Ittefaq Ittefaq

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what a wonderful movie. Full of suspense. Loved the way all the actors performed especially Akshay Khanna. he was outstanding. Even Sidhtharth


I saw this movie in January in Pune 2017 But how come it’s releasing date is showing of November 2017, please let me know the true date of this movie


Movie was a good thriller...!! I have watched the older version also...Thanks to the filmmakers that they dint put the same storyline...!! It was also full entertaunment...all in one pack...!! Good to see sonakshi sinha in a new avatar...!! Great job guys...!!


It was a very slow movie. The suspense was not upto the mark. Climax was as expected nothing interesting. You can not watch it for multiple times.


this can be the best from Bollywood in 2017.. i mean it wowed me in every aspect... However there can be mixed reviews about this, but from my point of view,it was awesome..


Suspense builds up earlier in the film but the banal climax disappoints. Acting holds the film to a certain extent, the film fails anyhow. A decent watch, do not expect anything exceptional of the hollywood class you've been feeding on since childhood that will regrettably leave you gutted, Keep your expectations low and the film will be a cakewalk, nothing cerebral just some timepass.

amit kumar

Worst movie, story was ruthless, the title should not be ittefaq but forced ittefaq it seems that zabardasti se story banayi ja rahi hai.. Waste of money and time


The best suspense thriller of the recent times. I wasn't able to guess the killer. Extremely good story but interest is lost gradually as the story proceeds. Superb story but wish ending was different(wish culprit was caught)


It’s really outstanding movie. Uh keep guessing who’s the killer it has suspense in every mode loved it super awesome movie. Haven’t seen such a great movie like this it’s my second favourite thriller movie


Good performances by all the lead actors. Cinematography captures the city and its dark moods perfectly. Remaking old films with some original inputs is good as a tribute, but its high time Bollywood came up with some original contemporary thrillers.


Power failure in between movie. Theatre didn't respond to that. No body answered our qsn. Inox ghatkopar is not good . Staff is not decent.


The suspense thriller the way ot was picturised and the acting of Sonakshi sinha and siddharth malhotra. The best character was of Alshay Khanna


Mr Khanna's acting is fab & twist in the story is also amazing. A nice one time watch. U won't get disappointed by the story & the plot. It keeps us engaged along with it.


2 murders, 2 suspects and 1 person who have done both murders but one thing was so bad that after person who have killed both had ran away then the police officer knows that we have forget to check the body report

Ameet S Karwande

Got to see nice suspense thriller after along time. Good work by Sonakshi & Siddharth. of course one time watch movie. I liked the end most not like a typical Bollywood movie.


I loved this movie.There was so much guessing in ur mind who is the murderer?.And this is the biggest achievement of this movie to involved audience's interest in this drama.Ending was quite shocking.Sidharth was first rate.Sonakshi Sinha was decent.But real surprise package was Akshaye Khanna.He was too good.He deserved all the awards for dis movie.Experience a murder mystery with only focus on story.No song,No extra drama.To the point and that's the biggest power point of a pure thriller.Pls watch this.


Movie was very nice ... suspense and climax was awesome.. liked the game played by hero.. after a long time such a good movie watched. Sonakshi has played a good role in the entire movie


I would still prefer the old one...but your pockets are full of money and you want to spend it anyway... then Akshay's performance​ will give you strength to survive this 😋😋😋


Much Similar to Crime Patrol episode on Sony TV. The twist in the plot is not surprising. Neither is the acting of all of the cast. Absolutely waste of time & money. Rather watch Murder on thr Orient Express.


The story line was terribly concieved and the screenplay was shoddy. It seemed like an uncanned old movie released under pressure. Expect better from Akshay for sure


It was although a perfect crime thriller but i expected little more. Story - 4/5 Acting - 3.5/5 Music - 3.5/5 Direction - 3/5 Best acting award goes to Akshaye Khanna


this movie was one of the best i have seen till now. its different from typical bollywood stories. the best part is its climax which leaves you so surprised that you definately cannot deny it being an amazing story.

trishna mistry

movie is amazing... story will hold u at the corner of ur seat... awesome climax...very well written and acted.. must watch....................


In India we have to promote this kind of movies. Lovely movie. Good direction, creating goes to all characters n story liner. Paise wasool movie.


A no nonsense movie... good performances... delight to watch Akshaye Khanna after so long... Siddharth Malhotra performs well, so does Sonakshi... no unnecessary drama or songs


Awesome movie...a gr8 work done all the 3 actors (Sid, Sonakshi and akshay khanna) . The story type is awesome n climax is killer. don't miss the starting and don't reveal the ending... pls go n watch it.


Like the acting of all actors, but story did come to know. There was no suspense as such at the end. Direction was good and bestest thing was no songs.


it is a must watch movie it has got a good story full of thrill and suspense! I appreciate the work done by sidharth sonakshi and akshay sir!


the movie was moving steadily making me feel that it'll be a normal Hindi drama but the twist in the rail was jaw dropping... the acting of akshay khannaa was good


if you like naqaab.. race.. race 2 you definitely loved this one.. if you see Saavdhan india or crime patrol.. you can easily predict the movie


A perfect murder mystery thriller feast after a long time.. fine creative remake with unpredictable suspense climax.nnFull marks to Akshay & Sid!


Not too gud. I was expecting more after reading some critical reviews.. But expectations were high Go and watch 1 time watch movie 2 stars from my side


Its after a long time, that bollywood has come up with such a great thriller. As per acting is concerned, Siddharth Malhotra was superb, Akshay Khan na was great and Sonakshi Sinha was good. This movie is definitely worth a watch.


Itefaq is the best thriller movie i have seen...the suspense is brilliant and the endings also the best not the same as normal hundi bollywood movies...and another plz dont trust the critics ratings...their choice is all about dowing the moral


Senseless movie. Silly climax. Crime Patrol is much better than this movie. Only positive thing in the movie was Akshayee Khanna and the title song of the movie. Watch at your own risk.

dear user

keeps viewers interested- subtle acting by all - less of melodrama - no unnecessary songs - akshay khanna seemed repetitive- like 36 china town

dear user

the conclusion was very good..but the entire movie was kinda boring because it revolved around the same thing..overall it was one time watch movie..


such a pathetic movie. not expected from Sid. such a slow movie, had to actually leave the theatre. it was a waste of time and money. need to go beyond


Never saw such a dark n grity film.i never understood how the time passed.i was in focus.literally everyone scene in this movie os unexpected.this movie gives a moral that don't judge a book by its cover.


One of the thriller movie, You will get to see best Acting of Akshay Khanna which is worth the price.., also suspenses created are the best one, And at least watch once..


Highly expected Suspense. Cliched. Direction Sucks. Some huge errors which clearly the team might have seen but still chose to ignore them !!!

Anil raut

Excellent gripping thriller. keeps you on the edge of the seat. Thought it is a remake, the story is handled differently. Akshay khanna rocks.


Awesome movie with a really cool twist. Must watch with Family and Friends. Nice acting by Akshay Khanna, Siddharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha.


The movie plot is superb. Amazing ending with an awesome twist. Akshay Khanna's performance is worth the money. I think you should watch this to enjoy your weekend.


Edge-of-the-seat thriller. Length of the film bodes well. Bravura performances and thank god!! no unnecessary songs or an item number in between.


good movie. one time watch. the twist or the suspense in the end is niice. didn't get to see the title song. Akshay Khanna is in a different role. inspite of the suspense , there were some funny moments worth seeing


Akshaye Khanna played his role exceptionally very well. Siddharth was terrific. The best thing is it's a non commercial movie.No songs in the movie i.e


sonakshi ji na hoti to movie me to better rahata ...maine inki last 3 movie dekhi bakwas acting ...this is movie is nice akshay and siddharth doing good job


After a long time a good thriller film has come. Akshay Khanna is real gem of the movie. Sonakshi and Siddharth are ok ok in acting. Worth a watch


After a long time..Bollywood managed to give us a intriguing thriller !!! climax is awesome and thankfully typical Bollywood end nahin Hai!!!


Highly recommended for thriller enthusiasts, great plot not even a single dull moment. Thumbs Up!!! The entire plot is just superb. Should have had songs also.


Concept of the movie was good. A Murder mystery where in the end the villian escape , heroin goes to jail and hero is pathetically helpless to do anything to save the situation. The concept being good and new, but it failed to capture the thrill involving a murder mystery. BGM was boring and scripting was loose. One good point was that there were no songs in the movie. Acceptable to me but not sure how the Indian crowd would receive it. I would give a rating of 3 on 5 for this movie.


first half is epic boring for a suspense thriller, somehow second half started to gather some moment, but the end was illogical. akshay khanna is superb in the movie. both the main leads failed to grab eyeballs, though the story could have been made interesting.


movie is a perfect one time watch and and can be enjoy the film ,as the tempo of the movie not slow . performance wise aksahay Khanna has rocked it and other actors performance was decent.


With two different versions of a crime incident, the movie does hold well with the fact that there aren't any songs to spoil the thrill. One time watch for a good screenplay.


you can watch one time. nice acting by all actor. you can watch this movie with your family also..akhsay khanna play a nice role in this movie.


very nice and taut movie.suspense was too good couples with great performance by Akshay good thing was there was no song in the movie


Good acting but I found the movie to be a bit slow, although the climax makes it worth watching. Giving it 3 rating because of the slowness.


Sidharth n Akshaye shine...Sonakhi is gud in her few appearances...the pace of the movie is little too slow...overall an Ok movie...the attempt to create suspense is gud...but could hv been better.Mandira Bedi could hv been utilised in a better manner.


bakvas meaning less movie can't see this movie paisa Sab vest ho Gaya Mera maja bhi Na aai or paresan ho Gaya theater me Sab ullu banane ki baat he juthhi movie he


awesome thriller, sidharth and akshaye justfies there roles,other ones also gud.sidharth acting skills are brushed day by day with gud roles.


Going in to the movie theater I was not sure what to expect as Bollywood in general boasts of very few good suspense/thriller movies. But ittefaq pleasantly surprised me as I was invested in the characters and couldn't predict what would come up next.


Liked the pace of the movie and the twists. Some of the story’s points did not look logical. The movie is good if no one tells you about it in advance.


The movie is able to grip the audience into suspense till the last minute. The climax is good but not thrilling enough. The acting is fine and Akshaye Khanna stands out. One-time watch.


The whole movie cannot allow you miss single minute, if you missed you will not get thrilled. Awesum suspense created and you cannot predict the ending.Actore did a wonderrul job especially Akshay and Siddharth.


loved the twist in movie ... super acting by all character. also loved the way end has been picturised.. co relations and connected VR well for all


great interesting till the end no song no love story suspense and thrilling ,................................................................


This movie is completely script ruled n director tried to show his skills to keep scrip up but 1st half is already out in trailer- prefer watch after interval.. Siddharth, Akshay charge money only 😛😛..


pls kearn from Varun .. back to back 9 hits ... backwaass movie..Siddharth please stop acting.. everytime we looses our money whenever we watch your film...


meaningless movie. Thoight of watching for Sonakshi atleast. but her role is very minimal. overall reasonless movie. waste of time. kept on waiting for something to happen till end

dear user

Overall movie was good but somehow I was able to trace the culprit, so it was not a great suspense thriller. Acting of 3 lead were good. Akshay Khanna should work in similar roles.


after a long time I came across a murder mystery with the feel of a real thriller. no songs, no added drama, no love affair. only a double murder mystery. from the first to the last minute there was utmost suspense.


Movie has a bollywood type twist so keeps in suspense and in climax it’s totally different. This is a bit long so can get bored.Enjoyable though.


It was an excellent movie, nice acting by every actor. Siddharth Malhotra was as usual awesome. The ending was superb.. But,,, just don't make my favorite hero, villain... yaa


thrilling, good ending, great performance by actors, didn't expect the ending to be so much thrilling, nice direction and screenplay, awesome movie, enjoyed it

dear user

Good suspense throughout the movie but in the end they made it too dramatic. means, to generate more thrill, they overly did the drama in the end. leaving that part aside, it was good.


Awesome story with unpredictable twists. It will keep you hooked to your seats. Good performances by the actors. Well directed and scripted.


Good Movie... good suspense, good direction & grip maintained throughout the end. All have played their role very well. Its a one time watch movie.


A simple plot with a great suspense. I loved it. All the actors did a great job. The beginning may seem to be boring but the movie takes great turns after the interval.

dear user

Could have been better. The original Ittefaq starring Rajesh Khanna and Nanda was awesome . This one is just a take of on a concept of kahani mein twist ... but i give it 3 stars for great acting expertise of Akshay Khanna. He did justice to the role for sure . rest it was average


Overall Good movie to watch. Sequel and Movie cinematography was brilliant. Suspense, Thrill and Mystery were all augmented properly. Movie does not have any songs still it would stick you to your chair.


it was just mindblowing...❤️❤️❤️❤️ I loved Siddharth's acting...❤️❤️❤️❤️ the mind-blowing twist at last added a pie to the cake 😍😍😍 must watch


it's a sad indication of our times that average movies are appreciated much beyond their worth. ittefaq is good simply bcoz it has no songs, moves at a decent pace and the direction is good. As far as the plot goes though, it is highly predictable. even the twist is expected. thank God for the acting though. movie is good.


good movie ...climax is just amazing...must watch...rare movies are showcased with such stories which excites you throughout...I can watch it again


not so good movie. was expecting a lot from this movie but got disappointed with the movie. had a very high expectations from this movie but in the end only disappointments


Movie is good. The plot & the Story are the Real Hero of this movie. Akshay is excellent; Sonakshi is good. as always Siddharth is blank page. Siddharth why are you so cold coffee in every role


Very nice movie. 2nd part is must for making it sensible. go find out why. Askhay Khanna is sperb like always. 😊 it was a very detailed movie. very nice


it is very good mystery thriller I will keep on the edge of ur seat through out the film and now let's talk about the acting. so sid was fab and akshaye just killed in his role.just watch it


After so long a worth watching murder mystry. The story keeps u on ur feet and make u do some efforts to use ur mind till the end thinking about who done it. Akshay Khanna steels the show with his humour. A worth watch.😍


A very predictable plot with no so good acted. Was disappointed.. Infect the movie made 30 odd years before was much better than this. It was okay to spent 100 ruppee on such moview and not more than that


They should read some Agatha Christie books before making such film. it's neither a thriller nor a sensible movie. there are contradictions mismatch and to cover all a hurried ending..


You know Bollywood has done a good job if you can't predict the end. Although the actors could have done a better job, just the script does the trick for this one.


worst movie of Siddharth malhotra...don't waste your money and time on this movie...very boring and confusing music and very waste


Good twist in the end, Akshaye Khanna steal the show with brilliant performance, Siddharth Malhotra was good. Sonakshi Sinha wasn't able to make an impact.

dear user

movie was as expected.. it was an awesome movie..! sonakshi nd sidhharth did well nd akshay as well..! the best think about this movie is you will never get bored..


nice script., but littlebit lagging. well tried. Siddarth superb action . Sonali looks good .. keep it up director. well done . experience good


The thriller is awesome outstanding movie. should watch it. Also acting and direction are good. They should make sequences or more thrilling movies like this.


A story line with twists no turns just a boring thriller which you must avoid...I won't recommend even a one time watch It can't be compared with old ittefaq


one can definately go who is bored of stupid bollywood stories, because this one is totally different 100% unpredictable end... unorthodox end


one time watch, predictable plot, good acting by Akhshay khanna and lead actors too. overall good time pass. can't expect Hollywood kind of twists


this story is inspired from a number of episodes of Savdhan India and a few of movies. if you do not have any work and feeling bored den you can watch this movie for once


Very Slow and worst part it also doesn’t end well . How can a culprit survive at the end and innocent suffers . Need to work a lot on the script


Sonakshi and Siddharth have done good job at acting. the script is little bit predictable however keeps you gripped and engrossed throughout.


superb timing amd cinemqtography..did well siddharth malhotra👌👌stunned by the ols one akshay's entry was not filmed much effective but 90/100.


A brilliant thriller with lot of unexpected twists. a story very well narrated. excellent screenplay and editing gives the story a solid baseline. I would say a must watch movie.


Good to go with, Story is good. don't feel bored anywhere keeps you on the seat. Acting is better. Akshay Khana looks fit. Watch it till end.


Akshay Khanna was awesome in the movie. Story was equally captivating.. never felt bored for any moment.. Sonakshi and Siddharth well complemented..


u can understand that how a person can be when he gets into a character nd this movie is fact giving example how a person changes nd how he acts as he is nd the act in movie is ossim


awesome this movie is full off suspense . the story is fantastic director have a very clever thinking and the roll is made for the artists . i just love it


happy endings are too mainstream, they tried something new and made a great story! SRK is investing brilliantly! but most importantly Akshay Khanna, amazing work done!!


I liked this suspence drama ... It kept me curious throughout the film to know who is murderer ... Actually When I saw it second time then I understood and corelate each sequence properly ... Kudos to Akshay Khanna ...

dear user

Plz dont watch this movie... No point in wasting money. Very slow movie... worst acting... direction. No Suspense ... waste of money... bad movie... waster


what a movie!!! great plot and a great presentation. must watch! don’t bother about what critics are writing ... their review is humbug! great acting by all!


Good acting by akshaye khanna and some nice cinematography.. But end could have been more surprising, turn on its head type.. Can watch if u have nothibg else do do..


Gripping story, the mystery gets revealed at the last moment of movie... casting is good... all the lead cast did very good. Specially Akshay and Siddharth did a very good job.


decent climax, although the movie does lose pace in the middle which weighs it down. and I hate the fact that Indian films try explaining everything at the end.


Nice crime story in Bollywood after a long time. I liked the climax and happy that director didn't show the hero stopping the plane on runway :D it's surely off the track of stereotype Bollywood stories

Vikram Dhere

The story goes averagely well but misses a good interlink. Suspense at the end is well taken . End of the film not proper. Akshay Khanna and Sonakshi Sinha have done a good job. Sonakshi has a limited role. Overall film is ok and not boaring at all.


AWESOME!!!!! This is a must watch movie. I loved it. The climax was the best. Akshay Khanna, Siddharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha were great.


Surprisingly short and crisp. The story and the suspense actually made some sense unlike other Bollywood movies where elements are forced into the plotline. Very good direction which does justice to the brillantly written script. And thank god there were no songs!


amazing storyline and super suspense thriller..Akshay Khanna and Siddharth Malhotra did superb job.. Director had perfect vision while working on the story


The film is a neo-noir driven whoodunit thriller which is a rare attempt in Bollywood. It has a kind of Hitchcock feel in its approach and the narration has the flavour of a classic thriller story. The story is fast paced and highly gripping which will keep you guessing till the very end. Hats off to newcomer director Abhay Chopra for his brilliant direction and also keeping the film songless which would have diluted the intense thriller atmosphere. There are also a few funny dialouges which occassionally lightens up the mood. Akshay Khanna was simply superb in his role. Sidharth and Sonakshi did quite well in their roles as well. A must watch for those who love those classic thrillers.


luved sonakshi and sidd...akshaye we want ti see u more in cinemas. the end was the best part. i saw the original its different and shud not be compared with the new one. it's GenX Ittefaaq.


good acting by the leads and a decent story. Keeps us guessing till the end. very nicely picturised. The best part is that there are no unnecessary songs.


Nice Movie ... Worth Watching.. Slow screenplay.. twist screenplay.. Extraordinary.. Sonakshi superbb... 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Keeps u at the hook all the time. No songs whatever for distraction. Strong performances by the entire cast. Special mention has to go to Akshay Cinema for playing his cop act to near perfection and with utmost ease and finesse.


It's a one time watch movie, even though You must watch it. And watch it in multiplex, so you will not miss any scene or dialogue. It's a nice murder mystery, better than an ordinary Bollywood movie. Akshay khanna was impressive. Yeah it is a nice movie.


Superbb movie This movie was too good. Please ye movie jarur dekhiyega last tak suspense tha one time watchable movie. Go with your family or friends.

Vinod Bhandari

We was not at all enjoyable. though having suspense formula , it did not entertain at all. I think the director was not sure hiw to proceed and depict the characters . how can all police force behave like fools save and except Akshay. ?


This movie has all the content which a thriller n suspense demands. Pack of five with action thriller suspense drama and crime. Sid and sonakshi has perform their best with realistic performances. Worth to watch.


I have not seen old Itefaq casting Rajesh Khanna, but I felt story was bit different and the curiosity was built up slowly and constantly. Good thing no songs were included in movie which distract the viewer's attention.


Akshay Khanna- Good Job as Usual Sidharth Malhotra- Nothing New Sonakshi Sinha- Good Work Story Line- Superbb Time Duration- Completely Worth it Direction- Something Missed but Good


awesome movie...good grip...story was moving one step to another... end was awesome. must watch... nice movie after such a long time...


Ittefaq is an edge of the seat thriller. Akshaye Khanna is back with a bang. Siddarth Malhotra does justice to his role. A must watch for all suspense thriller fans


Good acting by Akshya Khanna and Siddhartha Kapoor. Sonakshi is so so. Good picturization and location. Story was not impressive. But good entertainment.


If you guess the climax you will cherish your yahoo moment but those who can't just enjoy good performances canvassed through a fairly twisted crime thriller. A new genre of cinema least explored. Actor like Sonakshi can act with her beautiful eyes, Akshay a powerful perfomer,Siddharth an underdog indeed. Cheers!


Not upto the mark. sonakshi can act . akshay khanna was the only attraction of the film. else there is a twist in the last 10 minutes which is good. else evrything was not that good


.nice movie ...but little bit story exaggerated.. but all over nice movie ... suspense movie ...u must watch it nice acting of Akshay Khanna


story is weak. the crime plot could have been better. the investigation is hardly the best one could have hoped for. In this age of better crime thrillers, this movie felt worse than some crime thrillers on TV! our beloved CID is better!


The movie was great. A great amount suspense runs along the movie progresses. Akshay Khanna did a great job. Everytime you think you think you have solved the mistery every time you will be amazed knowing the truth. Finding the truth in an investigation is all the movie is about. Siddharth and Sonakshi did a great job. no songs are there.. which is great. Watching this won't waste your money. This is not some mediocre stupid bollywood box office hit movie.


The Best things about this movie was tge suspense it was "An Edge of the Seat Entertaining Movie" And the best part of the suspense was it was realistic and can be possible in real lofe situation and "FABULOUS END" THE END TOOK THE MOVIE TO A GREAT HEIGHT.


one time watch for entertainment, don't have to invest much on movie fair, 150 is enough. movie had created lot of suspense but we were aware on the climax


I think within the next 5-10 years this pretty boy is going to be the next gen superstar. He deserves it , undoubtedly. Doesn’t matter whether his past films didn’t mint money , the thing that matters is performance. I salute Siddharth Malhotra.

Jyoti Bhushan Verma

A very bad copy of Ittefaq. Sonakshi had no facial expression and she was looking like she was forced to do this movie. Very poor double meaning jokes.


It was quite interesting with suspense and suspects rocking from one to another and nice twists! I haven't seen the original vintage but this one too is very good!


the suspense is so great the movie makes u sit and force to think everytime. after a long time thins type of movie came into bollywood a must watch


well to begin with, the trailer is made really good and so good that it covers complete movie before interval. there is very less thrill in finding out about the killer. the way the investigation proceeds is totally bits and pieces. I am certain that that’s not the way real investigation proceeds. ittefak is just very little part of the movie, so the title also doesn’t go much with the content. the final confession is really pathetic. the reality dawning is not very clear. Sonakshi is a nice actress, Akshay Khanna did okay job and Siddharth Malhotra is nowhere near.

dear user

excellent work by Akshay Khanna good expression only on face of a police officer i will see once again .rest everything in film is ok only criminal not caught


although the movie got good reviews but still there were other movies belonging to similar genre with not so famous starcast but still they are much better


it was long that someone bought such a story on table. amazing actors and superb direction has made this movie wonderful piece. The story teller makes sure that he keeps you engaged till the end of the story, and when you think the end is there, it starts yet another time.


after a long time...nail biting murder mystery...good unwanted glamour or songs...bollywood should catch up with hollywood standard by making story oriented movies instead of unwanted heroism

ad corp

luv to see such stories ....where smart criminal escape! !! Great to see the binding of story no any technical glitches in the screen play


good movie, thriller , Sonakshi s acting a good Siddharth is ok, AKSHAY Khanna is d best in movie, nice funny with fun punches , one should defntly watch it


One time watch... All character played really well. After a long day I saw a suspense movie having really a good script..Nice thriller.. And last punch was superb..


The guilty is spared and the innocent is arrested...that story line at the climax can not be digested so easily. Screenplay is boring though the movie is only 100 mints.


Pehle Rukh aur ab Ittefaq,do lagatar acchi thriller movies di hain bollywood ne.. Picture badhia hai,screenplay,direction faadu hai..lagta hi nhi k abhay chopra ki pehli film h..story thodi si baasi hai and sari thriller movie ki trh isme bhi aap predict kr skte ho k kaun khooni hai..lekin perfomance acchi hai sbki..sonakshi,siddhartha sb thik hai..akshaye khanna ne fir se apni acting ka loha manvaya hai...thoda bht comedy bhi hai.. Kul milakar ye movie dekhni chahie..


Akshay Khanna + Suspense = Paisa vasool entertainment. It's a different from rest of the suspense thriller movies till date. I bet you can't figure it out till the last Ten minutes of the movie. A must watch. 😍


the story line is amazing...detailed are highlighted and you should really watch it if you love crime scenes or etc...because it is a well directed film😍😍😍


sense less movie to watch... lots of confusion...poor acting by all charcters ... .if u don't have any things to do ..just go for it esle ...


good suspense and ending, I like akshay khanna acting and intact everybody did a good job. its good budget movie based on some novel. great movie


One of the better movies in recent times. Not overrated, but good with good acting from all.nWorth a watch


lame movie, only at the end the climax revelation was but ok. otherwise it was a stupid movie time waste totally. the end was disappointing the movie could have been much better


Nice story will written screenplay works for this movie. Akshay Khanna is a treat to watch.. others have lended able support. Must watch for Akshay Khanna fans


excellent movie..great suspense.must watch songs in the movie so no waste of time..great.i like these type of suspense thriller movie


it will force you use your brain till the ending. nice movie. great mistery and suspense. good thriller. everyone can watch this movie. breath taking movie


goof directorial venture and it was a great fun.. good suspense.. akshay khanna rocks even sid and sonakshi did a good job.. must watch.. a great thriller and murder suspense


Finally Bollywood is catching up to the already various hit regional cinematic genre of thriller, if not at Hollywood level. We should encourage this. The major actors have done a great job in this movie compared to their foregoing list of movies.


Content that grips your attention consistently till the end. Well weaved storyline and crisp direction. Slightly predictable towards the end. Good for one time watch.


movie was ok... Akshay Khanna delivered a superb performance... what could be said best about this movie for hia part.. plot had loop holes and you probably know what is gonna happen next...


Siddharth malhotra you. rock I love this movie and end was like wow. Siddharth malhotra acting .to good or Akshay khanna. also .love you Maya😉😉


Best crime suspense Bollywood movie ever made . No words for Akshay Khanna's acting . He was absolutely great !! Must watch . Siddharth Malhotra was also good . Story was interesting with great suspense till the last few minutes .


Story is predictable , but Second half is good. they could have made story still more interesting ... it's actually like savadhan India episode.


Akshaye Khanna was superb in the movie and the overall production is good. Worth a watch. It’s not an exact remake of the earlier Rajesh Khanna movie


Overall movie was OK... But the climax was unexpected... Only because of the climax the movie turns out to be good... Akshay Khanna is fantastic in his police role...


Good suspense movie. The end of the was like real life, it was good to watch. There was no chance for guess. There were few important points which were skipped/not shown in detail.


a story with thrilling and unexpected ending excellent narration Siddharth's action is peak and sonakshi actually steals the heartthrob of movie lovers


It is a must watch. If you have watched it then you good. But if not then what are you doing with your life?? Go ahead, book your tickets and go.


even crime petrol police are more capable to find the guilty in good manner. I don't know why this movie is made even we have lot of crime series on our TV. its good to have enjoy with crime petrol and savdhaan india in lieu of watching this movie .


The Film was expectedly a bit of underexpected by the People who watched the Rajesh Khanna - Nanda Original...but the issue here was the last twist which was unexplically trite ... Still couldn't get how did The Murderer get Inspector Gautam's phone... wonder if the Movie was cut on their show of 8 pm at INOX Ghatkopar...Some one will please explain?


anti climax was the best part of the film. acting of akshaye khanna and Siddharth Malhotra was upto the mark. enjoyed every moment of the film. best part was there was no songs in the film


the MOVIE was fabulous all the characters were done fantanstic comedyy we all enjoyed a alot... it was a fully comedyy and action movie as aspects by the director rohit sir...😊


Good Atepmt to Remake of old Itefaq!! Good script, Good acting by all Stars especially #akhay khanna 😇🤗 Akshay Khanna is always been a good actor. just wonder why he didn't do films in recent past. However, last moment track change is the game changer of the movie. loved it. but no songs... was expecting raat baaki song but that is also not there.. 😧

Ateendra Kumar

ittefaq is supposedly a crime thriller. but it more about the end than the journey. the script has a good end but the conversation during interrogation was boring... 3/5 for the decent attempt


story bakwas 6 nd movie ma kai che nai koi jova nai jata paisa padi jase mafat batVe to pn nai jovanu plz aava movie banavanu bandh kro kai to story ma rKho


Good Story . Great Acting & Bold Performance buy all artists I didn't feel even a little bored watching this film. Full of thrill & suspense. A Movie worth watching

dear user

its a mind changer. it makes you think so much until you are fed up and don’t care about it anymore. but the movies is great. it makes you believe that one person is the killer but it’s actually the other person who has murdered both of them.


one of d best directed movie in recent times. bt siddharth malhotra is disappointing. irrfan khan or akshay kumar in his role would have made d film a blockbuster. akshay khanna is d best in his role. due to poor background music, d movie loses its hold in creating d aura of a mystery thriller. one timw watch.


the best suspense movie after a long time in Bollywood akshay khanna acting was superb and sonakshi and siddhart also done great I will rate this movie 4 star


Without focusing the style in most of current thrillers, Ittefaq was very much faithful in its substance and story. A gripping plot and a stunner Akshaye steal the show completely.


oh my god what a waste of money never thought it would be such a abnoious movie never ever see a dharma dramatic movies utter flop bad talent showcase

Guru Nanak

nice. good to watch. timepass. paisa vasool (try to get cashback on ticket). Akshay was good so was Siddharth. Nice and somewhat predictable suspense in the end.


wonderful story !! director had a great knowledge about the story ! on the whole was a good mysterious movie , with suspicions , murders ! watch it for sure and don't reveal the secret " don't become spoilers "😎


you can guess the end at start only. and nothing new is offered in this movie. only survival is little bit of comedy that Akshay Khanna provide that's it.


Good film. Watched a good suspense thriller in a very long time. All the actors have a done an amazing job. Specially Akshay Khanna... Loved his role. Please do watch... Can't guess the suspense till the end.


worst movie ever seen[ if possible pls return our money too) the movie could be good but v cant even see that ray of hope...much better movies to watch are qarib qarib single and shadi me zaroor aana..but back to ittefaqq ..i actually dont know how to rate this movie it is so bad to judge and totally a waste of your time plzz dont go nd waste ur money and more importantly your time


it's a good one time watch the acting of Akshay Khana is our standing,watch the movie for his acting skills the suspense is OK,yet there is interest till the end


Great Acting by everyone involved and good suspense to the story.. A Great watch!! It seems inspired from a variety of crime thriller movies in hollywood but with a taste of bollywood indianess to it!! Go for it!! Good comeback for Akshaye Khanna after a long time !!


This is Siddharth's best movie so far but this time I liked Akshaye Khanna more.. He is a fabulous actor. I would say this movie can be watched one more time without any regret. Paisa vasool!!


Superb Direction, Wonderful Performances and an Engaging Screenplay makes this thriller a must watch. Akshaye Khanna stole the show. Siddharth Malhotra has given a good performance after Ek Villain


we don't really get to see great suspense or thrillers in Bollywood but this is one which won't disappoint at all. Akshaye Khanna is just a treat to watch.