Aksar 2 Aksar 2

1 hrs 57 mins


53% with 3,652 votes

Drama, Romance, Thriller,

Lillete Dubey Denzil Smith S. Sreesanth Abhinav Shukla Gautam Rode Sofia Hayat Mohit Madan Zareen Khan

Ananth Mahadevan, Narendra Bajaj, Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, Mithoon Sharma, Chirag Bajaj, Amit Mishra, Arijit Singh, Mithun Sharma,

Total Rating 2.65

After the governess of an aging billionaire, Mrs. Khambatta, dies she asks her financial manager, Pat, to recruit another elderly lady. However, Pat convinces Mrs. Khambatta to hire a young Sheena Roy, who soon becomes his infatuation. Pat then forces Sheena to return the favor and makes amorous advances towards her. Having no choice, Sheen submits to Pat but does not disclose this to her boyfriend Ricky. However, after Pat spends the evening with Sheena, he finds out a secret about Mrs. Khambattas will and soon finds himself in the middle of a scandal that could destroy his life.


movies is very suspension but story is not good this side is good for a booking for a movies show to book very simple and simple ways every parson use


gud hot movie worth watching entirely shot abroad gud direction Paisa basil hai don't miss very gud big release like multistarcast biggest film


this movie is full of new faces but they aren't new when it comes to small screen although it's a good film but climax of this movie is not very good

Niraj Vyas

This movie is excellent catagory movie in suspence & thrill as well as very good songs by Arijit Singh. i am very much impressed this film..


waste of time.. don't go to watch this type of movie.. not good story not like a loving ... and more ... waste of time.. shadi me jarur aana is a good movie.. inspired a person from that one.. we can watch with family...