Aksar 2 Aksar 2

1 hrs 57 mins


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Aksar 2 is just an average thriller. There was so much potential to turn it into a dark n erotic drama, but sadly, this did not happen. U have the usual parameters like love, lust, seduction n betrayal. There is a good twist, but u need to wait till the end. Talented Dubey is wasted, tho she is there throughout the film. Zarine Khan looks hot but there should have been some more oomph factor. She has a strong role tho. The heroes r okay. The music is average. Rating 2.5/5.


movies is very suspension but story is not good this side is good for a booking for a movies show to book very simple and simple ways every parson use


gud hot movie worth watching entirely shot abroad gud direction Paisa basil hai don't miss very gud big release like multistarcast biggest film


this movie is full of new faces but they aren't new when it comes to small screen although it's a good film but climax of this movie is not very good

Niraj Vyas

This movie is excellent catagory movie in suspence & thrill as well as very good songs by Arijit Singh. i am very much impressed this film..


waste of time.. don't go to watch this type of movie.. not good story not like a loving ... and more ... waste of time.. shadi me jarur aana is a good movie.. inspired a person from that one.. we can watch with family...


Pointless movie πŸ˜ƒone shuld nt waste your tym watching this movie waste of money and tym aswell I am rating it half Star whereas it does not deserve half star also


Good Drama Movie &Jarin Khan Was,, once Again Perfectly Act Of the your Character ,,&All of them The Story Was Nice To Handle All star Cast,, .she is the Completed Of a Good Movie


it's b grade movie. Script of this movie is downgrade. jareen only exposed in this movie. you will waste your two hours time to watch movie.

Vijay Raj

Everything in the movie was happening without any strong reason. Could not understand, where director wanted to reach in his movie. Full bakwaas.


Worst Movie, No such plot to take over, Loose script and worst acting by all the actors.. Zareen tried to do something but failed miserably.. Only good music.. Not worth watching, pure waste of time..


Try not to mis this one.. it has some brilliant acting skills of the entire cast, combined with some great catchy dialogs.. the suspense is not that great, in fact, quite predictable. But still, you'll enjoy the movie overall.


the movie is gripping. good songs. among all the actors Zareen khan has given the best performance. the background score is the best last of the movie. sreeshant delivers.a good one.

Cross White

Y guys y u make this kind of movies. AAgar paisay zada hay tho the plz garib ko daido. Tumara bhala tho bhi hoga. EEisa movies nikal kai kuy paisay wast karay yar.


bakwas movie ..money waste, time waste. story is so boring ...don't waste ur money on this movie ..faltuu ... aksar was awesome ... zarine Khan looks hot

Deepak Parekh

I never seen such a perfect crime thriller with very tight & unpredictable script.congratulations to director .reminds me James hadely chase


thik thik hai one time dekh sakte hai baki khas story nahi hai kam chalai hai all characters so I think this film is not success fir long time.


go to c beautiful zarine khan...odrwise story has no base no perfect story...ok one time watch...nothing like suspence...u can easily judge the entire story easily as my hubby did...lol


Zareen ko dekh ne k liye jaav... story is little slow nice mystery, but end of d movie usless Acting of Male actors its not soo good n not too good dialogues n songs.. But ZAREEN Chaa gayi...


Waste of Money, Only Hot seens not any good story, Bakwas Story... Heckned Story... third Class Movie... So anyone Don't see this movie...


Not very nuch interesting. Only zareena is hot and rest is too cool not much bgm and not nuch eye catching . you can watch for once not more.


There was no story... It was just bold scenes container... No story, nothing was done in professional manner.. There was only interested thing Zarin khan and location... That's it.


ok in making could have done better and crated an exciting thriller movie direction poor cinematography is good background music poor and no meaningful. songs


The movie was very short and didn't had a good story as there was no hero or no fight, and overall the movie was boring and was a adult rated movie but didn't has anything to do with adults.


Aksar2 its ok. The film has been loves by their songs and new character of Sreesanth and Gautam... excepting for the same Zareen's character.


etna bakwaas movie Aj tk ni dekhe the. mera time aur paisa waste ho gyaa. about movie story kuc khas ni h na hii jyada romance h only 2,3 seans h


bokka film waste of money and also time bore film but the movie plot can be taken very interestingly poor direction songs are ok but bjm was very poor

Aneime lover

do not go for this movie worst screen play such a brat!! story totally complicated not fun time movie. acting is too bad by every single actor like they don't getting payment for this I made a mistake if u wanna watch this movie then download it but do not go in theatres


worst movie the movie no story no good song no value if say in one line dont waste your money to see the movie value less moneywaste faltu bakwaas boring


A complicated story...every character seems to be shady..just going through the motions ...weak music..lousy screen play..and mundane acting...a trip of paid torture...


Very complicated movieπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ . Some times i'm not understand this movie's story..πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• πŸ˜•But zareen khan is too hot and too good😍😍😍😍


there is no story and not done actors well acting this is not reached upto audience expectations and in this movie songs also not good its hard to give 0.5points also if there is below 0.5 i will gove that points also!!!


plz do not waste of money this movie is boring i have not good picture as you wish this movie i have rating 5/0 star waste of money this movie aksar 2


no movie script line unguided movie useless money to see this movie. bad movie no story line πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž. not see anyone their money lost. in this useless movie


They could have kept it less confusing and more of suspense. The story concept was very good but could have been executed in a better way. Anything above 2 hrs wud have been a torture. Thanks it was a shorter movie


not like a good movie but we can say as a average movie the role of Zarine was good n the Suspense was good but I rate movie as a average...


Aksar 2 is a movie that begins well, but quickly crumbles to a point of no return.


worst movie ever i Seen i can’t handle this after lunch, acting was very bad story was not good even songs are very bad dnt waste ur time and money


so please don't watch this movie Akshar 2 its only pakao movie otherwise your choice yes or no ok by by. the movie is only turn-by-turn create the peopleand new plan so I don't but I will you attention you don't watch this movie because I really think about the movie is very pakao yaar


end was not as per expectations...not a good movie...worst movie as the title and the story is not good...wastage of money... wastage of time...


bcoz zero is not an option. waste of time, waste of money . there is nothing to see, unwanted kissing in the first 30 mins feels even worse.


totally faltu . No story. No suspension even. Just a boring movie. people should really protest again such movie. don't waist your time and money.


worst movie neither story nor any suspense money waste.Actors are acting as just they have been forced to act.Simply zarine is showing off which only is not sufficient to earn for this movie.


if you want to see bold scenes then only go to watch movie otherwise rest in your home is better to watch this movie...don't waste your money


Zarine Khan's role was brilliant in the movie. Then the role of Gautam Rode was also good. The movie really features How often you feel the trap. The second half of the movie was more interesting than the first half.


Not bad story. but overall casting and places are awesome...jareen khan acting is good and looking was very hot...some seens are very bad...


please don't watch this movie. This will totally waste ur time. This is my second worst movie. if u r planning to watch this please don't...


Afsos ki "Aksar 2" has neither Emran Hashmi nor Himesh Reshammiya (remember "Jhalak Dikhla ja"?) ,otherwise the plot has suspense which starts well generating some curiosity but later on despite being unpredictable, it loses grip and make you feel confused at times. The actors carry the same expressions throughout which is a bit unbearable, surprisingly the only actor who is at ease is Sreesanth in his debut. not a bad movie but not recommended to be watched in theatres... TV pe chalta hai...


isse ghatiya aur wahiyat film banane ki zarurat nahi hai director sahab kyu banate ho sirf paisa hi kamane ka hai kya story me kya hai sachi itni ghtiya film by god


only for Zareen khan else hopeless movie without understanding whats going on totally bouncer not in line up only aksar 2 name is getting collection


The two and half star for only zarine khan Story was bad but suspense was good The acting was by the new actors was boring zarine khan will always good actress and gorgeous.


nice movie yeah movie bahut achha hai ya movie Kasav song bahut achha hai aur haan movie main story bhi acchi hai par Ja movie Mein Ek cheez ΰ€…ΰ€šΰ₯ΰ€›ΰ€Ύ ΰ€Ήΰ₯ˆ

Jitendra Jain

wast of time ... not interested movie... ek dam bakwas agar Sona he to jaana over all money West movie.. not thrilling and no so much Roman's


bakwas is se achi imran hashmi ki thi bas thode sense bold hai kafi story line full of bakwas songs ache hai location achi hai bas or kuch nahi hai tareef k liye 🀬


Enjoyed the story πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ. #Zarin is WowπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‡. #Guys be #careful from a #girl like her...πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ. #Do watch this #movie πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ I would see this movie again.


Worst ending plot didn't scintillate the audience Could have had a better ending as everyone just died at the end. audience came out stating the movie had eaten their head for 3 hrs


aksar movie wz better thn this one this I a worst part of aksar bakwas movie plz dnt watch save ur money and tym better to give ur money for charity purpose bt not to this movei


its just a body show of Zareen nothing else!!Direction and story is too bad..i dont know why they titled it Aksar 2..its not even 1% of the last one..I jave totally bored and wasted my time to watch it.My gf also angry on me bcoz she was saying to watch shaadi me zaroor aana..


No suspense, no thriller, No timepass, if u want to watch the movie u just wate your time and money both. So my suggestion is don't waste time and money.


Story nice but the way to direct the movie not good i th ink with this story this movie was make more perfectly rather than this nice but i expected more with this movie


no need to watch...if you watch it give you headache...no good direction and song sucks you much very wahiyat story and screenplay.. don't watch.


Good Movie if you can understand. Not Too Good, in the Bollywood criteria, mostly movies are useless or faltu. so better movie than other Bollywood movie like badribhai.


As I have thought it will worth to spend the money but it's really boring no romance nothing waste of money totally waste everything. Askar 2 just for name


good enough to watch for once.the characters can do more better.but acting was average.to be frank there was no good performance done by anyone excluding the kambata mam.


I think all the actors were new or have not worked since long in this movie ,except Zareen Khan. In my opinion we should welcome the new stars and their work to make them motivated for doing best in their next project ... what if the movie is of a big celeb but with the same story people would have appreciated for bakwas movie also but here when the faces are new people are criticising by saying β€˜BAKWAS MoVie’ and all ... In my opinion you should watch first than u present your view point. I appreciate every new face work so I rated a 5 star 😊


Story is not for the hit level. Role of Zareen Khan is nice but storyline is revolving only around property. Movie ends with Gyp & cabel. Some dialogue in the movie have no real existence but for peer fun.


Nicely made thriller. Fun to watch. Abhinav Shukla is good. Liked first half more than the second one. So g at the end was not required. All in all the Editor has done a good job


Not even one time watch movie bakwas 3 rd grad movie... Story acting nd first fall heroine acting 3 rd grad nd almost movie 3 rd grad aksar 2...


story was good, but slow in middle, lack of strong star cast, but location of shooting is awesome, songs are week.dil manata nahi ki asisa hoga, means just time waste Movie.


Its doesn't deserve a single star, but the app is not allowing to proceed further without putting star. Completely wastage of time and money together


it's 3rd class movie no acting no story no screenplay no comedy no action nothing is there in this movie I totally lost my money and time I think this movie is not eligible for even half star


The movie is average but acting, songs is awesome, All team does a Great job, Storyline can be good but it's Ok, The movie is totally different from Aksar.


It was superb,it was really fantastic and awesome, the story was quite interesting. Cricket player as an actor was outstanding. The romance and thriller scenes were fabulous.


The 2nd half of the movie was very interesting. Audience were occupied with the suspense. Overall, can't compare with Aksar, Aksar 2 is a good movie and worth watching it


Quite often... AKSAR these kind of thrillers are slow , trying to build on to the narrative & this 2 is also no different Nothing to do with the 2006 AKSAR but for the DIRECTOR this one is a different story & with AN all different cast but does not fall short of keeping the audience in the guessing game of the MANIPULATION being played by all the principal characters of the story against the WEALTHY OLD LADY ( LILLETE DUBBEY MISCAST HERE )THE performances AKSAR in these movies really don't matter and any other struggling or unsuccessful ACTOR/ ACTRESS could have been better or worse than all here be it ZAREEN KHAN-GAUTAM RODE- MOHIT MADAN-ABHINAV SHUKLA-DENSIL SMITH...Even S SREESANTH the cricketer making his debut is AVERAGE but it's the DIRECTOR ANANT R MAHADEVAN who is the REAL HERO of this THRILLER... a good screenplay, crispy editing , pleasing locales , nice music including the background score & A R MAHADEVAN gets it right & makes AKSAR 2 WORTH VIEWING in it's GENRE


waste of time and money.nothing in this film for watch.boring repeated story.zareen is not fit for the role.very bad script.no thrilling fill in a thriller film.


rubbish movie...aksar was much better...in this movie it is predictable that who was the culprit and there was less suspense as compared to other movie...WASTAGE OF TIME


this movie is a movie whith lots of twists and turns it builds up the suspense shifting from one perosn to another as mrs khambhats will becomes open its a good movie not an edge of the seat thriller but definitely a movie with twists and turns which makes u spin in the head all have good performances but the hero of the movie is the twist and the heroine turn


full time waste movie and one of the worst movie of the year all the characters are bad acting actually I didn't know the story hmm not making this kind of movie again


pathetic Movie don't waste ur time money n petrol .any kid can judge what's going to happen next.just don't waste ur money ..3 hot songs but don't like it


The movie was good suspense thriller. Highly unpredictable climax . Good performance by Gauram Rode and the entire team . Should pickup during the weekend.


Kya socha tha kya movie nikli bore story me dum nahi presentation bekar hot scenes kachra the overall time waist money waist isse aksar 1 kafi kafi achhi thi


the movie was great and specially the character played by Mohit Madaan. zareen was also good and good to see s sheesanth on the main screens


The plot, the lead characters, the twist and turns, the cinematography and all well spiced.the first half creates all excitements and build tangles which get loosen as film advances to the end.


Such a waste movie,, first half is just pack of kissing scenes,, but second half will make u so boring.. Please dont waste ur valuable money for this movie.. Better go for justice league..


story was good but execution was not and songs were also not nice as it was in aksar 1.the movie feels too boring in between and climax also not upto the mark.


hot looking zarina Khan in movies and mast song in full movies all chartered are very nice acting and full movies is awesome and grocy and k


Story Is Good But Execution Is Not As well As Aksar2. After 1st half Movie has Everything to stick To the screen by audience But Their is not such acting done By actors that like.whorse ending also.


awesome story all character are best story line is perfect a perfect revenge story everyone should must go n watch atleast once songs are also good


Movie Was Good But Story Acchi Nahi Hai.. Nind AA Jaye Aisi Hai..After Interval Little Intrested Topic But It Was So Boring Faltu Movie.. Hate Story 3 Acchi Thi.


It’s rightly said, β€˜Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer’.nneed to watch this movie for a edge-of-the-seat thiller! Music already amazing but you cant't guess the ending! Performance of all the actors are applauding! Great story!


Well .it should be hit.story, location ,songs everything is good.I appreciate the work of Gautam rode sir.and also of whole team.I don't think Aksar 2 should be compared with Aksar.There is a difference between two.only theme is same.


trailer is short but whole movie is best ..i like it .. because i like suspense movie ..i would like to tell my friends that please watch this movie aksar 2