Pari Pari

2 hrs 17 mins


66% with 57,868 votes

Drama, Thriller, Crime, Horror,

Anushka Sharma Parambrata Chatterjee Dibyendu Bhattacharya Rajat Kapoor Mysskin Ram Shamna Kasim Ritabhari Chakraborty Mansi Multani Rajat Sharma

Anushka Sharma, Anupam Roy, Mysskin, Manas Mittal, Arrol Corelli, Abhishek Banerjee, Prosit Roy, Karnesh Sharma, Ketan Sodha, Jishnu Bhattacharjee, G. R. Adithya,

Total Rating 3.3

Arnab a typical Bengali man is making his way back to Kolkata after meeting a girl, the arranged marriage way. He and his parents liked the girl and marriage is on the cards. But suddenly, there is an accident. His car hits an old woman. They take her to the hospital. But she dies on the way. This is how Arnab meets Rukhsana. The daughter of the old woman is a mysterious girl who lives in a hut outside a village with a few dogs and whose mother always shackled her to a pole with metal chains before she left house. The news of her mothers death spreads. A Professor from Bangladesh immediately flies to India and is now out to get Rukhsana. He gathers a mob and attacks Rukhsana with the motive to kill her. But she escapes and makes her way to Arnabs house. She barely knows the place, and the apartment is locked from inside, yet when Arnab awakes that night, he finds her in his room, trembling with fear. She refuses to leave him. Arnab has no option but to keep her. Slowly, he starts enjoying her company. She is strange and mysterious. She doesnt have any idea about modern day living. She has never used a TV, a phone or a refrigerator ever. She is very careful about her nails and cuts her nails daily and when she cant find the nail cutter, she gets paranoid and tries to cut them with the kitchen knife. Fear permeates her very being. A scary face haunts her dreams. A face that whispers her name... Slowly, the friendship turns into love. Though Arnab tries to resist himself, he feels an unflinching attraction towards Ruksanas beauty and innocence. One night all barriers break apart: they make love so passionately that world seems to come to a halt. Then, the events take a twist when the Professor, who was meanwhile incessantly searching for Rukhsana, finds her at Arnabs place. He meets Arnab and tells him that Rukhsana is the daughter of the devil himself. She has venom inside her. Venom that needs to be taken out every three weeks. Venom that consumes animals, birds and sometimes people. The love story then moves towards a horrifying end...


A very poor storyline and didn't able to understand what is happening and why???.It was very boring and useless movie for a single penny to be wasted.


unique story n fear.. new concepts beyond exorcism and normal stuff like that.. totally new horror.. no movie deals with this sort of story.


Anushka Sharma killed it... her acting was outstanding not only hers but the entire cast was amazing their acting was too good. the story line was too cool


Movie was comedy in name horror.. no special sound effects.. and no any ghost at all.. or the concept of ghost was heavenly.. was of another world.. not even one timer.. wasted my time and money as well.


it was such a good movie so horror we realy lije this type of movies one thing movie hall denied the childrens to go in why if the children want to go and parents are ready then let it go in the movie hall