with very good acting by almost every character of movie. rajkumar is at his best as always. nice songs. beautiful locations of U.P.


Such a good movie with a great plot and killer acting after such a long time!! Absolutely loved it!! I wold like to watch it again, and am gona probably ewatch it at least 10 time more!! 😝😝😝

Dr Gaurav

full-on entertainment. go for it. acting of both the stars were really good. the story line was also nice. tragic turn of movie is the main attraction.


Fantastic movie for lovely lovable couple and understand of value of our partner. Too much romantic movie and too much sensitive and one thing is that it is very heart touching story


really love it. this is the best flim in my life. Never missed to watch. really good. raj rao is the best actor of this year. next movie i dont want to miss raj. you rocking the bollywood.


Must watch movie. Superb acting by Rajkumar and kirti. Nice storyline. Rajkumar rao is the next big thing after nawajudin siddiqui. Please go for this movie


Must watch movie for any age group person. It's full of message, love and lessons, inspiration. Go and just watch, enjoy this movie at least once.


Entertainment quotient is to the peak. Very heart touching story and a happy ending. Hilarious acting rajkumar rao and super gorgeous kirti.


Boys are never serious towards life till end of there life, once any how if they are serious can change the past n future totally. Jobs are for family and its not vice versa.


good story of today's life where people don't think about the girls future. Also which still believe in dorry system. For a healthy life love is more important than anything else. overall a good movie.🙂

P Sirish

amazing story line.. superb acting.. and thus a awesome movie.. little bit twist.. Rajkumar proved himself as the veteran actor once again...


RajKumar has done excellent job!. 2nd half is forcefully stretched a bit otherwise whole movie is good. Heroine looked very pretty and has done an excellent job.


there's few kind of movies in Bollywood who easily won the heart of their audience and this really belong to that kind. simple movie with great story line and direction. full Paisa wasool !!


rajkumar rao and kriti kharbanda couples for forever...very romentic ,,suspense,,thriller and till last minute hold the people...its too good

dear user

good family entertainer!!!! director has captured the essence of hindi heartland!!! luved the music and lyrics!!! fresh lease of romance!! kudos


Movie was good. Story is simple but director has made it entertaining. You will not get bored while watching it. Acting of rajkumar rao is awesome. Worth watching once. 3.5 starts from my side.


great performance by both the actors, super story..great film...must watch..More films should be made like this..Songs are also awesome.....


superb movie.. rajkumar rao acting was so impressive.. the story was to good kriti khrbanda looking hot.. plzz must watch specially boyzz..killer movie


Another master stroke by Rajkumar Rao! Superb acting by Rajkumar Rao and Kirti Kharbhanda!! A very refreshing and unusual movie, Kirti is looking gorgeous, songs are great, all rajkumar rao fans please go and watch!!!


I have no words for this movie. what a love story and sacrifices. revenge and all. everything was amazing. mind-blowing I suggest everyone should watch this movie at least one time


great movie...songs...acting...paisa wasool...and Rajkumar Rao ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ overall I will give 4/5. fall in love once again...


i really like love story movies nd this This is one of Best...Rajakimar’s Acting is good as usual nd Kriti is very cute and best in this role...


see for both kriti and rajkumar acting... will make us feel the emotion lik that happened in our life... loved the movie very much. good love movie... movie mein zaroor aana...


Fabulous... fantastic movie. Did not expected this much from it. Rajkumar Rao was so good. perfectly blended very good direction. all the characters have done a very job.


for good cinema lover. fun to watch the colloquial kanpuria language. great acting by RajKumar Rao. thought struggle of hero should have been shown , but in flash he became an iss officer which was unrealistic. overall nice movie


The entire cast was fabulous and the story was also nice. Complete entertainment... Loved the song main hoon saath tere. Arijit’s voice is soulful


Better than any other khan or kapoor movie, this movie was with strong message to society and with amazing storyline. Great actors and superb execution.


very good movie . a must watch film. acting of all characters is good and storyline is also unique. climax is positive and songs are good. go and watch.


one of the best movies I have ever seen. heroine & hero both are best. AArti is best new comer. i am in love with AArti. I would like to get married with AArti.


Awesome movie,,nEvery should watch this movie,,,nStarting of the movie is good. ...Ending also come on happy ending!!! ,,,And the middle part was too serious,,,nThere is love story and the realty of Uttar Pradesh(Especially in Allahabad and Varanas)...nDowry of north Indian is rely bad thinks...


Watch some great bollywood movie after long time. Full entertainment movie. First half is more entertaining. second half lack of story. although one Time must watch


it is indeed a very good movie. nicely made. all great performances. it was wonderful watching it. last 20 mns is a complete compact surprise.


good movies I have never seen this type of movie. acting was fantastic . I impressed from this movie . I want to live this acting in my life


kriti kharbanda and rajkumar acting was great and movie story is awesome. movie story was so good after long time. movie is so so awesome and amazing


it's must watch movie.rajkumar rao made remarkable fantastic work guys. maja aa gaya yr.. really enjoy a lot sexual comedy and family drama..we can enjoy with our family


Movie was above expectation, Rajkumar Rao was impaccable. Movie was worth watching, Full paisa vasool.Must watch it once, Full family Movie.


Very well acted both actors. nicely presented complete script. its look like real things are happening in movie. i loved this movie and satisfied with acting.


Again proof girls have no mind AArti become PCS officer and listen others think and apply own future...any way this story and acting all is class director is also good because a single minute no boring scene and slow always speed is continue 1& 2 ... also rated acting with director 5 star


It's a good movie and a treat for all those who like Rajkumar Rao. Even Kriti Kharbanda justified her role and altogether both the actors shared good chemistry.


Nice acting by rajkumar and truly inspirational movie. Never ever let anything in your way of success and also have faith in your life partner


Awesome acting done by raj based on real story .i really enjoyed a lot.i will suggest anyone to watch this movie one time atleast.superb


One of d finest movie recently Story line, performance, songs, cinematography, locations, all are lovely.. Definitely a five time watch


Ek no. movie Mja a gya dekh full on mastii acting bahut hi sandaar Power of IAS Based on love story ... ...Every thing is Fare in Love nd War...


You won’t get bored for a single second in this movie. Keeps you hitched all the time. Climax is good. You couldn’t guess that 99% chances. These movies with not so big star banners are actually very well crafted pieces of ART, rather than over hyped star-studded worthless and pointless movies.


Good acting, nice story, catchy and never boring - over all good entertainment as better than other recent movies saw late after reading bus reviews and went to see buy was not disappointed at all


whole movie is casted in love and splendor music.both raj Kumar Rao and Kriti kharbanda is fabulous.heart touching movie.Kriti in simplicity looks more pretty .


Nice movie. Kriti the new queen. Movie shows the battle between two families trying to find a common ground on the occasion of marriage, which takes an unexpected turn.


Excellent act by both the actors. Kriti looks stunning throughout the film. A must watch family film. Pallo Latke is amazing song and won our hearts.


low budget movie always good to watch. ... superb acting superb story superb song... inspiring... motivational movie for me... 5 stars from my side


went with not much expectations but the movie is really nice.Its fast paced and has romance , drama , twist .Acting is nice by all. Storyline is fine.


Rajkumar Rao you beauty. Average star cast, but everyone is done their best. Story is nice but some laps in screenplay. But overall the movie is paisa vasool.


I like itt this movie very very nice boy tool ossam all most very nice and wonder full I enjoy their movie because this movie I am see w time and explanation all my friends


This movie great family movie hai aur is movie se kuch sikhne ko bhi milega ki agar koi ek dil mai wajah ho toh insaan kya kuch ni kar sakta

Praveen jaiswal

Very good movie and the character also very real it is very real life movie and interval also good and climax also goes well so basically it is awesome movie


I liked Rajkumar acting skills.He is amazing.Others also did good. The movie was entertaining and songs were very also good.Perfect for weekend.


amazing to watch nice story and family movie after a long time do watch in theatre only. pure family movie and rajkumar again came back with an amazing performance


To begin with, d storyline of d movies is simply superb & d acting both Raj Kumar Rao & Kriti kharbanda is awesome. In the first half, the romantic scenes will make you fall in love once again. In the second half, the conflict between two main lead is just fantastic to watch.


Love the Movie. Its just awesome. Movie is so nice and Rajkumar was so nice and perfect in movie and his acting is just faadu. Such a good movie far better than over rated actors movies.


Movie is light and entertaining. The actress is wonderful and Rao checks all the boxes!! Good one!! Dont miss it. After a while, a worthy movie has come..


what a great moviee!!! after veryy long time watched nice love storyy!!! must watch!!! don't think just go to the movie and see what amazing pic of store this is!!


it is really practical movie...not based on speculations ..good to inspire students like me who r preparing 4 UPPCS or civil examination ..don't watch from a lover point of view only bt also from student point of view..I lv it really.

Anand kumar Aryan

yes, this movie inspire us how to achive the ur gol even ur break up heald. u should nerver go in deepression. nd never use any types of aclcoholic material or smoke. nerver follow any wrong path. woo its a real movie.


superb movie. 1st half is full of romance n madness but second half makes very revengeful n set with real life situations which makes movie a great experience.


Just awesum performance by both actors and just perfect script. Loved it !! Such an refreshing movie after a very very long time. Beautiful. Thank you !


i was apprehensive about the movie bcoz of it's title but it's jis awesome. I jus loved Rajkumar Rao in this movie.. It has all da spices in proper quantities.. so jus go 4 it... ENJOY


Raj kumar roa. he is going to be the finest actor. the story is good and the acting is good too. A good drama set up raising the issue of fake dowry and Love.


this was the best movie after tannu Weds mannu 2. It was so entertaining till end the star cast was the best and Rajkumar and the nee girl they were the best. thanks for entertaining


great story .. great acting ...!!..loved this movie...✌️✌️rajkumar Rao 's acting in themovie was one of the best acting I have ever seen...he gave justice to his role... actress and all other actor did a grt job as well...


Rajkumar Rao does it once again..impressive performance..kriti will surely make it big in bollywood soon..great family emotions and good twisted plot and great climax..paisa vasool


I liked this movie very much. Really this movie story is good and heart touching. This movie is full fill of love and romance.It has shown that human beings hate more than they love.


loved the script ... both rajkumar rao and kirti acted so well...kriti was gorgeous ...second half was totally awsm...really had a great time watching it👌


now its my fav movie of all time nd i love it so much because it show d relaity of love boys always sacrifice for his love if girl should say all things to thr boys thn no boys going to refuse it


Keeps you glued to screen. Can be watched at least once. Lot of drama and emotions. Good work by the actors. Keeps you smiling most of the time


Ignore critics rating and watch this movie on theatre. This is the best hindi movie of 2017.nRajkumar and Kriti look beautiful on screen. Direction is perfect. Story is simple. High entertainment drama.


great acting....great story wonderful work by rajkumar...beautiful actress...must watch movie...loved it ...will watch once again ...nice direct


the movie is very well written, acted and directed. rajkumar rao steels the show. what a delight to watch such a beautiful potrayal of real life situations! go watch it!!


Awesome blossom and something to real life. It shows what really happens in society. Could have been more realistic thou. Bit of Bollywood masala as usual.


this movie is very nice like romance ,drama, comedy . I think its All in 1 movie . this movie is very nice comparing to qarib qarib single single


Sometimes we really miss out on good movies as we go on the outer cover be it the star power or the production house or box office performance.  I also could not catch on the first go but saw it at last and had a sense of contentment.  Really good bound script with twists packed…persuasive performances by the main leads and side cast…all in all a good commonsensical entertaining movie…a plausible love tale with a twirl….


Lovable movie...plz watch it everyone it's so beautiful movie...And Kriti karabanda looks soo beautiful and Rajkumar acting is good...Plz watch it..


Awesome movie in reality this only happens in every one's life a major turning point no body knows what will happen tommrow to someone's life


brilliant work and awesome talent are shown in this movie.. both acters are awesome and this movie has a special real touch with real life. beautiful chemistry between actor and actress. full movie is filled with romance and kinks.❤


Good movie.. First 75 minutes really good.. Performances of leading pairs also good.. Although ending could have been much better.. Music could have been better.


movie was good but it feels like it was stretched . this movie is one time watch. it was little comedy and little inspirational. family movie.


The movie was very good and entertaining. It bound me throughout and never felt bored. The acting was also awesome. It is worth to watch movie.


qniue and very real story it's really touch my heart so I like this movie very much great work by both acoter and actress she's very gorgoes music of this movie is main part


super acting by rajkumar Rao & the beautiful actress in the world the story of the movie is very good concept kriti kharbanda acting was next level


both lead stars are talented. the film has current dad if small town intact. suddenly Bollywood has acquired fascination for small town based stories. this film too has dream run from clerk to IAS, the patriarchal families, suppressed gender relations and eye candy heroine who is talented actor, no less. loved it. the photography in this film is worth talking about.


this movie definitely hits on dowry.beautifuly shown that how people ask for dowry and make life miserable for girls family awesome direction with amazing actors


commendable movie after a long time ,perfect blend of emotions comedy , romance ...amazing actors ... sadly it didn't get the hype it deserved...not a moment felt bored ... the actress was undoubtedly beautiful and acted so well ...


Awesome movie ...rajkumar rocks as always. Wonderful acting and nice story. Fire in heart is helpful to achieve something. Rajkumar and Kriti their chemistry was good.


Loyalty hona jruri h.... Pyar me career ko dhyan rkhna shi h... But career ke liye true love ke sath compromise... Its not good.. So keep loving


amazing movie the way the guy takes a revenge. the story is little different its one time watch but will enjoy. and specially the song pallu latke amazing



Balaji Gajanand Biradar

this film very good because this film based on love story ......all actor performance are very good in this film ..... arti acting is nice my opinion is film very nice good ....I love this film


very nice movie after a long time watched a good movie. nice work done by raj Kumar rao. must watch movie .story is very nice and story of 2 persons who lived in kanpur.


Sometimes, the Love stories need a twist and when it gets realistic, nothing like it. one can simply relate to the characters shown in the movie. Rajkumar Rao kills it as always.