The Nun The Nun


99% with 269 votes

Drama, Thriller, Horror,

Taissa Farmiga Jonas Bloquet Demian Bichir Bonnie Aarons Charlotte Hope Ingrid Bisu Jonny Coyne Mark Steger

Ken Blackwell, James Wan, Gary Dauberman, Peter Safran, Maxime Alexandre, Michel Aller, Corin Hardy, Abel Korzeniowski,

Total Rating 4.95

A priest is sent to Rome in order to investigate the mysterious death of a nun, which is where he confronts a malicious force in form of a demonic nun, Valac.


There was not so much gud as expected as conjuring 2.We had experienced more horror movie so expecting this more in conjuring 2 we thought we might get more scared but it waz not...


The film was done well regarding conveying the story, but wasn't as scary. Depicted as a prequel to The Conjuring. The makeup was awesome as usual for Valak.


sure to give us jitters . although expected a bit more horrifying scenes , nevertheless not disappointed by the presentation. must see during night


what i suggest is if you want to spent some time in theater irrespective of what you see, this is the best movie for you.And even your five year old child wont get feared so 100% family movie.


I normally get scared even when door closes unexpectedly. But in this movie I was able to relax, sleep and think about my life really well. Horror Movie? Haah!